Aquarius: Songs of the Zodiac

d97dba228f0e8364e48e6dccacebd29bThe sign of Aquarius represents humanity. Everybody is treated equally in his or her eyes. Free of prejudice, motivated by the community spirit and tolerant of differing viewpoints. An Aquarius is loyal and dedicated to larger social causes and possesses an integrity and a sense of fairness; the individual does not break principles. Greed, selfishness, jealousy and envy are the kinds of emotions this type of personality does not understand. For the sign views things logically and reasonably and will seek the company of those that think similarly and join clubs and societies working towards a collective objective. Aquarius, well, their energy is like a universal wave function that extends everywhere.

Aquarius instinctively acknowledges that everywhere in nature there is a design underlining existence and this includes the formation of the solar system, the universe, and the cosmos. Put simply, the Aquarian wants to discover the blueprint, aim, objective and larger framework behind life. There is artistic originality, a quest for scientific discovery and cosmic tendencies living within this soul.

The fixed airy nature is also craving for a Utopian ideal society. The visionary qualities of Aquarius are considerable; the individual is attracted to abstract principles, ideas, and true democracy. The distant future is what concerns them and the progress that we are all making towards our goals, hopes, and wishes. Often highly gifted with intuitive and innovative thought, the type can envision great discoveries and inventions that cure the world of its diseases.

The quest for truth is what motivates Aquarius and he or she is concerned with enlightening others and increasing mass consciousness. Aristotle wrote that whenever our minds expand to encompass new ideas or information, they never shrink back to their original dimensions and when consciousness is stretched it stays stretched.

The ripples of the Aquarius glyph symbolize the coming together of intuition and reason in humanitarianism…Intuition and intelligence blend in this sign. While the Aquarian mind follows logical thought processes, it is open to a bolt from the blue, a flash of insight that can take it far beyond established thought. The combination makes for a brilliant mind bordering on genius. The Astrology Bible: The Definitive Guide to the Zodiac

The individual born under Aquarius is rebelling against traditional values and moving towards the distant future; and the world the individual envisions involves change – right now. The Aquarian believes that everyone should have the same rights regardless of their past, sex, color or class. The sign, generally, does not believe that blood is thicker than water, and what matters to him or her are the rights of the individual and their personal freedom.

The motivation towards politics, science, astrology and other subjects which lead towards the liberation of the human race are also sought. The goal is a revolutionary change that releases us from bondage, slavery and past conditioning. The welfare of others and a better future for everyone is what Aquarius inspires within us.

Aquarius longs to reform human beings and live in a civilized society. The person will use the intellect to master the environment and achieve mankind’s greatest potential. The sign is broadminded, friendly and associated with technology, higher mathematics, architecture and the cosmological system. In astrology, Aquarius’ traditional ruler is Saturn and the modern rulership is the planet Uranus.

Aquarius Songs
1. Bionic (Christine Aguilera)
2. Robots (Gabriella Cilmi)
3. Light Years (Kylie Minogue)
4. Liberty Walk (Miley Cyrus)
5. Mathematics (Little Boots)
6. Change (Taylor Swift)
7. Cool (Gwen Stefani)
8. Unwritten (Natasha Bedingfield)
9. Stars (Kylie Minogue)
10. Revolution in the Head (Girls Aloud)
11. Universe is You (Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
12. Star Generation (September)
13. Chemicals React (Aly & AJ)
14. Signs (Beyonce)

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