1484598_298808630308551_1477360767106118295_n (1)Within the Sagittarian nature, there is a strong pull to go out in the world and experience it. Moreover, they have a deep appreciation for the epic, and the bigger story. The geography of Sagittarius will take being connected to something greater just one step further. They are utterly connected to searching for meaning in life.  Life can be like this giant canvas that can become whatever they want it to be. For Sagittarius, they live beneath an endless sky, study the cosmic book of knowledge, and shoot their arrow heavenwards.

Exploration, wandering and wide-ranging interests, draw them out into the big wide world. Sagittarius signifies the manifold journey towards understanding, and its mutable nature has been forever restless and on the move. The eternal traveler, optimist and knowledge seeker lives within the soul. The spirit is adventurous and always on the lookout for bigger and better possibilities. Everything takes on greater significance, with large questions about life, faith, and religion. In the god-conscious mind of the Sagittarian, the only acceptable concept is all possibility. Sagittarius is searching for its Temple of Truth and for a universal philosophy to live by. The type is constantly urging us to search for a breadth of experience and to taste life’s more exotic flavors .

Sagittarius is traditionally associated with luck, but the fortuitous nature of this sign is really connected to their capacity to spot opportunities using extroverted intuition, and one that relies heavily on ‘hunches.‘ The individual often exudes belief and optimism. Honest, open and sincere, they are drawn to the bigger picture and take us into the realm of higher learning. Sagittarius is also fun-loving and not only sees the glass as half full, but filled to the rim. The cheerleader of the zodiac, with big wishes, and wished for outcomes. Those born under Jupiter, discover the wonderful and celebrate life’s inspiring moments.

The individual is impatient with time and limitations, and their expansive nature needs freedom. A Sagittarian will always want what is pleasurable evident from its lower, animal nature – more food, wine, and sex, and some will try to avoid heavily committed relationships. The intellectual Sagittarius will seek a mentally stimulating and physically energetic companion, one that understands their free-spirit. The soul of the gypsy asks the kinds of questions that stretch understanding to its limits – and beyond. They will come to know life fully and like to broaden the margins. The more life enlightens it can create greater understanding and there is a vast field of knowledge to be explored.

A Sagittarius-dominated chart will seek to widen the scope of life experiences…Life is always an adventure, and must be explored through self-initiated challenges…the emphasis in life is on the principle of expansion. This characteristic expansion can range from the inflation of one’s ego, the fattening of one’s waist, the opening of one’s mind, or the growth and dimensions of one’s spiritual aspirations. Rulers of the Horoscope: Finding Your Way Through the Labyrinth

Sagittarius Songs

When You Believe (Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston)
Jesus in a Camper Van (Robbie Williams)
Lucky Star (Madonna)
Eternal Flame (The Bangles)
More, More, More (Kylie Minogue)
Womanizer (Britney Spears)