Sagittarius: Hot Right Now!

Do you ever wonder if certain songs are given to the right artist? Perhaps the universe has a way of pulling the strings so that a singer with an astrological chart to the fit the lyrics is chosen. Singer Rita Ora sings the latest offering by DJ Fresh called Hot Right Now.

Astrologically Ora has the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius a positive, masculine sign, ruled by Jupiter. The symbol is the centaur and the glyph is his arrow. Natives born under Zeus can be humorous, entertaining and generous. They are known to be idealistic, sociable and have massive amounts of physical or mental energy.

Many Sagittarian people are known to go from one project to the next, until the initial enthusiasm has worn off and the next adventure beckons. They have a free personality and don’t like to be tied down and often wonder when the next big opportunity will arise. You have to commend their spirit for bouncing back from disappointments and moving on to the the next big thing.

Sagittarius is not a dwell on the past kind of sign, and the future where’s its at. Many fire people often need a fresh supply of new experiences to keep them interested in life. The purpose of Sagittarius is to experience life, to learn and grow. Well, that could probably be said for every sign, but their aim is to travel far physically, spiritually or mentally. Being a ‘hot’ sign they tend to react to things quickly, and always desire something more.

There may be extravagance, carelessness over detail, waste, exaggeration, too great a faith in luck, superficiality with a tendency to know little of everything but all of nothing, with sudden crazes for people, intellectual interests, hobbies, which blaze up and die away, and also a certain degree of loudness. By Charles Carter, The Principles of Astrology 


The Sagittarian shadow is always the first to hear of a new club, a new restaurant, a new pub where interesting people hang out. He’ll be the first to buy the record, read the book, see the film. And, my, does he talk about it. Part of the fun is that you tell all your lesser-connected friends about the wonderful Olympian world they can’t enter because they don’t have, well, ‘it’. By Liz Greene, Astrology for Lovers


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