Scorpio: The Death Wish

Scorpio is a sign with powerful connotations; it is not an easy sign to assess. A excellent place to start when trying to understand its nature is with the psychologist Sigmund Freud. Many psychology astrologers appear to be more Jungian than Freudian in their astrology. It’s their loss; Freud provides amazing insights in various aspects of life, most notably in the realm of the zodiac’s darkest sign. Freud’s astrological rising sign was Scorpio. The Scorpion inside the great psychiatrist speaks of the death wish and the drive to self-destruction, which is usually associated with this sign.

Here are some more psychological insights concerning the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Stagnant or tidal, Scorpio is very peculiar. Barbault points out that the Scorpio is the only animal that can kill itself (whether deliberately or not) by stinging itself with its tail…Having Mars as its ruler, it shows two main martial qualities: aggressiveness and eroticism. Barbault writes that “the most murderous sign is also the most fecund. “And to explain the apparent contradictions in Scorpio he once again, as with the preceding sign Virgo, calls in the anal complex. The Scorpio infant gets its first taste of power on the pot – and it will never look back. By Loius MacNeil 

Doesn’t the previous quote sound a little Freudian? The concept of a Death Wish was first articulated in Beyond the Pleasure Principle (1999). (Norton Library). According to the analyst, after one’s life impulses have been exhausted, the destructive energy begins to manifest its presence. Another point that Sigmund Freud made in his book Civilization and Its Discontents (Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud) was that our basic nature is comparable to that of “savage beasts,” and when instinctual energies are “bottled up” in individuals and denied release, it can result in a highly explosive situation.

Nobody can contain their emotions quite like a Scorpio, who will keep their sentiments locked away inside. They remain silent, burying their emotions further and deeper within themselves. When someone holds on to their emotions for too long, they will eventually burst forth. Scorpio can bottle up feelings and then bottle up feelings about bottling feelings up. For the Scorpion, sharing part of this energy with others in closeness is important, and exposing one’s true self only to people who can be trusted is essential.

According to the psychologist, one of the probable effects of this type of bottled-up wrath is anti-social conduct as well as a defensive character that is exceedingly strong. Known for its impenetrable wall that conceals profound emotions and a deep vulnerability, Scorpio is a sign of mystery and intrigue. The existence of forces that function below the level of consciousness, are not socially recognised, and are unable to find release causes all kinds of difficulties. All of this suppressed energy within Scorpio is pushing, demanding, and insisting on being released and brought to light. As a result, the sign has intense anxiety and is concerned about losing control of this tremendous underground force, which could result in a loss of love as well as respect and self-esteem. The Scorpion must, as a result, comprehend the nature of the foes that are at war within him in order to reach some kind of tranquility.

Everything in a Scorpio’s life has the potential to become a great battlefield of triumphs and tragedies. Everything that may thoroughly test a human being and transport the soul into the depths of darkness in order to confront his or her own nature is considered to be a threat. Generally speaking, this is a place where things are burned, destroyed, and purged, among other things. The Scorpion possesses renewed life and, as a result, possesses the potential to transform on a variety of levels. The channelling of energy must go other routes (rather than down sexual and destructive avenues) and must be able to be utilised in a constructive manner.

Keeping in mind that Scorpio is a very creative entity, a Scorpion may choose to channel this energy into many endeavours like writing, art, painting, research, healing, or the solution of mysteries. Scorpio will always be a bit of a mystery to a lot of people, and should be. Extremities of all kinds populate the terrain of Scorpio nature, yet their behaviour may be subtle and complicated at the same time. Scorpio, I suppose, is very much associated with evolution, and when their weaknesses are revealed, they often have a great drive to grow into a more powerful version of themselves. It is a choice between becoming extinct and evolving. The person is designed to live, flourish, and survive, as well as to change form when necessary and to re-establish themselves after a period of time.