Pluto’s Trauma: Introduction

2413693“In every death, there is a mystery until the cause is known. A coroner has the job of deciding whether it was natural or unnatural, a homicide, a suicide, an accident? A medical detective is trained to solve that mystery.” By Thomas T. Noguchi – Coroner (Sun opposite Pluto).

The mystery of death is something that has always kept us in the dark. Our personal trauma may be easy to pinpoint, but mostly it is not as obvious or it has been deeply buried. In this way, our personal wounds can sometimes be difficult to interpret or understand. The coroner searches for areas of trauma on the body to determine what happened. In the case of the astrologer, we examine Pluto to understand an individual’s psychic wounding.

Pluto involves slicing and dicing inside, and it can send us into a deep examination, delving into our own pain. Pluto also involves incredibly soul-wrenching experiences and entails some kind of survivorship and its aspects reveal what we need to bring to light and this can be obsessive impulses, uncontrollable unconscious processes and something buried deep. In doing so, this energy can be transformed. On paper, this sounds incredibly easy, when really – it’s bloody exhausting.

The Most Commonly Wounding Experiences of Pluto:

  • Pluto aspects are associated with violence, abuse, and terror. Something cut us deeply and left behind a psychological scar. Remember when mother used to bestow a magic kiss on us when we hurt our knee. We would suddenly feel a whole lot better and miraculously heal. The kind of cut Pluto brings, well, all the magic kisses in the world will never be able to take away the sting.
  • Pluto wounding can be denigrating damage, demeaning put downs regarding appearance and behavior. Humiliation is a feeling that is commonly stated, and it occurs through playground bullying. The coldness and cruelness of children and a feeling of being tormented. It could be teasing about clothes, or something much deeper. It’s the ugly taunts that wound and can make an individual feel as if he or she is nothing.
  • Pluto can be related to feelings of hate, hatred, revulsion, disgust and loathing. There is commonly a feeling of being the “black sheep” of the family, and a feeling of alienation. Being ridiculed and made to feel small and helpless is also something that occurs and has relation to the power we hold over others and a feeling of powerlessness. Pluto rules the secrets buried, unclean feelings, a feeling of being tainted and a need to wash away the inner filth. The feelings, which are deeply felt, can range from different levels of extremity. Inevitably, it can take us down underground and to desperately low points in our life. We are often flung into a scary situation that we are usually not emotionally mature enough to handle.
  • Pluto is the volcano in our horoscope and it can lay dormant for long periods, but it also erupts and sends smoldering hot lava spewing over everything. The word “hate” often becomes a big part of our vocabulary aimed at the people, events, and situations that have unquestionably hurt us. Growing up, we don’t receive a course on Pluto 101 and we don’t know how to deal with it. Of course, in extreme cases, suicide and feelings of self-destruction creep dangerously into the psyche and we can be left walking in a dark tunnel, trying to figure out where the light at the end will occur, if ever. A deep loss in the family is also a major trauma and anything that gives us the feeling that life will never be the same again. It could entail emotional abandonment, spiteful behavior, and venomous feelings. A parent may have engaged in a threatening or dangerous behavior, and there could have been domestic violence, sexual or physical abuse.
  • In Pluto’s realm, there is often a feeling of spiraling downwards, with a long and powerful upward journey back to the surface. Our overt actions show us lashing out, and having no control over our feelings. Extreme turmoil exists in Pluto’s kingdom and so we often bury feelings and start over. But often events seem to be drawn to us that add fuel to the inner fire, and all the pent-up emotions explode.

Jeff Green’s Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul reveals that Pluto involves some sort of massive confrontation in our adult life with all of the limitations we have felt in expressing ourselves, and true feelings related to our earlier wounding. It could involve a major power struggle with the mother or father. It could be in a relationship where the emotional battlefield is laid out. Perhaps some kind of intellectual confrontation occurs and so forth. The main point is that we unconsciously and consciously seek to heal and be free. It’s the release aspect of Pluto which impacts emotionally and obviously the Plutonic images of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Usually, all of this involves the intensity of something incredible, about surviving and also forgiveness and the ability to fully let go.

Not everyone’s Pluto profile is so intense, penetrating and extreme. We all have Pluto somewhere in the horoscope and we all have something shadowy to contend with in life. What Pluto can do is it can bury the individual under hurt and shame, tainting our individual expression and we must uncover the buried trust, love, and light spirit. However, we acquire a depth throughout these experiences, wisdom and hopefully kill off the internal voices that continue to criticize us and we realize that we have become our own worst enemy. It’s the great internal battle that is acted out and a self with self, intense meeting.