Pluto’s Trauma: Introduction

2413693“Until the reason of death is determined, every death remains a mystery. A coroner’s task is to determine whether the death was caused by natural causes or unnatural causes, such as homicide, suicide, or an accident. A medical detective is a professional who is trained to unravel mysteries.” Coroner Thomas T. Noguchi contributed to this article (Sun opposite Pluto).

For as long as we can remember, we have been baffled by the enigma surrounding death. Our own personal trauma may be simple to identify, but it is more often than not hidden or buried deep within us and we are unaware of it. Consequently, our own wounds might be challenging to grasp and comprehend on a number of levels. The coroner looks for signs of trauma on the body in order to figure out what happened to the victim. In the case of the astrologer, we look into Pluto in order to grasp the mental wounds of the individual.

Pluto is associated with inward slicing and dicing, and it has the potential to take us into a deep analysis, diving into our own pain. Pluto also contains tremendously soul-wrenching events as well as some form of survival, and its aspects highlight what we need to bring to light, which might include compulsive urges, unmanageable unconscious processes, and something hidden deep inside ourselves. This energy can be converted as a result of this action. On paper, this appears to be a simple task, but in reality, it is extremely time-consuming and demanding.

The Most Commonly Wounding Experiences of Pluto:

  • Aspects of Pluto are related with aggression, abuse, and horror, among other things. Something badly wounded us and left a psychological scar on our souls.
    Pluto wounding can take the form of disparaging injury, such as degrading remarks about one’s looks or behaviour. Humiliation is a sensation that is frequently expressed, and it comes as a result of playground bullying.   An individual might be made to feel as though he or she is nothing by cruel remarks that are hurtful and hurtful to everyone else.
  •   In many families, there is a sense of being the “black sheep,” as well as a sense of being excluded. Another thing that can happen is that we are made to feel small and powerless, which is related to the power we have over others and a sense of helplessness in our own lives. Pluto is the ruler of hidden secrets, dirty thoughts, a sense of being contaminated, and the yearning to wash away the inner muck of one’s existence. Those sentiments, which are intensely felt, might be on a spectrum of intensity from mild to extreme. Without fail, it has the potential to lead us underground and to terrible low periods in our lives. Every now and then, we find ourselves in a frightening scenario that we are not emotionally prepared to manage well.
  • Pluto is the volcano in our horoscope, and it has the ability to remain dormant for lengthy periods of time, but it may also erupt and spew scorching hot lava all over the place. It is common for the term “hate” to become a significant part of our lexicon when it is directed against people, events, and situations that have obviously harmed us. While growing up, we don’t receive a Pluto 101 course, and we don’t know how to deal with the situation. To be sure, in severe circumstances, suicide and thoughts of self-destruction may crawl dangerously into the mind, leaving us trudging in a dark tunnel, trying to figure out where the light at the end will appear, if it does at all. In addition, a significant loss in the family is a huge trauma, as is everything that gives us the impression that our lives will never be the same again. It is possible that a parent acted in a threatening or hazardous manner, and that there was domestic violence, sexual or physical abuse involved.
  • A common experience when in Pluto’s domain is that of falling downward and then climbing back up to the surface, which may be a long and difficult journey. Our overt acts demonstrate that we are lashing out and that we have no control over our emotions. Pluto’s realm is a place of extreme turbulence, and as a result, we frequently have to bury our emotions and start anew. Unfortunately, events frequently appear to be drawn to us, adding gasoline to the internal fire, causing all of the pent-up emotions to burst.

Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, by Jeff Green, shows that Pluto entails some type of tremendous encounter in our adult life with all of the limitations we have had in expressing ourselves, as well as with our genuine emotions connected to our previous wounds. The most important aspect to remember is that we are always seeking to heal and be free, both instinctively and consciously. In particular, it is Pluto’s aspect of release that has an emotional and apparent influence on the Plutonic visions of the Phoenix emerging from the ashes of his past. The intensity of something incredible, the struggle to survive, as well as forgiveness and the capacity to completely let go, are all common themes in these narratives.

Not everyone’s Pluto profile is as vivid, piercing, and dramatic as the one described above. We all have Pluto in our horoscopes at somewhere, and we all have to deal with something dark and mysterious in our lives. What Pluto may do is bury the individual expression behind layers of hurt and shame, tainting our freedom. To overcome this, we must unearth the hidden trust, love, and light spirit that has been buried beneath layers of grief and shame. However, it is through these experiences that we gain depth, insight, and, perhaps, the ability to silence the internal voices that continue to condemn us, and we come to recognise that we have become our own worst enemy. It is the tremendous internal fight that is acted out, as well as an intense encounter between oneself and oneself.