Mercury-Pluto Aspects: Unearthing the Truth

tumblr_ngj7eix20Z1qkdxmko8_1280Those with Mercury conjunct, square or opposite Pluto have a horror of tepid thinking and their way of searching for ‘truths’ is to examine concepts similar to the lifting up of a stone, and turning it around to see what may be lurking underneath. The interest is in what lays below, in the nether depth of each spoken or written ‘truth’ and that is interesting far more than the patent, superficial and deceptive surface. Mercury-Pluto is sufficient at connecting the dots and seeing significance even in the most tucked away correlations. Unearthing the truth, secrecy, deception, is all interwoven in this mental landscape. The aspect is related to  investigative reporting, and is agenda driven, deeply invested, and keeps powerful secrets.

A Mercury-Pluto aspect in the horoscope can also mean paranoid thinking to the extreme and it is associated with the blackest of thoughts. It can predispose a person to extremely dark thinking, and it can also poison relations with others and sour the outlook on the world. Of course, this is in its most negative state, and there is a positive side. Positively, it relates to a detective-like mentality, and a powerful need to know private knowledge. Anything studied and whatever is learned is usually painstakingly researched, it usually consumes the mind and they need resources, and will always question sources. When Pluto researchers, it digs through newspapers, magazines, journals, papers, archives, documents, manuscripts, photographs, drawings, letters, and records.

Mercury-Pluto is the deeply insightful and penetrating mind in order to reach the absolute core and essence of a topic. The attention is usually focused exclusively on something, and behind this is a driving emotional force that tends to lead to obsession and compels the thought processes. The mind as it pursues an idea tends to become more intense, and the attention completely engages with its subject. At the beginning of a thought process it usually needs to be carried along, all the way to resolution.

A Mercury-Pluto type can speak with conviction, passion and effectively. The mind loves to turn to the Plutonic realm and has an interest in the psychology and society.  It can become incredibly difficult to stop Mercury-Pluto’s train of thought, once a destination is set – it rarely changes course. Mercury-Pluto is also excellent at zeroing in on a particular problem. The perception is involved in a death-rebirth struggle that finds it difficult to rest. The mentality has incredible power and intensity and is filled with extreme thoughts. It must also be noted, that it can be one of the obscene aspects in language, with the use of an ugly word, obscenities, disgusting, insulting comments, and the verbal output  is vulgar. However, to keep it balanced; the language used could also be profoundly moving, filled with depth, hidden unconscious insights. The insights can be so valuable that Mercury-Pluto offers something of immense value to others. If anything, they give us all a brand new perspective and we learn not take anything at face value.

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