Pisces: The Collective Call

3d66cf88b21ebd44888c8c6e0377bf93The symbol of Pisces – two fishes swimming in opposite directions – captures the essence of the human predicament: one fish swims in the direction of individuality and separateness, while the other fish swims in the direction of a more universal reality. It may also reflect the duality of the conscious and the unconscious, or even the duality of the individual and the collective consciousness, depending on your point of view. The call of the sea is impossible to resist, and one of the most difficult problems for Pisces is to keep a solid hold on their identity while also flowing into the greater whole. A Piscean yearns to transcend the world and relinquish their individuality in an attempt to merge with something greater than themselves.

A Piscean Individual qualities might get overwhelmed by what appears to be a huge vastness out there (great sea). This fear of drowning extends to the ego itself, which does not desire to be swept away in order to restore this lost connection to all life. It can be difficult for Pisces, as operating in the world demands a sense of self-identity, and the Piscean archetype embraces all aspects of the collective whole, and there is almost always some form of meeting point between the ego and this enormous tidal power.

Many Pisces people may become completely absorbed in their work, whether creative, spiritual, or religious, and frequently do it in isolation. Additionally, Pisces may operate as a magnet, attracting a variety of emotions, moods, thoughts, and perspectives. When we speak about the collective unconscious, we often use Jungian language, which symbolises wisdom from previous generations that we might draw upon. In particular, a Piscean is prone to being tormented by historical ghosts, all of whom are motivated by a desire to be heard and understood in their own time.

Ocean Line

The Piscean may tap into a rich source of creativity and have an emotionally fulfilling life. A Pisces often has a “thirst” for something meaningful, and their personal goal is to connect with their spiritual side, higher self, and purposefully return to Soul. Over time, Earth has grown increasingly scientific, dispassionate, and remote. Humanity has advanced greatly as a result of the human mind’s incredible accomplishments and discoveries. However, in Pisces, we must revisit our inner depths and immerse ourselves in the metaphorical realms of art, emotion, and imagination. We must revert to empathy and emotional connection, evoking old knowledge, and progress into a hidden, psychic world.

The Sun in Pisces can be a challenging horoscope position. Unless they can erect barricades to keep the waters at bay, the Sun’s consciousness is metaphorically prone to flooding by the unconscious. The vague, the incomprehensible, and the amorphous may all pose a danger to the ego. We frequently discover a tremendous yearning for introspection in Pisces, but in a patriarchal society, the ‘inner’ is typically viewed as dangerous and weak, and so we avoid it. A Piscean is frequently moved by the sense of oneness and moves to the rhythms of anything that induces a state of unconsciousness, such as a crowd, music, or a situation in which everyone moves in unison.

Emotions, according to Jungian psychology, are the building blocks of the psyche. Pisces, the water sign, can represent a wellspring of psychic energy, containing a wide range of emotional states. It’s really just a part of the subconscious that everyone shares, which is known as the collective unconscious. In addition to prophetic dreams, visions, and religious experiences, it may be the sign of the most significant transformations. As a water sign, they must come face to face with the universality of the human condition; however, there is often a conflict between personal feelings and experiences and the collective as a whole.

The most difficult task for Pisces is to maintain awareness of their own identity while avoiding becoming overly involved in the feelings of others around them. The greatest strength of the fishes is their adaptability, and they usually have such beautiful watercolours running into one another without a clear boundary between them. The concept of transpersonal love is dear to their hearts, and it appears that Pisces is capable of picking up all the pieces of a broken heart with a great deal of compassion. Some Pisceans prefer to live in symbiotic relationships rather than live an independent life, and this can be detrimental to their well-being. However, they do not have to feel so torn apart in life and can instead find themselves by first connecting with their individuality and then taking the collective call.