Moon Sextile Uranus

With our Moon sextile Uranus, we feel connected to the vast, grander design of the cosmos, and we have a strong connection with concepts of perfection that are far-reaching in their scope. Our Moon-Uranus will like learning anything new and anything that genuinely stimulates us, especially if it is novel, and thus there will be an intellectual link between us and the new discovery or object. The personal part of our lives is typically more unique, and this may be a reflection of our growing interest in subjects that are beyond the comprehension of the majority of people. We are able to access future development patterns with relative ease and appear to instinctively pick up on things that other people overlook. Whenever we work on developing this sextile component in our lives, if we choose to do so, we will experience an increased urge for change and transformation.  In addition, we desire excitement and the unusual, or, to put it another way, anything that is in opposition to normal habits of thought.

Once someone truly comes to know us on an inner level, they will frequently discover a nice, brotherly, humane, and kind individual, someone who is concerned about other people’s well-being. Furthermore, we have an open-minded, tolerant, and group-oriented mentality, and we are willing to support a social cause on a regular basis. Below the surface of ourselves is a reforming nature that has a strong affinity for friendship. As a result of the Moon’s sextile to Uranus in our horoscope, we require emotional freedom in order to achieve our Uranian ambitions and aspirations, which are often lofty.

The fact that we have such a strong humanitarian spirit compels us to get engaged with radical ideas and issues. We are born activists. The Moon in contact with Uranus indicates that we enjoy bathing in ideal thoughts of utopia and creating new realms to imagine. Almost every facet of technology is something we are comfortable with. Science, computing, astrology, and astronomy are among subjects in which we frequently demonstrate talent. Our heroes will include psychologists, scientists, inventors and technicians who will open up new lines of thinking and reveal a life that may be immensely more liberated. Unless we activate it (the sextile needs imput), this effect tends to be more subtle in our lives, until we are certain that the time is right for us to realise these amazing traits inside ourselves.

It may look as though a part of our character is readily detached. The experience is similar to entering an universe of unique thoughts, and there is a drive to invest our spirit in more uplifting studies as a result of this situation. Our soul leaps to new heights in the mental sphere, and we are driven to discover the answers to universal issues. It is important for our Moon-Uranus to learn to express the good aspects of this energy; we have an independent disposition that supports us in our quest for self-actualization. Furthermore, there is a high level of tolerance, and we are willing to tolerate those who are different from us since we understand how limiting it is to conform.

Being born with the Moon sextile Uranus indicates that we have the potential to be an experimental thinker on the inside, and that we will work to bring about a shift in consciousness. As a sincere champion for increasing consciousness and bringing vital topics to light, we are committed to bringing about constructive change. It is because of this component of our nature that we are easily attuned to flashes of intuition and insight that assist us in connecting with cosmic laws. The ultimate result is that we have an internal feeling of psychological liberation, which allows us to cope better with changing situations, particularly those at home.

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