Moon Sextile Uranus

moon-sextile-uranusAn individual with Moon sextile Uranus feels connected to the boundless, larger design of the universe, and possesses a deep connection with far-reaching ideas of perfection. Once someone really gets to know them on an inner level, they will often find a friendly, brotherly, humane, and kind type, someone who is people orientated. Moreover, they possess an open-minded, tolerant, group orientated nature and will often stand behind a social cause. Underneath there is a reforming nature, with an orientation towards friendship.

Moon sextile Uranus will love discovering anything new and any one thing which truly excites them, especially when things are novel, and there is an intellectual connection. The personal side of life is usually more unusual, and this may symbolize an interest in topics beyond the realm of most people’s understanding. With ease, they access future trends of development and seem to intuitively pick up on things other people miss. It can show an accelerated need for change and transformation, in particular, areas where they revel in breaking established patterns. They also crave excitement and the unconventional, anything contrary to standard modes of thought.

Moon sextile Uranus needs an emotional freedom to pursue their Uranian pursuits and ideals, which are usually high. With a strong spirit for the humanitarian, their nature calls for them to become involved with radical ideas and causes. Moon in aspect to Uranus will love to bathe in perfect visions of utopia, and new worlds to dream up. All aspects of technology they feel at home with. Many show an aptitude towards science, computers, astrology, and astronomy. We find them in the role of the psychologist, inventor, technician, opening new lines of thought, revealing a life that could be infinitely more liberating. The influence tends to be more subtle than those with the trine aspect, but with enough “oomph,” the individual can realize these wonderful qualities.

moon sextile uranus aspectAn element of the individual’s nature may appear to easily detach. The emotions enter into a world of original ideas, and there is a determination to involve the soul in elevating studies. The spirit soars in the higher mental realm, and they need to find out the truth to universal questions. Moon-Uranus has learned to express the positive dimension of their Uranian personality; they possess an individualistic nature, which aids them in self-actualization. Moreover, there is great tolerance, and they easily accept different people, knowing how limiting it is to conform.

Anyone born with Moon sextile Uranus is an experimental thinker underneath, and they will promote a change of awareness. A true advocate for raising consciousness and bringing to light critical issues. The aspect assists them in making positive change, and it allows for easy attunement of flashes of intuition and insight to help them connect with universal laws. Ultimately, they feel an inward sense of psychological freedom, and will tend to cope well with changing environments, especially at home.