Sun opposite Neptune

sun opposite Neptune
Sun-Neptune is a sensitive receiver, and can attune into spiritual dimensions

An individual with the Sun opposite Neptune can possess a sense of unreality about the personality. The Sun represents the core of identity, expressive nature and vital being. Whereas Neptune rules the intangible, elusive and spiritual world. Moreover, this is the kind of energy that goes beyond all forms and structures, to take in literally everything. The life can be opened to the infinite and the boundless.

Sun opposite Neptune, therefore, reveals a mystical, imaginative and sensitive person, and they can attune into spiritual dimensions of consciousness and receive information from teachers, guides, or astral forms. The boundaries are greatly softened and it makes them profoundly connected with the collective whole and it can reflect a person with great humanitarian goals. However, this also means self-distinction can be confusing and it can become destructive when the sense of self, feels invaded and they might feel a need to numb these feelings through drugs and alcohol. They can be avoiders of anything taxing, difficult or tedious. Alice O. Howell describes Neptune’s tendency as follows

 “Today’s drug addict or alcoholic is often a mystic manqué’ who confuses tuning in, tuning out, and dropping out with the real thing – the bliss.

Feeling more in touch with their spiritual side is a common manifestation and they usually search beyond for a higher meaning and yearn to connect to some kind of sacred energy. This source contains all the ideas, all the emotions and inspiration that the universe contains. Everything is possible, but nothing is certain. They are mystical and can receive the refined energy in the atmosphere, there is a great sensitivity to colour and auras and they express emotions artistically, whether it be love, sadness, despair, loneliness, or any other model, they become this feeling. All of this gives them heightened creativity, they are endlessly artistic, and can make something out of nothing. Furthermore, it has more to with the feeling invoked and it draws them towards an appreciation for art, music, photography and cinema.

sun opposite neptune
Surrendering to dreams

On the downside, there can be feelings of weakness and vulnerability and the person will often withdraw from life and surrender to dreams, with the inner –world, rich and inviting. Sometimes withdrawing so far inwards it is much like having a conversation with someone who’s listening to music with headphones on. However, they cannot live without this imaginative source, this sea of emotions, it passes through them and gives them life. Psychologically, the lack of realism, the passivity, the desire to escape, or dissolve, all come under the planet Neptune. Then clouds can gather fast, and they can get lost in the fog. The personality becomes absent-minded, ungrounded, it can distort and delude. They become unduly sensitive, moody, and vulnerable. Without an anchorage, they become goalless and drifting.

Most need some kind of dream to follow, basically, devoting the self to something. They really suffer intensely when dreams do not materialise and long to escape from the world. Many can feel tired and feel the harshness of life more than the usual person. Sun opposite Neptune has the weakest sense of self, they can be weak-willed, easily influenced and they hate to be confined in some way. Richard Idemon described Neptunian people as ‘Not Me, Not Here, Not Now’, and this is how many astrologers interpret this energy.

Of course, being the Sun is also connected to the male figures in life we may find a father, husband or male child, swimming in the Neptunian whirlpool of creative endeavours, spirituality, or drowning in the waters of addiction, mental illness, or depression. They may find themselves sacrificing their needs within partnerships or towards a parent, and many can suffer from the influence of domineering types of males.

Sun opposite Neptune is often common in the charts of musicians, actors and painters, therapists and counsellors. They heal and redeem us, inspire us, communicating this hidden world. They have the ability to do something quite magical, they can be almost anyone they choose, and this is because everything is infused with a sense of impermanence. The individual feels a sense of transience as if everything will disappear and they tend to be disillusioned because the world is not what they dreamed, imagined and hoped it would be. Life hasn’t turned out exactly how they visualised, they may find themselves lost in an unmarked desert. However, they really do have a great capacity to embrace, accept and understand and it can make them truly compassionate and truly loving.