Sun opposite Saturn Transit

sun opposite saturn transit
Wrap up warm today, for there may be some chilly responses
and a feeling of being alone,
isolated,  learning that you must be self-sufficient

When the Sun is opposite Saturn in transit it may seem that circumstances, other people, or the whole world is against you today! The nature of Saturn is seen as the obstructor, it has a role in karma and is also the teacher. The characteristics of this planet are much heavier and everything begins to take on a somber tone, but it is not long before you begin to realize that he is really the god of security, stability, and rewarder, even though we often feel punished for the long duration.

You feel overwhelmed by demands, outside pressures, or your responsibilities and you are looking at life with serious doubt or pessimism. Others don’t seem to help, even if they try to; solitary activity or reflection is called for now. One may feel the need to defend themselves against others, you could turn bad thoughts in your head into self-criticism and self-doubt, being way too hard on yourself. Maybe you need to take more responsibility or are made aware of the gravity of some kind of situation. You might feel as if you have to erect defenses as big as boulders. However, don’t let anybody make you feel down. As Aristotle says, “To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”

This can still be a good day of achievement, and to achieve anything shouldn’t be easy, to master anything takes hard work and makes it worthwhile. It’s the thing we fight for and struggle with that earns us our greatest sense of self-worth. If the next couple of days weighs your spirit down with depression, try to think on what you can practically do to improve life. The days you feel more accomplished and satisfied are not the lazy days, it’s the days you worked towards something. Today is not about ease and so any burdens you have must be carried with self-respect.

sun opposite saturn transit
The toughest roads often lead to the top

The toughest roads often lead to the top. Right now, status is highlighted and responsibilities, along with caution and doubts – it may not exactly find anyone in a celebratory mood, but it instills a sense of what is real and a soberness. You can identify what is required to make something out of your life. What is blocking the way to the future? You have an obligation to carve the reality you crave. Don’t feel bitter or resentful of others achievements or let feelings of inferiority get the best of you. We all need people to look up to, something to aspire towards, let those feelings drive you towards greater ambitions.

Sometimes you can feel a slight disappointment, these are the days to feel lonely and unsupported in your goals. Or these are the days you work incredibly hard, as everything always feels under pressure. You scrape by on limited resources, have doubts and insecurities. Today may feel super serious for most, but you must take care of business and find out what exactly it is holding you back. Astrologers feel the extroverts have a harder time with such a transit because it attacks the ego, and any kind of material setback or feeling low in energy feels more crushing.

Often you know deep inside what you have to do to succeed, along with the steps it takes, the greatest part of making all of it happen is in the execution of actually taking action and applying effort every single day. Everybody is terrified of the thought of time passing, of achieving nothing worthwhile, and we can be tormented by the thought that we could have worked harder to achieve those goals. Even though the energy is brief take a critical look at your life and make an honest assessment.

Some keywords for the day: Criticism, coldness, unresponsiveness, pessimism, discipline, duty, responsibility, depreciating aims, a wearing down of the vitality and optimism. Feeling to blame when things go wrong, unsympathetic responses. An act of loyalty or dependability, stabilizing influence, business, security urge, organizational ability, progress slowed down, worries, fears, and negative attitude. Self-blame, focusing on being more practical and real, feeling depressed and discouraged in life. Anxiety is building, fear growing, a sense of restriction, exacting energy, complaining, the opposition of others and others being overbearing and harsh. Humiliation, awkwardness, let down by male figures, harsh critiques.

 “Let today be the day that you become committed in being, in doing, in getting, achieving, in experiencing. Let today be the day that you are committed to being the change you wish to see and living the life you wish to live.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience