The Moody Moon Reacts

Every person has a unique natal Moon in their horoscope, and as human beings, we are all destined to have profoundly moving inner experiences, the emotions associated with the lunar realm often define our most instinctual responses at a subconscious level. That’s why it’s so tricky to pin down our emotions; they’re always lurking just below the surface, no matter how put together we appear. It often takes much introspection to get to the bottom of one’s feelings and the underlying causes of their manifestation. The Moon prefers continuity, so any kind of change constantly challenges its sense of personal safety, and this can reveal latent fears of abandonment, and other doubts and insecurities.

Your Moon sign indicates your immediate reactions at the instinctual or gut level. It shows what is going on underneath, which sometimes you’re not even aware of. The Moon reacts. By Love Planet

Since the Moon absorbs the energies of our surroundings, experiencing feelings about feelings is not out of the ordinary. Although we love being happy, it stands to reason that we hate feeling sad and hopeless. Plus, as Jenny Lawson points out, “It’s possible to feel down even when things are going well. We can still be sad. Or anxious. Or uncomfortably numb. This is because we can’t always control our emotions even when things are perfect.”

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