The Moody Moon Reacts

As we are all human and hence destined to have profoundly moving inner experiences, it seems to reason that the emotions linked with the lunar realm would also define our most instinctual responses on a subconscious level, as indicated by the natal Moon in our horoscopes. Why it’s so hard to hold down our feelings is because, no matter how composed we may seem, they’re constantly just below the surface, waiting to burst out and cause trouble. Deep introspection is usually required to discover the origins of one’s feelings and the factors that contribute to their expression. Since the Moon is a creature of habit, it finds that any form of change continuously undermines its sense of personal safety, which in turn can bring to the surface repressed fears of abandonment as well as other doubts and insecurities.

Your Moon sign indicates your immediate reactions at the instinctual or gut level. It shows what is going on underneath, which sometimes you’re not even aware of. The Moon reacts. By Love Planet

Having feelings about feelings is not unusual, as the Moon is constantly absorbing the energies of our environment. Of course, it comes to reason that as much as we enjoy joy, we despise feelings of despair. As Jenny Lawson also notes, “Negative emotions can arise at any time, even when life seems to be thriving. Our sadness persists. That’s anxiety, too. Or we  are uncomfortable numb in places. This is due to the fact that even in perfect situations, human emotions can sometimes get the best of us.”