The Moody Moon Reacts

We all possess a natal Moon in the horoscope and its the fate of human beings to undergo powerful inner experiences. The feelings connected to the lunar realm will often characterize our most automatic responses, stirring deep within us on an unconscious level. This means that no matter what we are displaying on the surface, underneath those layers, there are moods that can be hard to define. Any attempt to bring clarity to what is felt can take some deep psychoanalyzing to uncover the real reason why a mood has taken hold. It may reflect hidden fears of abandonment, jealousy, or other doubts and insecurities, and this is because the Moon likes to feel secure, so any change always threatens its sense of personal safety.

Your Moon sign indicates your immediate reactions at the instinctual or gut level. It shows what is going on underneath, which sometimes you’re not even aware of. The Moon reacts. By Love Planet

With the Moon acting as a receptacle for everything happening in our environment, it is not unusual to have feelings about feelings. So while we enjoy being in a happy mood, it is obvious that we hate to feel down and depressed. What’s more, Jenny Lawson says, “even when everything’s going our way we can still be sad. Or anxious. Or uncomfortably numb. This is because we can’t always control our emotions even when things are perfect.”