Gemini-Sagittarius – Map Reading

fairburn-1I found these wonderful street and geography maps; they can be likened to the spirit of Gemini and Sagittarius. Both signs represent knowledge, journeys, ideas to follow, and worlds to travel. Gemini rules the street map, local area, knowing all the short cuts. Sagittarius is the broader perspective and is symbolic of the geography map, giving us a larger view of life. In short, it is the local and the global.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury/Hermes and reminds us of that guy in traffic on his bike weaving in and out of the jammed streets, where cars, taxis and buses, and everyone converges, hoping not to collide. Hermes, on his bike, is the death-defying messenger sailing through the narrows between traffic, shape-shifting as he swerves in and out. Sometimes skimming metal but continues at speed, hell-bent on his destination and the message arriving.

Gemini is described as having a nimble intellect, jumping from one idea to another, they are acrobats, highly attuned to the fleetingness and the pleasures of newness. Once we peel back Gemini’s linguistic layers that clothe his outer being, we find ourselves educated and entertained at the same time. Gemini has fun with ideas and draws fun from ideas. Gemini is also packed with information, clear, witty, attractively written, and generally persuasive. Moreover, the Geminian is unfailingly engaging, amusing, often bracing, and sometimes naughty. The energy is unstoppably curious, endlessly informative and diverting.

Mercury, the ruling planet of the sign Gemini (astrologically), is presiding deity of commerce, which is the distribution of wealth, of language, which is the distribution of ideas, and of the gymnasium, whose business it is to teach physical coordination and the technique of muscle movement. It is Hermes, among the Greeks, who drove the herds of Apollo, that is, the clouds across the sky, for he is Lord of the Air. The sign Gemini, therefore, has to do with education, that is, the development of faculty, both of mind and body. In this guise, he is Thoth Hermes, who teaches the science of literature and of writing. He also has ruling over roads and all means of transmission. By The Zodiac – A Life Epitome

Gemini-Sagittarius - Map Reading

Sagittarius is the traveler of larger terrain, and the spirit within calls them to explore further. Before plans are put into place, though, the horse has already bolted to somewhere new. Thinking about the future is important to this zodiacal sign, and taking full advantage of the myriad opportunities that lie ahead. To Sagittarius, it is a Big Wide World, and there is ample opportunity for growth and expansion. Within this Sagittarian zodiacal region, it represents the basis for greater and greater expression and evolvement.

Sagittarius is the opening of thoughts to the world, for it is where we find the boundless quest and questioning. Where we find Sagittarius and Jupiter are where we find meaning, and trace God’s fingerprints in the world. The sign is ruled by Jupiter, and this is often a world built for giants, ruling the mammoth, gargantuan scale. The largeness of this nature encompasses vast areas. Sagittarius also represents the trips to the exotica, either vicarious or actual. A Sagittarian leads us to a vast field of further lands, into a larger cosmic whole. We can have awe-inspiring experiences, connect to ultimate sources, and sense infinitudes and higher divinities.

Sagittarius: The revelation of the universal embodies itslef according to the surrounding circumstances, and the seers capacity. To one it is the quiet of the night, the sparkling heavens, the serene immensity of illimitable space, the majestic vault across which the Moon sails, untroubled, indifferent to the clamourings below. To another, it is freedom of travel, unrolling the panorama of earths’s distances, strangeness, the unfamiliarity of foreign belief, custom and art, the mighty works of the Creator in scenes of grandeur and in those unfamiliar, startling, bizarre, magical, or exotic solitudes where man, removed from everything common to him, is powerfully impressed, despite himself, with the majesty and splendour of the universe. By The Zodiac – A Life Epitome

Gemini and Sagittarius represent the maps to where we are supposed to go and how to get there.