The Astrology of Cats and One Dog

funny-cat-cute-attack-blonde-girlThe Aries cat loves to pounce on anything new and untried. Though, Aries may have to spring on Isabel Hickeys’ interpretation when she said that Aries is in the process of building a personality. Of course, they already have a wonderfully vibrant spirit. The type is the go-getting kind, as well as being a divine spark of creation. Perhaps Hickey meant that Arian types are learning to stand out from the crowd. For Aries is the sign of conquest and winning, and how great is it to be born under a sign that likes to always achieve its best and to win. They use the acronym “IWWIWWWIWI” which stands for “I want what I want When and Where I want it.” Aries thinks fast, moves fast, and is often so fresh out of the box that they just want things immediately.

61bd96966e81f02c76f07c8e89312ccfTaurus is such an earth goddess, they possess great fertility. In many senses, they are the earth of the Earth, the most grounded, the most dependable, and the most security orientated of all. True, earth can make us all feel enslaved to the instrument of living. It can leave little expression for our soul. Even though it is taught that labor can be most creative. Take for the fact that some of the greatest painters are born under Taurus and blessed with patience, they have devoted many long hours to art. The same could be said for gardeners, and real quality is shown through time and effort to make something of real value. Taureans possess this great arousal of feeling for color, beauty, and form. Taurus is the creative force of nature and truly organic life, simple, and self-sustaining. What Taurus also has is an innate strength, and to be that powerful is amazing.

dc2974a399a6ab9dc7c72cc3e4c83115The Gemini cat enjoys information in all of its forms. So, you have been warned, don’t be rising early and stealing their book, especially before they even had a chance to read it. Gemini must be first to communicate, first to know, and the first to talk about something. This is a cat that needs to circulate the news, sailing through thoughts at breakneck speed and gliding on interesting intellectual stimuli. The importance of being able to talk, even if just a few meows, tells the world who they are, and so it is as important as breathing. Gemini feels this strong urge to express the self through language and, more importantly, has the great task of revealing the mind to man. All the mythical stories about Gemini often talk about its delightful wit, craftiness, and amazing skill. It kind of brings home that the mind of a Gemini is a sharp and powerful tool. The Gemini, being mutable, can range through all character types and has been called the scholar or the gossip, sometimes called a thief, and at other times called a cat of the greatest ingenuity.

31309ff49e6bc7ec279a4a34ba4e7e88The Cancer cat loves the comfort of home and will snuggle up close. The Cancerian is ruled by the Moon, a planet that has a connection to the unconscious. Cancer has ideas, images, and inspiration that can enter the Cancerian’s mind like a letter slipped under the door by an unknown sender. Being ruled over by the Moon, they relate to the Lunar Cycle and all of those changing moods. The emotional changes of life, therefore, are deeply embedded in the personality. The number 28, which coincides with the lunar cycle, was considered, in ancient times, to be one of the perfect numbers. It was thought to prove the close relationship with the cosmos and the world of God by carrying a significant mystical meaning. With Cancer, there is a close relationship with home, family, and past, but there is always a strong spiritual feeling within that relates directly to the soul; they understand that there is a greater mystery behind their physical roots. Cancer is lucky, they have this gorgeous silvery Moon as their ruler, glowing luminously at night and then blending in with the clouds in the daytime. “Night-time my time” is her phrase.

b1a1a3958a0d7918bb7e7d440a1fd51aLeo, ruled by the Sun, symbolizes the brightest burning light in the solar system and directs the whole thing. Leo reminds everybody to be the star of their own life. They also have a taste for drama, and we do like being entertained. Majestic, proud, and possessing an air of dignity, they are, at times, seemingly self-important. A Leo gets bundled with interpretations ranging from being spoilt to being truly loved at heart. It is probably harder for Leo to shake off the royal image and the stereotypes that come along with it. How could one take a step down from being classified as the King or President and with so much glory? The psychology of Leo usually does involve a need to be recognized, to play an essential role in life and to be appreciated. All cats love to be stroked, and the smaller cats seem to find their domain in Virgo. The largeness of the big cats is more the Leo style, and the bigger heart. The heart is the center of any being; the Sun is the giver of light.

819572bea93d536809c5c7766ed9ed41The Virgo cat is always in study. We often imagine the sign bent over a textbook, under a desk lamp, studying and trying to master a particular area of expertise. Virgo understands that not everyone wakes up flawless, like Beyoncé (another Virgoan feline). Usually, there is some deep work to be done. They are a problem solver, preferring to work on a solution (often in isolation) and often one that is workable. As the humble worker of the zodiac tribe, Virgo underestimates themselves when they describe their cat-like nature as just plain, ordinary, and nothing special. The humbleness of their being gives them a natural intuitiveness about nature, with the ability to bring things down to Earth. In astrology, Virgo is called the negative side of Mercury, but this is only because of its introverted thinking, deep analysis, and the way its energy is focused in a concentrated manner – separating the true metal from the trash – and, in this respect, they are flawless.

6a87ca61ea8b9f2893a23d8a80ec8bc7Libra has style, grace, and often good fashion sense due to possessing immaculate taste; they have the uncanny ability to find items that complement one another. Also, the Libran represents the aesthetically inclined and deeply idealistic, with a strong sense of fairness and justice, but scratch all of that out. I know, for certain, you have probably read all of this a bazillion times. So let’s move on to some of their ruling planet’s (Venus) facts. Firstly, we find that the mythical Aphrodite (Venusian), the goddess of love, is the most painted of all time and many poets love to muse about our Venus at night in poetical longing. Moreover, Venus is the brightest star in the sky, and many childhood wishes are also made on this planet which outshines every other light. The Moon appears brighter due to the fact she is closer, but many astronomers call Venus the larger and fairest of them all. Also, through her dazzling glow in the starry sky, she also has a likeness to oncoming planes and has set-off calls to the police of a UFO in the sky. However, behind all of those facts, Venus has long been the most celebrated for her beauty and has been called the love goddess ascending to the heavens.

ff975c0b4d5f4cd130b8467b65f55adaWith Scorpio you look, and you just can’t look away. Scorpio longs for powerful experiences and there is an emotional resonance we all feel with the Scorpion and their ability to turn tragedy into triumph. Something within explodes and detonates into action – the soul penetrating kind. Also, the fondness for transformation stories never ceases to entice us like a rags to riches tale, Cinderella or The Ugly Duckling. All such stories begin at an incredibly low point, sometimes to the point of suicidal depression, and we learn how the person – against all odds, wins. Being born under Scorpio, they have the ability to breathe new life into death-like situations and give new, renewed energy (and, of course, a fantastic plot twist). Pluto, their ruling planet, is referred to as planet X, the smallest and farthest away of all the planets – the one astronomers stripped of its planetary status, and we are all awaiting a big comeback from the underdog planet which symbolizes anything that is far more powerful than suspected. People are still rooting for Pluto across the world. On its surface, frost coexist with dark areas and we may well never know the real nature of the X planet or the Scorpion, but we all love a good mystery nonetheless.

1d6761490433c255f2f58c6c691bb9ccI didn’t stumble across a good Sagittarius cat but found this Saggy hound instead. Many people feel dogs belong to Sagittarius, due to their excitable, outdoor and loving nature. Sagittarius is always on some kind of journey exploring the world at large, staring off into distant horizons and traveling solely by backpack. Also, Sagittarius is mostly related to religion, so I feel compelled right now to add something astrologically religious. Apparently, the star Jesus was born under wasn’t a star at all, but an astronomical/astrological wonder that occurred in 5 B.C. The combined light of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn which all nearly lined up. Jupiter is the king of the gods, and its size more than doubles the mass of the others and compared to Earth is almost three times its size. It also represents all those wonderful weather things on Earth that the ancients would attribute to acts of God such as a strike of lightning from the sky. The planet Jupiter can be seen to have cyclones, and storms that continue for centuries with thunderbolts along with a sheet of aurora that lights a picture of atmospheric phenomena.

afb4e115deadcafa55110fe74530915cThe Capricorn cat is serious and doesn’t always receive likability because it rules all “boundary situations,” but those things in life that limit us also define us. Often they over-identify with an external identity, sometimes minding too much about others’ opinions. The Capricornian represents the deepest reality, and life can feel like a hard, lonely climb up the rock face. Usually driven by fear of failing than any kind of wonder to climb up there. Sometimes it is usually done by sheer ambition and often by necessity. Capricorn reminds us of the father figure or the serious older sibling, usually, they have a rock solid foundation of experience and give advice based on that or lecture. The hardest part of the journey is that there is a point which is reached where everything feels as if it has failed, they labor, do everything right, usually paying their dues and then there is still this gnawing sense that it wasn’t enough. Throughout life they will often question whether their efforts will ever be good enough, wondering why others are receiving all the benefits. It’s a hard knock life being a Capricorn who is the cleric-academic, correct type and the morbidly respectable. In truth, Capricorn is always late to the party.

51c8b28f1a89c09876b3be9badf7b1c3Aquarius is the cat man, although, yes, he looks like Batman which is more associated with Scorpio – the dark avenging hero righting wrongs violently with his own sense of justice and operating only at night-time. For Aquarius, it is strictly related to mankind – its favorite concern. The Aquarian rules perfect order and is also related to brilliant endeavors usually found in the spheres of science, psychology, sociology and anywhere we find the progressive element of life. Aquarians also like prediction, especially the ability to predict trends which give them the skill to forecast the future by using the past as a benchmark. On that note, apparently, it has been predicted that there will be a population boom in 2026 so there will be more of us Homo sapiens crawling around to be concerned about. It was a mathematical prediction and it added up to infinity in that year, but don’t chase me for details on it. The real prediction scales were set out in tables showing how the population has been increasing overall and that there may be some truth in the population BOOM idea. However, other criteria such as birth control, human intervention, and social choices may overrule the predicted outcome. Graphs are also a favorite toy; they kind of resemble the Aquarius symbol. Aquarius has this unbridled need to investigate the unknown because it lifts up the curtain that hangs over the universe revealing the cosmic truth. Aquarius is often found asking all the big cosmological questions and wanting to know the possibility of time travel (my fave picture here of the possibility of time travel with modern sunglasses and a stamped t-shirt).

4aee2568f9110f3fa024371f3c7865b2The Pisces cat rules da feet. The mind is like walking through a carnival of optical illusion, maybe like those big feet. The Otherworld tends to saturate the mind of the Piscean, lifting them into a higher reality and out of this one. The most reclusive and remote sign, probably due to their ability to leave the body without notice. They possess an ongoing connection to the transcendent and have the ability to make us feel a cocktail of emotions and sometimes feeling knocked around by a storm of feelings themselves. The planet Neptune is noted for its swirling storms.

Pisces is likened to being in a fog and it feels like that last moment of consciousness before we fall asleep and are on the verge of seeing something, but then it slips away, disappears and we forget it. Pisces is mystifying in those ways and hard to get hold of at times, but it’s not hard to get lost in Neptune (ruling planet). Just reading about the colors of the planet can leave us awash in a beautiful haze of navy blue, azure, turquoise and aquamarine and the planet is also hailed as a complex beauty in the planetary sky. Pisces kind of lives in a spiritual bubble believing we are all souls in human bodies, and rules intense moments of joy, happiness, beauty and awe along with the deepest kind of sadness that is all interwoven into their emotional landscape.