The Astrology of Cats and One Dog

funny-cat-cute-attack-blonde-girlThe Aries cat, with its energetic and curious nature, embodies the essence of the zodiac sign. It thrives on exploration and adventure, eagerly pouncing on anything new and untried. This characteristic mirrors the Arian’ personality, as they too have an innate desire to venture into the unknown and take on new challenges. In Isabel Hickey’s interpretation of the sign, she suggests that Aries individuals are in the process of constructing their personalities. However, it is evident that Aries cats, just like Arian humans, already possess a wonderfully vibrant spirit. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity and a relentless desire for growth, their dynamic and go-getting nature makes them akin to a divine spark of creation, ever ready to embark on new journeys. Perhaps Hickey’s idea pertains to Arian types learning to stand out from the crowd. Aries, being the sign of conquest and winning, thrives on achievements and the satisfaction of being the best. Like a triumphant warrior, the Aries cat demonstrates determination and a strong will to succeed.

The acronym “IWWIWWWIWI” encapsulates the Aries cat’s and Arian individuals’ attitude perfectly, which stands for “I want what I want When and Where I want it.” Their assertiveness and decisiveness are traits that stem from their quick thinking and action-oriented approach. Just like a fresh product fresh out of the box, they crave immediate results and gratification. As natural-born leaders and visionaries, Aries cats exemplify the strength and courage of their zodiac sign. In their innate ability to seize opportunities and take charge, they distinguish themselves from others, consistently learning how to assert themselves and shine brightly in any situation. In conclusion, the Aries cat embodies the essence of its zodiac sign, demonstrating its adventurous, ambitious, and determined personality. Always on the lookout for new experiences and success, they exemplify the true spirit of Aries.


Taurus is often associated with the symbolism of the earth goddess, representing fertility and the embodiment of the Earth itself. Among the zodiac signs, Taurus stands out as the most grounded, dependable, and security-oriented of all. Their earthy nature reflects stability and reliability, making them excellent providers and caretakers. However, feeling “enslaved to the instrument of living” highlights one potential challenge that earth sign individuals may face. The strong connection to the material world and unwavering focus on practicality can sometimes limit their expression of the soul or spiritual side. Yet, it is worth noting that this very practicality can also be a source of creativity, as labor can lead to the most ingenious creations and accomplishments. Taurus individuals, much like the earth they represent, have a remarkable capacity for patience and dedication. This is evident in the work of some of the greatest painters born under this sign, who have devoted countless hours to their art, resulting in masterpieces that stand the test of time. Similarly, gardeners born under Taurus exemplify the value of nurturing and investing time and effort in cultivating something of genuine worth.

The Taurean appreciation for color, beauty, and form indicates a strong aesthetic sense and an inherent connection to the creative force of nature. This sign celebrates simplicity and self-sustainability, emphasizing the importance of staying close to the natural world. What sets Taurus apart is their innate strength. Like the solid and unwavering earth, they possess an underlying resilience that makes them formidable and capable of weathering life’s challenges with unwavering determination.


The Gemini cat’s insatiable appetite for information in all its forms makes it a curious and alert creature. Much like its human zodiac counterparts, the Gemini cat has a deep desire to be at the forefront of knowledge and communication. So, it’s essential not to underestimate their need to be the first to know and share information. Stealing their book or depriving them of the chance to explore new knowledge is not advisable, as they thrive on intellectual stimulation and the exchange of ideas. Gemini’s quick and agile minds allow them to sail through thoughts at lightning speed, always seeking out intriguing concepts and engaging discussions.

Communication is a vital aspect of the Gemini cat’s personality. Expressing themselves with a variety of vocalizations, even if it’s just a few meows. This need to communicate is as crucial to them as breathing itself, as it enables them to convey their thoughts, feelings, and identity to the world. Gemini cats take on the role of informants, eager to share news and interesting tidbits with others. With an innate ability to articulate and reveal their minds to others, they become excellent communicators.

The wit and craftiness associated with Gemini cats stem from their sharp and powerful minds. Possessing a versatile nature due to their mutable quality, they can adapt and range through various character types. This adaptability often leads to them being referred to as scholars or gossips, demonstrating the breadth of their knowledge and social skills. Similarly, their ability to switch between roles has led to descriptions of Gemini cats as thieves or cats of great ingenuity. This emphasizes their mischievous side and the cleverness with which they navigate their surroundings.

In conclusion, the Gemini cat exemplifies the qualities of its zodiac sign, displaying curiosity, intelligence, and a strong desire for communication. Their ability to process information quickly and share it with others makes them engaging and informative companions. They are versatile and multifaceted creatures, often embodying the various aspects of their mutable nature, making them fascinating and delightful companions for any cat lover.


The Cancer cat’s love for the comfort of home makes it a cozy and affectionate companion. Like its human counterparts, the Cancerian cat is ruled by the Moon, a celestial body with a deep connection to the unconscious mind. This connection allows Cancer cats to receive ideas, images, and inspiration like messages slipped under the door by an unknown sender. Due to their innate sensitivity to the mystical and unseen aspects of life, they are often guided by their intuitive nature. The Lunar Cycle, being closely related to the Moon, profoundly influences Cancer cats’ moods and emotions. The Cancer cat, much like its human counterparts born under the sign of Cancer, experiences the ebb and flow of feelings in a manner akin to the changing phases of the Moon. This analogy highlights the cyclical nature of their emotions, which can wax and wane like the Moon’s illuminated surface.

During the waxing phase of the Moon, when it transitions from New Moon to Full Moon, the Cancer cat’s emotions may intensify and expand. They might become more outgoing, expressive, and open-hearted during this time. Just like the Moon appears to grow brighter, the Cancer cat’s emotions may reach their peak, making them more affectionate and sociable. Conversely, during the waning phase of the Moon, when it transitions from Full Moon to New Moon, the Cancer cat’s emotions may appear to recede or become more subdued. They might seek solitude, retreat into their cozy spaces, and become more introspective during this time. As the Moon appears to decrease in brightness, the Cancer cat’s emotions may also seem less vibrant, leading them to be more reserved or contemplative.

This ebb and flow of emotions can be influenced by various factors, including their environment, interactions with others, and their intuitive senses. Just as the Moon’s gravitational pull affects tides, the Cancer cat’s sensitivity to their surroundings and the emotions of those around them can cause their feelings to fluctuate. As such, their emotional landscape is deeply ingrained in their personality, making them highly empathetic and nurturing beings. The significance of the number 28, coinciding with the days of the lunar cycle, further emphasizes the Cancer cat’s connection to the cosmos and spiritual realms. In ancient times, 28 was considered a perfect number, carrying mystical meaning and symbolic value. This highlights Cancer’s inherent ability to tap into the greater mysteries of life beyond their physical existence.

For Cancer, the concept of home, family, and past holds immense importance. Cherishing their roots, they often find solace in familiar surroundings. However, beneath their attachment to the material aspects of life, there is a profound spiritual dimension. Cancer cats understand that there is a greater mystery at play, and they have a strong connection to their soul’s journey. The Moon, with its silvery glow, beautifully represents Cancer’s ruler. Just as the Moon illuminates the night sky, Cancer cats bring a warm and comforting presence to those around them. The phrase “Night-time my time” relates to Cancer, implying their profound affinity for the tranquility and introspection of the night, where their intuition and emotions come to the forefront.

b1a1a3958a0d7918bb7e7d440a1fd51aLeo, as a zodiac sign ruled by the Sun, represents the brightest and most powerful celestial body in the solar system. This symbolism reflects the Leo’s desire to shine brightly and take charge of their own life, encouraging others to do the same. With a natural flair for drama and entertainment, their majestic presence exudes pride and dignity. While Leos can appear self-important at times, they are also known for their generous and loving nature. However, this blend of characteristics can lead to varying interpretations of Leo’s personality. Some may see them as being spoiled, while others recognize their genuine and caring heart.

Being associated with royalty, Leo often struggles to shake off the image and stereotypes that come with it. Likened to kings or presidents, they carry the weight of glory and prestige. It can be challenging for a Leo to step down from this lofty position and simply be seen as a regular individual, even though they may long for authenticity and genuine connections. The psychology of a Leo involves a strong need for recognition, a desire to play a significant role in life, and a craving for appreciation. Seeking validation and acknowledgment for their talents and contributions, this motivates them to excel in various endeavors. Drawing a parallel to cats, all felines enjoy being stroked and appreciated, much like Leos who thrive on admiration and attention. Just as the heart is the center of any being, the Sun, which Leo is ruled by, serves as the giver of light, symbolizing the Leo’s radiant and warm nature.


The Virgo cat embodies the essence of the zodiac sign with its studious and analytical nature. Just like a diligent student, the Virgo cat can often be found engrossed in learning and mastering a particular area of expertise. In their pursuit of knowledge and understanding, they resemble someone bent over a textbook under a focused desk lamp, absorbing information and honing their skills. Virgos, both human and feline, recognize that perfection doesn’t come effortlessly like waking up flawless, even if Beyoncé, a famous Virgo, may make it seem that way. Understandably, there is deep work to be done, and they are willing to put in the effort to achieve their goals.

Problem-solving comes naturally to the Virgo cat, and they prefer to work on finding practical and effective solutions. With an analytical and methodical approach to challenges, they often find themselves working in solitude, where they can concentrate and strategize effectively. Despite their strong problem-solving abilities and exceptional skills, Virgo cats tend to underestimate themselves. Describing themselves as plain, ordinary, or nothing special, they show their inherent humility. However, this humility doesn’t diminish their true value, and it gives them a unique intuitiveness about nature and the world around them. With their special ability to ground things and bring them down to Earth, they become practical and reliable companions. In astrology, Virgo is associated with the “negative side of Mercury,” but this does not imply anything negative in the common sense. Rather, it refers to their introverted thinking, deep analysis, and focused energy. Like a skillful alchemist, the Virgo cat has the ability to discern the true value and essence of things, separating what is valuable from what is not. In this respect, they are indeed flawless.

6a87ca61ea8b9f2893a23d8a80ec8bc7Libra has style, grace, and often good fashion sense due to possessing immaculate taste; they have the uncanny ability to find items that complement one another. Also, the Libran represents the aesthetically inclined and deeply idealistic, with a strong sense of fairness and justice, but scratch all of that out. I know, for certain, you have probably read all of this a bazillion times. Venus, the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Taurus (and also Libra), is associated with numerous fascinating facts and mythical associations. In mythology, Venus is often associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Throughout history, she has been one of the most frequently painted mythological figures, capturing the hearts and imaginations of artists and poets alike. Venus’s essence of love and romance inspires many poets to muse about her, expressing their longings and desires in beautiful verses.

As the brightest star in the sky, Venus’s luminous appearance has made it a prominent feature in the night sky and a source of wonder for humanity. It outshines every other light in the sky, except for the Moon, which appears brighter due to its closer proximity to Earth. Astronomers often refer to Venus as the “evening star” or the “morning star,” as it is visible during these times and displays a dazzling glow that captivates observers. Venus’s brilliance and striking presence in the starry sky can sometimes lead to confusion. Due to its bright light, it has occasionally been mistaken for oncoming planes or unidentified flying objects (UFOs), resulting in calls to the police about strange sightings in the sky.

Behind all these astronomical facts and stories, Venus’s primary attribute is her association with beauty and love. Throughout history, she has been celebrated as the epitome of beauty, often depicted as a stunning goddess ascending to the heavens. Her allure and charm have made her a symbol of love and romance, inspiring countless tales of passion and desire. In astrology, Venus is also associated with values, sensuality, and aesthetic tastes. Its influence on Taurus and Libra cats imbues them with an appreciation for beauty, harmony, and love. People influenced by Venus often have a penchant for art, music, and all things that bring pleasure and enjoyment.


Scorpio, the enigmatic and intense zodiac sign, captivates our attention with its powerful and emotional resonance. There is something undeniably compelling about Scorpios, and we find ourselves drawn to their longing for profound experiences and transformative journeys. The ability to turn tragedy into triumph, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, leaves us in awe of such resilience and strength. Scorpios possess a soul-penetrating quality, a depth of emotion that can explode into action. Leaving lasting impressions with their intense presence, they have a profound impact on those around them. Much like a gripping tale of transformation, Scorpios never fail to entice us with their ability to rise from rock bottom to achieve greatness. We are inspired by their stories, akin to classic narratives like “rags to riches,” “Cinderella,” or “The Ugly Duckling.”

The allure of Scorpios lies in their capacity to breathe new life into seemingly dead or hopeless situations. With a fantastic plot twist that leaves us astounded and inspired, they possess a unique ability to bring renewed energy and vitality. Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, is often referred to as planet X. Although it is the smallest and farthest planet in our solar system, it symbolizes something far more potent and powerful than its size suggests. Pluto’s status as a planet was stripped by astronomers, yet it remains a cosmic underdog, and people still root for its comeback. Similarly, Scorpios themselves can sometimes be underestimated, but they possess an underlying strength and influence that defies expectations.

Like Pluto’s surface, which is a blend of frost and dark areas, Scorpios have depths that remain mysterious and unexplored. The enigmatic nature of them only adds to the allure, as we are drawn to the intrigue of the unknown. We may never fully grasp the true essence of a Scorpio or the enigmatic planet Pluto, but we are intrigued by the sense of mystery that surrounds them.


It appears like the unreachable Sagittarius cat is on a never-ending adventure, probably exploring the world while leaving us mere mortals in awe. But fear not, for the Sagittarius traits seem to align perfectly with our four-legged friends, the Saggy hounds or dogs. Dogs, those furry little Sagittarians, truly embrace the spirit of excitement, outdoor escapades, and daring adventures of his own. With a perpetual itch for adventure and an insatiable appetite for discovery, they are the embodiment of a modern-day Indiana Jones, ready to conquer uncharted territories and unravel the mysteries of the world.

Sagittarius is indeed a sign known for its adventurous and explorative tendencies. Symbolically depicted as an archer, gazing into distant horizons, they are always seeking new experiences and knowledge. This aligns perfectly with the inquisitive and energetic nature of dogs, especially those with a Sagittarius-like disposition. Religion and spirituality are also connected to Sagittarius, as they seek to understand higher truths and explore philosophical concepts. The star Jesus was born under adds an astrological and religious dimension to the Sagittarius discussion. The astronomical/astrological wonder in 5 B.C., which combined the light of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, created a significant celestial event. This alignment of planets might have been interpreted as a miraculous sign in ancient times. Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius), being the largest planet in our solar system and representing the king of the gods, holds immense significance in astrology and ancient belief systems. Its mass dwarfs that of other planets, and its presence in the night sky must have appeared awe-inspiring to ancient civilizations.

The weather phenomena attributed to acts of God by ancient societies, such as a strike of lightning from the sky, might have been associated with the powerful and majestic planet Jupiter. Its immense size and appearance of cyclones and storms that span centuries could have been seen as manifestations of divine power. The sheet of aurora that lights up Jupiter’s atmosphere further adds to its mystique, reflecting the remarkable atmospheric phenomena seen on this celestial body. All these attributes of Jupiter connect with the sense of awe and wonder that Sagittarius seeks in its pursuit of higher truths and knowledge.


The portrayal of the Capricorn cat reflects the serious and reserved nature often associated with this zodiac sign. Capricorn cats may not always receive immediate likability because they tend to rule over “boundary situations,” which can create a sense of distance or detachment. However, it is essential to recognize that these boundaries, limitations, and challenges in life also play a crucial role in shaping their character and defining who they are. Capricorn cats may sometimes over-identify with external identities and place too much importance on others’ opinions. This tendency might stem from their desire to succeed and be recognized, as Capricorn represents the deepest reality and seeks to achieve greatness.

Life for the Capricorn cat can feel like a hard and lonely climb up a rock face. The fear of failure might drive them more than a sense of wonder or passion for the climb. Ambition and determination often propel them forward, and they are willing to work hard and do what is necessary to achieve their goals. Capricorn’s role as the father figure or serious older sibling is evident in their approach to life. Often drawing from their wealth of experience, they offer advice based on that knowledge, sometimes bordering on lectures to guide others in the right direction. However, the journey for Capricorn is not without its challenges. Despite their efforts and hard work, they may reach a point where they feel like they have failed or that their accomplishments are not enough. Questioning whether their efforts will ever be good enough, they may compare themselves to others who seem to reap the benefits more easily.

The Capricorn cat is depicted as the cleric-academic, representing a correct and respectable demeanor. Adhering to traditional values and ethics, they seek to uphold a sense of dignity and responsibility in their actions.

Often, Capricorn is metaphorically always “late to the party,” and this might imply that Capricorn cats take their time to fully embrace certain aspects of life, as they are cautious and careful in their approach. Seriousness and discipline make them cautious decision-makers, and they may not rush into new experiences or relationships. Despite their seriousness, the Capricorn cat’s journey in life can be challenging, but their tenacity and discipline make them strong and resilient companions.


The portrayal of Aquarius as the “cat man” – a delightful blend of feline grace and human charm. It seems this association with mankind is a purrfect fit for our Aquarian friends. Aquarius, the cosmic conductor, is governed by an insatiable appetite for humanity’s well-being and an unyielding ambition to orchestrate flawless harmony and advancement across all realms of existence. Aquarius’s affinity for brilliant endeavors is often found in fields such as science, psychology, sociology, and any area that embraces progressive elements. With a passion for prediction and trend analysis, they adeptly use the past as a benchmark to forecast the future. The prophecy of a population explosion in the mystical year of 2026, as foretold by the ever-enigmatic seers. It seems our Aquarian feline friend is quite intrigued by the sight of humanity’s progress and its penchant for collective growth. The mathematical prediction of a population boom is as an example of the Aquarius’s cat’s fascination with graphs and data analysis. Thoroughly enjoying exploring patterns and trends that shed light on societal changes and the potential trajectory of human evolution, they delve into understanding the world around them with great interest.

However, Aquarius’s love for investigating the unknown goes beyond statistical predictions. Driven by an unbridled need to seek cosmic truths and lift the curtain that hangs over the universe, their passion for discovery knows no bounds. Aquarius, the cosmic inquirer! Always diving headfirst into the celestial conundrums, pondering the mind-boggling wonders of time travel, parallel universes, and all those delightful loop de loops the universe has up its sleeve.



Pisces cats are often lost in a realm of optical illusions, navigating a world where reality and the Otherworld intermingle. With a profound connection to the transcendent, their minds seem to float in a higher reality, sometimes appearing reclusive and remote due to their ability to detach from the physical world. The Pisces cat’s ability to leave the body without notice is akin to their ethereal nature.

Thanks to their otherworldly vibes, they have the power to stir up a  a wide range of emotions in those around them. Like a swirling storm of feelings, their emotional landscape reflects the influence of their ruling planet Neptune, known for its turbulent and mysterious nature.

Pisces, akin to being in a fog, reflects the dreamy and elusive quality of this zodiac sign. Frequently, they might seem as if they’ve wandered off into the labyrinth of their own mind, like that fleeting moment right before dozing off when we catch a fleeting glimpse of something intriguing but can’t quite wrap our sleepy brains around it.

The association of Pisces with Neptune adds to their mystifying nature. Neptune’s swirling colors and beauty evoke a sense of enchantment and wonder. Just contemplating the colors of the planet can immerse us in a beautiful haze of navy blue, azure, turquoise, and aquamarine. Neptune is hailed as a complex beauty in the planetary sky, mirroring the enigmatic and alluring nature of Pisces.

Pisces, the masters of living in their own little spiritual bubble, where they see humans not as mere mortals, but as souls trapped in fleshy vessels. Talk about a deep sense of interconnectedness and empathy! Welcome to the emotional rollercoaster that is their existence! From soaring heights of joy and beauty to the depths of profound sadness, their emotional landscape is an enticing wonderland of contrasting hues.

Pisces rule over da feet, navigating through a veil of illusions and interconnected realms. A Piscean’s connection to the transcendent and their ability to evoke powerful emotions make them captivating and intriguing companions. Just like Neptune, Pisces is a complex beauty, enveloped in a spiritual bubble that allows them to experience the profound and magical aspects of life.