Vintage Astrology

fee160f013189937e047a88fff881cebAries, ruled by Mars, the planet of violence, guns, and bloodshed. This should give us an indication that this is not the kind of individual to mess with, and there is always a quick retaliation. An Arian is fiery, bold and is all about the SELF. As Carter puts it, this type has no need to destroy because that would be occupying oneself with something than the not-self. Unless, as the author states, they interfere with this their self-expression. Well, then, we will have war games, and they are a master at fighting. While other signs might shy away from a battle this one is already on the front line taking shots, throwing grenades, and winning.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Aries is the most honest, honorable and independent type and make no doubt about it, they make a damn good soldier. [/pullquote]

Carter places all the failings of a Child or Youth on Aries and that would probably mean impulsiveness, ill-thought out actions and even tantrums. However, the author also gives all the promise of Youth to the Arian and this is the boldness of heart, bravery, and a grand fighting spirit. The individual embodies individuality bursting forth, the pulsating life force, and when it rains take cover. In Aries house, it is usually raining gun-shots.


a8295428b143eb6b34a093079003db8fTaurus and gardening, that is usually how it goes, right? The sign with the green fingers (gardening and money), working the land or lazing around and is a most fertile and fruitful person. You really gotta love the way they’re always thinking about security and the practical side of life; this one is never going to leave anything to pure chance. As the popular Taurean phrase usually goes, ‘I seek myself through what I have’.

One astrologer commented that if people do not treat Taurus’ things with due respect it is like walking over their face. It is hard for them to understand why others do not respect and value their possessions. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, on the earthy side, which means she also bestows physical beauty into the Taurean’s life, and when it comes to love-making we meet the most sensuous sign of the zodiac. A mightily resourceful type and realistic; they need to see things with their own eyes and touch them with their hands before believing anything. We meet in Taurus someone who is stubborn, determined and loyal; they can also be incredibly unchanging.


af3f3314fd1c71d64b2d84403f18cf39In the land of the magicians is where we find Gemini Actually the number three is associated with Gemini, which is commonly called ‘the magic number’ but the gift of the gab is really this sign’s trick, and they’re always up-to-the-minute with information. The important part is to be able to think and talk. The mind works fastest in this zodiacal region, and there can be trouble keeping this lady amused. A terrible reputation always follows this sign of being a cheat and liar and usually it comes about with a love of word-play or playing tricks on others, on the whole, it is usually harmless. People can’t always understand Gemini’s running many intellectual steps ahead of others. It is the multi-talented Gemini that can hold a conversation, read a book and watch television all at the same time. Gemini is a bright, clever, sharp and good talker and needs variety, mind-games and some Houdini trickery is thrown into the mix.


8568cae0f79e6ecca278283abf5ec4a9Moony, moody, sulky Cancer, most people are forewarned of their moodiness and we are afraid to go near them when they’re going through one of those “phases,” but come back tomorrow and their emotional state has changed. The ultra-sensitive type is the kind that one hurtful comment can easily upset and tactless remarks are rarely forgiven. In fact, a Cancerian cares deeply about their family and friends and they’re the over-protective type; there is room for more than one in this shell. Aries defends by attacking and Cancer defends by defending and always with some strong pincers. It takes a long time to let go, but they will always retreat to a safe position. The element of water, which Cancer belongs, when woven into the fabric of human life, gives rise to the most delicate, receptive and vulnerable soul. A Cancerian can reflect every mood, the way the Moon is reflected in all of our oceans, but this sensitivity also means they feel reality too harshly and has had to adopt some method of self-protection.


2a951e822659a34b8af26e14fac6c9e5Royal Leo burning with self-importance, pride, and dignity and ruled by the lion; they will often describe themselves as puuurrrrfect. A Leo is born at the time of year when all the kiddies are on their summer holidays and usually feeling the heat of the golden globe in the sky; there are trips to the fairground, with lots of fun and the ice-cream van  – this is what you hear when entering Leo, and the fifth house of children, ruled by the Sun. It is something of a regal holiday, passionate love affairs or a good romantic novel for the impulsive heart. The light of the heart is always stimulated under LEO and its main purpose is to ignite the joyous sense of power to create our life, and it is the inrush of sunlight and vitality. It is the feeling of being self-important and also divine love. Leo is like the celebrity arriving at an awards show with the red carpet rolled out and all the glitterati and limousines as they take their rightful place in the spotlight.


4825d929f8bddca1646f601c2b6bc5ddVirgo is born at the time of year when the holidays are over and the kids are all shuffling back to school. As most parents say, “It is nice to get back to routine,” and it is usually exactly what we need. A Virgoan is the harshest critic, but the most helpful and kind. With a wonderful eye for detail, they are perceptive and observant, sorting life out under a microscope. In the Virgoan energy, the individual learns and masters something and then teaches others how by using the same skill-set. There is always a great desire to be of service. We call this a form of specialized information and knowledge gained through investigation. The mind is a sharpened tool molding matter and shaping their talents into something practical. After a long, hard day at work, I do like to think their opposite sign, Pisces (shadow self), slips into the personality. In the evening, Virgo grabs a nice intoxicating drink, dances in ecstasy or reads a trashy novel to completely unwind.


ecfb6ca8d94a7f252e5a3077fabf447fLibra is the most pleasant and lovely and may get a little tired of being called ‘nice’ all the time. They have been given the beauty ingredient; the skills to dress nicely; the ability to accessorize; they can paint on make-up like it is an art form. We also find there is refinement, intelligence, they are – perfect. They prefer the ideal and are hardly unruffled like those watery types by unnecessary emotion. The Libran glides through life with a sense of harmony and peace. It can make others jealous being bestowed with such loveliness, grace, and brains; it infuriates everybody else. The weakest side of the personality is a tendency to agree with everybody and to always manage a smile. Lucky number seven belongs to Libran – voted the most likable number in the world. It’s not her fault that she sees both sides of everything and always remains the impartial judge. So what if Libra is sometimes undecided about things, and can’t choose one person over another. A Libran always feels compelled to restore harmony and flirting makes everybody feel good. Sometimes, though, they unknowingly lead others on when being “too nice” and flirtatious and so may need to be told off a few times.


2b6649eec53db44a75ce0cb820d54882Being stomped on in the dark is a Scorpio process and they will be incredibly intense, powerful, and passionate about things. Many a Scorpio has left many a heart in this crushed darkness, and, likewise, they have been drawn like moths to a flame to painful encounters in the romance department. The art of transformation is their best gift. The Scorpion will often try and change others, willing them to be their most potent self.  With all the concentration and strength she provides it’s hard not to feel changed by such a fascinating soul, associated with the deepest mysteries of life. Scorpio rules all decay and regeneration and has been painted as a somewhat gloomy sign. The myth of Persephone is associated with Scorpio and this maiden was pulled into the darkness until maturation. At the end, this woman became Queen of the Underworld, but there is always a process. One must pass through the Winter of death, and there is also a massive struggle with hidden desires. At the end of the great battle, they know life at its roots. Often Scorpio’s cold, unruffled exterior hides a watery soul that has been through all of the mysteries of life and death.


70496f8ecb082e5c38c43686a27ff59fAs people say, there is an upside to your downside. Here in the Sagittarian is where we meet the invincible optimist. A Sagittarius has the arrow pointed heavenwards, and they learn through experience. The flame in this fiery sign has grown large encompassing a bigger vision of life and is concerned with the development of the higher-minded. Yes, we know, they can also be accused of being high-minded but it is here where the mind of God is realized in the effort the individual makes for soaring heights and flying like an Eagle to the mountaintop. Sagittarius also has psychic leaps, flashes of intuition, some may call them lucky guesses. Somehow, they have foreknowledge of things and this brings success on the material plane. The beneficial lawgiver giver, Jupiter, presides over Saggy and brings guidance from the heavens.


d257f4f94706dc5105edcf8f0ab4a6dfYou guessed it, what goes up must come down. Meet Capricorn the most serious and weighed down by responsibilities. To them, a rule is a rule, and that is how Karma works. We face the consequences of our actions. We must pay our dues in life, and this sign can be severe in meting out punishment. Actually, Capricorn has a deep respect for law, order and convention and for all things ancient. A Capricorn at their best will make sure they get to the top of the heap, and plenty of hard work ensures their spot on the chairman’s board. Overall, they are cool in character, for the most part. Power, position, and reputation are the three keywords to apply to this ambitious cookie. Time and tradition carrying on with what their forefathers began.


107854917543a481d0ab1b4cedc1b7acAquarius is the first sign on the astrological wheel where we travel far into strange paradoxes and meet the cool, aloof, and independent Aquarian. They make everybody’s heartbeat sideways, stirring minds towards the ideal and thinking of discoveries not yet dreamed. Aquarius is the scientific and inventive genius. Another strange terrain found in this area of the chart is telepathy or thought transference and lightning flashes of intuitive ideas. We also like to think of it as the realm of brotherhood and bringing everybody together in the enactment of a New Age. Many social issues occupy the mind; they delve into many areas of the political and universal. Ingrid Lind calls them “Mistress Mary, quite contrary,” and probably in the sense of opposing the status quo and challenging conventional forms with willful rebellion. Many of them need a cause or ideal and to bring new ideas and they play a part in building the Utopian dream. The head is usually stuck in the clouds thinking about new laws, gadgets, inventions, scientific discoveries and social guidelines that can make real that ideal place of perfection.


02ce47f9bafac116f2c1e53f8ccbd52eAll you really need to learn about Pisces when studying this zodiacal area of the horoscope is that they avoid reality at all costs. Sadly, it would seem reality can’t leave the Fishes alone and is often banging loudly outside of their dreamworld.

A Piscean is a Mutable Water sign and this element manifests in a shifting, fluid, and changeable form. This often means the emotions travel far and widest of all; they are incredibly receptive. Spiritual illumination is usually a part of the process to become absorbed into the something bigger, delving into a much larger world than can be perceived with human eyes.

The inner-eye holds the reigns in Pisces taking the spirit through dreams, fantasies, and sensational experiences. As a spirit totally addicted to intoxicating experiences, they avoid irksome responsibilities through sleepy neglect of the mundane world. However, being incredibly sensitive -seeks forms of self-protection, but this is usually an escape route into the arms of lovers, drink or drugs and withdrawing from life.

Pisceans can meet with such different fates from the great mystics and illuminating souls all the way down to the downtrodden, lost and tragic.