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Mars, the planet of war and conflict, rules Aries. This should serve as a warning that this is not the type of person to provoke, as they will respond swiftly each time they are wronged. An Arian is a passionate, self-centered, and often brash individual. According to Charles Carter, people of this personality type don’t feel the urge to destroy because doing so would require them to focus on something other than the not-self. Unless, of course, someone tries to prevent them from expressing themselves, as the author claims. Then Aries will play war games because they are experts in combat. While other signs may choose to avoid trouble, this one is right in the thick of things, firing weapons, lobbing grenades, and coming out on top. There is no doubt that an Aries is the most trustworthy, brave, and self-reliant personality type and that they would make a damn good soldier.

According to Carter, Aries is prone to all the faults of a child or young adult, including acting without thinking things through and throwing temper tantrums. Still, the author infuses the Arian with all the promise of youth, including a courageous heart, impressive fearlessness, and an amazing fighting spirit. When it rains bullets, it’s time to duck for cover because Aries is the embodiment of bursting personality and the surging life energy. It’s always gunfire in Aries’ domain.


a8295428b143eb6b34a093079003db8fGardening and Taurus are natural partners, right? A person born under this sign is very productive, whether they spend their time landscaping, making money, or just relaxing. You’ve got to give it to them, they never leave anything to chance and are always focused on security and the finer points of everyday living. For the Taurean, possessions are a means to an end—”I seek myself via what I have,” as the saying goes.

According to one astrologer, disregarding a Taurus’s possessions is like stepping on their face. They have a hard time grasping why others do not appreciate and cherish their goods as much as they do. The most sensual sign of the zodiac, Taurus is ruled by Venus on the earthly side, which means she also bestows physical beauty upon the Taurean’s life. They are a practical and resourceful breed, one that must see something with their own eyes and feel it with their own hands before they can fully accept it as true. The Taurean we meet is likely to be unyielding in their commitments and faithful to those they care about, if not completely stuck in their outlook.


af3f3314fd1c71d64b2d84403f18cf39Gemini resides in a land where magicians are plentiful. Actually, Gemini is linked to the number three, which is sometimes referred to as “the magic number,” but the gift of the gab is actually this sign’s trick, and they are always up to date on the latest information. Important skills include intellectual and linguistic acuity. This is the zodiac zone where thought processes most rapidly, therefore it may be difficult to keep this lady entertained. Even while a penchant for wordplay or pranking others sometimes precedes the dreadful reputation that comes with being a cheat and liar, the trait itself is usually innocuous. Geminis are notoriously difficult to grasp because they are often light years ahead of the pack intellectually. The Gemini is a multitasking genius, able to carry on a conversation while also reading or watching TV. Gemini enjoys intellectual stimulation, mental challenges, and the occasional Houdini-style escape.


8568cae0f79e6ecca278283abf5ec4a9Moody, morose, and pouty Cancer, most of us have been warned not to approach a Cancer who is going through one of these “phases” out of fear, but the truth is that their mood can change dramatically from one day to the next. Someone with high levels of sensitivity is the type who can be hurt by the slightest of words. To the contrary, Cancerians are fiercely loyal and protective of their loved ones, so long as you treat them with kindness. Even though it’s difficult for Cancer to let go when they’re defending themselves with their powerful pincers, these resilient creatures always manage to find a secure hiding place. When woven into the fabric of human life, Cancer, whose element is water, gives birth to the most delicate, receptive, and susceptible soul. A Cancerian’s emotions are as visible and perceptible to others around them as the Moon’s reflection is in all the world’s oceans. Cancerians are very perceptive, yet this heightened awareness of the world can be overwhelming, so they learn to deal with it in other ways.


2a951e822659a34b8af26e14fac6c9e5The arrival of a Leo is akin to a celebrity stepping out of a limousine on a red carpet at an awards show. Prideful, regal, and governed by the lion, Leos often refer to themselves as “puuurrrfect” to emphasise their own greatness. When you enter Leo, you are also entering the fifth house of children, which is ruled by the Sun. On Leo’s birthday, this is the time of year when most children are on summer break and experiencing the warmth of the golden globe in the sky; there are trips to the fairground, with loads of fun, and the ice-cream van. This is when everybody is in the mood for a special vacation, a swoon-worthy love affair, or a page-turning love story. The infusion of sunlight and vitality that occurs under LEO is designed to spark the light of the heart, whose sole aim is to ignite the joyous sense of power with which to create our lives. Divine love is the combination of a sense of importance and a desire to focus on oneself.


4825d929f8bddca1646f601c2b6bc5ddThe Virgo birthday coincides with the period of time when children are returning to school after the holiday break. Just like mom and dad always say, “It’s great to get back to routine,” ritual is generally exactly what we need. A Virgoan may be the most critical of others, but Virgos are also the most kind and helpful. They have a keen sense of perception and observation, allowing them to examine life from every angle and make sense of its myriad complexities. The Virgoan spirit encourages one to become an expert in one’s field before passing that knowledge along to others. A strong urge to help others is ever present. This is an example of the specialised information and knowledge that may be acquired through research. One’s intellect is a honed instrument for moulding stuff and channelling abilities into useful forms. I like to imagine that after a long day at work, the sign of Pisces (the shadow side of Virgo) sneaks into the Virgoan’s psyche after a hard-working day. At night, Virgo unwinds by drinking a strong alcoholic beverage, dancing ecstatically, or reading a trashy novel.


ecfb6ca8d94a7f252e5a3077fabf447fEven though Libras are consistently described as “nice,” they may get weary of the compliment. They have been gifted with the ability to dress well, to accessorise, and to apply makeup with the skill of a painter. In addition, we discover they are refined, intelligent, and – ideal. They have a tendency for ideals and are resistive to excessive emotion, to which the watery types seem to be predisposed to. The Libran moves through life with an effortless sense of equilibrium. Being gifted with such attractiveness, grace, and intelligence might make other people jealous and, consequently, angry. That Libra tends to find common ground with everyone and maintain a cheerful demeanour despite any circumstance is their greatest character flaw. Among the Zodiac signs, Libra is associated with the number seven, which has been deemed universally popular. It’s not her fault that she can see all sides of any argument and maintain her unbiased stance. Even though Libra has trouble making up their minds and picking favourites, that’s not the point. Because of their need to maintain peace and harmony, Librans are often seen as great flirts. However, they may need to be reprimanded more than once if they are “too kind” and flirty to others without realising it.


2b6649eec53db44a75ce0cb820d54882Scorpios have to go through the trauma of being stomped on in the dark before they can be anything other than intense, forceful, and passionate. Some Scorpios have been known to leave their hearts in a dark place, and others have been lured to traumatic romantic experiences like moths to a flame. Their greatest strength is their ability to change into something else. The Scorpion is constantly trying to mould those around them into their best possible selves. It’s impossible not to be affected by such a fascinating soul, linked to life’s greatest mysteries, with all the focus and power it gives. Historically, Scorpio has been portrayed as a dark and gloomy sign because of its influence over death and rebirth. Symbolic of Scorpio, Persephone is the young woman who was forced into the underworld in order to mature. This woman eventually became the Queen of the Underworld, but no crown is ever earned without a struggle. Death’s Winter must be endured, and a titanic internal struggle with repressed passions is also part of the journey. When the dust settles from the big conflict, they will have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of existence. A Scorpio’s cool, collected demeanour belies a watery soul that has seen and felt it all.


70496f8ecb082e5c38c43686a27ff59fPeople always say that for every misfortune, there is a gift. The Sagittarius is the eternal optimist. The Sagittarian has their compass set for the stars and gains wisdom from life’s challenges. The flame in this sign of fire has expanded to include a broader perspective on life and is focused on the maturation of the spiritually-minded. They may be viewed as arrogant, but it is in this ascent to great heights that the divine thought is made manifest. Psychic leaps, intuitive insights, and lucky guesses are also characteristics of Sagittarius. They seem to have a sixth sense for timing and decisions, which leads to material prosperity. Jupiter, the beneficent lawgiver giver, rules over Saggy and bestows divine guidance.


d257f4f94706dc5105edcf8f0ab4a6dfObviously, what rises must fall. Capricorn, the most solemn and burdened by duty, awaits you. According to their understanding of Karma, the rules are the rules. Consequences resulting from our actions are ours to bear. This sign can be very harsh when meting out punishment, but it is a reminder that we must all pay our dues. Actually, Capricorn values tradition, traditionalism, and the past very highly. A Capricorn’s best efforts will take them to the top, and their dedication and perseverance will earn them a seat at the chairman’s table. In terms of personality, they are generally pretty chill. This ambitious cookie cares deeply about power, reputation, and standing in the eyes of others. Through the power of history and time, their ancestors’ work has been kept alive and carried on.


107854917543a481d0ab1b4cedc1b7acThe last sign of the air zodiac is Aquarius, and it is in this sign that we meet the detached, unflappable, and free-thinking spirit. They make everyone’s hearts skip a beat, propelling them on toward the ideal and into the realm of possibilities for discoveries as yet undreamt of. Aquarius is the genius of science and innovation. In this part of the horoscope, you may also experience telepathy, the transmission of thoughts, and sudden, profound insights. It’s also the place where we can all work together to usher in a New Age of unity and fraternity, in our minds at least. The mind is occupied by lots of social issues, which range widely in their scope from the personal to the political to the universal. Ingrid Lind refers to them as “Mistress Mary, absolutely contrary,” implying that they are in opposition to the current quo and that they challenge conventional forms with a determined disobedience. Many of them need a cause or an idea and want to bring new ideas to the table. In this way, they help build the Utopian dream. The mind is often wandering, daydreaming of a perfect world and all the laws, devices, inventions, scientific discoveries, and social rules that would bring it to life.


02ce47f9bafac116f2c1e53f8ccbd52ePisceans, as a sign of the zodiac, have only one trait worth knowing: they will do anything to avoid facing reality. It seems life is constantly banging loudly at the gates of the Fishes’ dreamworld, disturbing them and tearing them away from their reverie. Those born under the sign of Pisces are associated with the element of water, which takes on the qualities of changeability, flexibility, and flux. As a result, the feelings spread far and wide and are quite receptive. Experiencing spiritual illumination is often associated with the process of merging with a greater whole, of exploring dimensions beyond those accessible to the five senses. In Pisces, it’s the intuitive vision that steers the soul through surreal landscapes of dreams and daydreams. As a spirit wholly dependent on euphoric sensations, they evade annoying obligations by snoozing away the everyday world. However, as a result of their high levels of sensitivity, they seek out means of self-protection, which typically involve running away into the arms of their partners, drugs, or alcohol. Pisceans can experience a wide range of destinies, from those of renowned mystics and enlightened souls to those of the lost, destitute, and tragic.