Female Rivalry: Venus in Gemini

In the realm of mythology, Venus, often synonymous with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, carried with her a multifaceted persona that extended beyond her role as a symbol of love and beauty. While her magnetism attracted many, she was also associated with darker aspects due to the tragic consequences that sometimes arose from her desires. In various myths, Aphrodite was characterized as the “dark one” due to the unfortunate outcomes stemming from her intense passions. These tales portrayed her as a force to be reckoned with, capable of unleashing terrible punishments upon those who dared to disrespect or challenge her. Particularly, she would respond with wrath to anyone who dared to praise another woman as more revered or beautiful than herself. 

It is intriguing how the portrayal of female competition in these myths still holds relevance in today’s culture. The narrative of women vying for recognition and validation is still prevalent, reflecting the complex dynamics of human relationships and societal expectations. This brings to mind instances from the modern world where high-profile individuals have become embroiled in fierce competition, echoing the age-old struggles portrayed in myth. One such example is the well-documented rivalry between supermodels Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. Their intense competition for success and prominence in the fashion industry drew parallels to the mythological conflicts of old. Naomi Campbell, much like the “dark one” archetype, exhibited a side that was not solely defined by her glamorous exterior. Reports of her reaction to the emergence of another black model, Tyra Banks, in the same industry showcased the complexities of ego and competition.

Naomi’s response to this perceived threat demonstrated the depth of emotions that can arise when faced with competition. Her reported actions, intended to undermine Tyra Banks and establish her dominance, mirrored the mythical tales of powerful figures striving to assert their superiority. The emotional toll this rivalry took on Tyra Banks, leading her to tears, serves as a poignant reminder of the human cost that can accompany intense competition. Analyzing Naomi Campbell’s horoscope from a psychological perspective can provide insights into her personality traits and tendencies. When Mars is in a square aspect to Pluto, as is the case in Naomi Campbell’s horoscope, it can indicate a complex and potentially intense relationship between the desire for power and the drive to compete. This aspect suggests that Campbell may have a strong need to assert herself and to win, sometimes to an extreme degree. The competitive nature of this aspect can manifest as a determination to succeed at all costs, which can indeed be both a positive and negative force in her life.

The presence of Venus in Gemini in conjunction with Mars and in a square aspect to Pluto adds another layer to this dynamic. Venus in Gemini suggests that Campbell’s expression of love and beauty is versatile and communicative. However, the square aspect to Pluto could amplify the intensity of her emotions and relationships, potentially leading to power struggles or challenges in her interactions with others.

The connection between the feminine anima (Venus) and the spirit of competition (Mars) is an intriguing one. It implies that Campbell’s sense of femininity and her competitiveness are intertwined, and the presence of other beautiful women (Venus) could indeed trigger a sense of threat (Pluto) in her. This could manifest as a strong desire to maintain her status and dominance in the competitive world of modeling, leading to a heightened drive to outperform others.

As has been said, the Venus—Pluto type can be intensely jealous when the object of their affections shows the slightest sign of letting their attention stray elsewhere, sometimes even momentarily. This needn’t be obvious, as always Pluto operates in the most coven and underhand way. Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope

In astrology, the position of Mars in a particular sign can provide insights into an individual’s assertiveness, communication style, and approach to conflict. Gemini, being an air sign, is associated with communication, intellect, and adaptability. Mars in Gemini may contribute to Campbell’s assertiveness being channeled through verbal expression, making her more prone to assert herself through arguments and debates. The duality of Gemini, represented by the twins, can symbolize the potential for conflicting energies within her personality. It aligns with the idea that Gemini’s dual nature can lead to internal conflicts, which can manifest externally in relationships and competitive situations.

Drawing parallels between astrology myths and real-life experiences, such as Naomi Campbell’s competitive behavior, highlights the enduring and archetypal nature of certain human behaviors. The way we see these dynamics play out in reality, such as on shows like “America’s Next Top Model,” underscores how universal themes can find expression in contemporary contexts. The competitive nature, jealousy, battles for supremacy, and the quest for recognition showcased on the show mirror the age-old struggles depicted in myths and legends.