Female Rivalry: Venus in Gemini

Venus in mythology was sometimes referred to as the “dark one” because of the tragedies which resulted from her passions. Aphrodite in myth would create terrible punishments when she was not the revered one, or acclaimed as the most beautiful. In society today, female rivalry is still rife. Remember the rivalry that went on between Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. Naomi felt threatened and jealous that another black model had entered the scene, and she turned into a super bitch. Although admittedly she is like this to a LOT of people. Reportedly she made Tyra banks modeling life hell, and on many occasions, the model had been left in tears by Naomi’s attempts to ward off her “female rival.”

If we peer psychologically into Naomi Campbell’s horoscope map, we see she has Venus in Gemini conjunct Mars and both are square to Pluto. The Mars square Pluto aspect can be extremely competitive, and ruthless in its attempts to win. Individuals with this aspect may use their power constructively or destructively. If we add Venus to the equation – here comes competitiveness (Mars) linked into the female anima. Other attractive females (Venus) can be a threat (Pluto) or vice versa.

Naomi’s Mars in Gemini can be extremely fierce and argumentative. Gemini is an air sign and thus, she can be very abusive verbally (Mars-Pluto rules abuse). There are a lot of rages contained in Mars square Pluto and Naomi spits all her venom out at other people. Gemini is the sign of the twins and it is strange to see this battle between the opposition fight it out. In myth, Gemini is connected to the twins Castor and Pollux, one twin is divine and the other is mortal (Naomi would see herself as the divine one!) but there is always that inner split of light and darkness. There is the confrontation with the dark twin, and the issue of rivalry seems to appear in Gemini’s life through a sibling, friendship, or another model!

Astrology’s myths find their way once again into the reality of our lives. Naomi made sure her female rival was not going to defeat her. However, the “underdog” came out on top and landed her own show; she hosts “America’s Next Top Model.” But if you watch an episode of America’s Next Top Model you will see the jealousy, fighting, bitching and competitiveness on the show as models compete for the top prize. It is ironic since Tyra was emotionally distraught by the treatment she received as a young model.