Gemini: 8 Cosmic Keys

tumblr_npp5vs6bkJ1qbuk56o1_4001.Refusing to be pinned to one place, life must exist in a continuum of further opportunities. The cards need to be left open on the table because they have the right to change their mind at any time. The type would hate to be in any kind of binding agreement; so Gemini does not find comfort in the idea of fixity. Like the Sliding Doors movie, alternate roads have significance and are worthy of living and experiencing. Plus, lots of experiences helps to feed their curiosity and it also takes away repetition and predictability.

2. Gemini is associated with all intermediary roles and is ‘the bridge’ leading others to different locations. They sparkle best as a guide, representative, journalist, or spokesperson.

3. Language is loved. Asking a Gemini not to communicate is like asking an Italian to talk without using his hands. Words are completely fascinating. Wordplays, verbal back and forths, different ways to say stuff. The Geminian has a quicksilver mind; they think up ideas fast to get out of trouble in the nick of time. They seem to have already figured everything out way ahead of time; so Gemini tends to get bored in the meantime waiting for everyone else to catch up.

4. The best keywords for Gemini are Distribution. Movement. Intelligence. The mind has a sheer rapidity in processing thoughts leaving everyone else lagging behind, moreover, they possess a taste for endless learning and new surprises.

5. Gemini os the first of the “human signs” and opens the way for all civilizing behavior and rationality. Everything entailing our education, culture, and sophistication.

6 Gemini rules all daily relationships with whoever we find ourselves environmentally related to in life. It rules all roads, transmissions, meeting places, areas of distribution and the need for interchange.

7. Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini. They will explore all avenues of thought and possess amazing insight into life’s diversity (who doesn’t enjoy a bag of assorted sweets). Variation adds color life with all of the variety. Furthermore, we find out that all the opposites are fundamental to the functioning of the universe. Gemini enjoys an array of differences and linking everything together is all just part of the fun.

8. Gemini is a youthful sign. Meaning, there is sparkle, freshness, and open-mindedness even in old age. Nothing calcifies in their personality, and people are often surprised by Gemini’s adolescent qualities.

They are very highly strung, can change moods with startling suddenness from sweet calm to unruly noise to brooding thunder, and combine movement with airy-mental receptivity and perception. They are dual in nature, habits, and activities, are sexy, elegant and adaptable. Their impulse is to awaken and ripple consciousness, to communicate. Theatre and journalism attract them strongly and they are found in all communicating industries. By Symbols for Women: A Feminist Guide to the Zodiac