Sun Trine Jupiter: Nothing But Good Vibes

Sun Trine Jupiter

With Sun trine Jupiter, you will often feel as if your life is guided by luck, opportunity and sudden growth. Experiences will usually involve fortunate events, and you’re quite talented at seeing future possibilities that will enhance the enjoyment of your life. With your optimism and generosity, you share the good stuff you’ve received or send out positive vibrations through kind and charitable acts. A woman with this aspect may benefit from her husband, or if it reflects his personality, so he may be kind, extraordinarily giving, and good-natured. At times, your confidence is inspiring, motivating, and energizing. In fact, there is even some kind of cosmic feeling of being “chosen” with this aspect. So what more upbeat things can be said about Sun-Jupiter? Yes, there’s always more where Jupiter’s concerned! Well, you seem to have the Midas touch and turn everything to gold. With the Sun combined with Jupiter, it’s not hard to imagine why you feel so favored by the universe.

With an optimistic view of life, and a desire to grow, you show an eagerness to experience the world as much as possible. You have tremendous creative potential, you’re also self-assured, holding an altruistic attitude to life and people. It’s probably no secret that you can be very generous towards others, and find social contacts easy to make.As you’re usually cheerful and enjoy beginning new ventures and expanding your activities, you receive promotions and will often find that opportunities are plentiful. Financial success and winning prizes or suddenly making money from investments and speculations is yet another feature in your life.

As a Sun trine Jupiter type, you will develop your own philosophy, found by morals or religious teachings and you have a strong sense of faith. You may also be interested in writing, publishing, education, or law. There may be an attraction towards opportunities in communication and the media. Whatever direction you follow, expansion is found through knowledge, further study, and enjoyment of traveling to different places. You’re open to many different cultures and outlooks on life; sometimes you’re lulled into a sense of complacency, but you are always on the look-out for greater opportunities. And compared to other people, it can appear as if you succeed in life with little effort.