Leo in the Horoscope

Leo in the Horoscope

Those with Leo in the horoscope are ruled by the most important planet in the chart – the Sun. The brilliant luminary, coloring the sign with its creative aspect, and ‘the power to create’. Charles Carter The Principles of Astrology refers to this sign of the zodiac as possessing the greatest amount of power but uses the word in the widest sense. “There is usually some degree of ambition and a firm will, with considerable persistence, and, since these are usually united to a naturally effective personality, we seldom find the native of Leo occupying an obscure position.”

Leo is the act of ‘selfness’ and the importance of being in touch with the experience of “I”. In the written word, the letter ‘I’ is always capitalized when by itself in a sentence – signifying its significance. The same thing happens in Jungian astrology when talking about the Self the first letter, is always capitalized emphasizing the importance of the individual. The Leo mantra is “I create” and the individual comes alive through the pure inner joy that is obvious in the child at play who is involved in the act of creativity. This act of making something in the world could be artistic, spiritual, intellectual, or emotional, but whatever the outlet there is a strong sense of individual destiny.

In the broader aspects of astrology, the Sun is especially strong in its own sign, strengthening the individuality, and also indicating the power through the light of consciousness to cast away the shadows. The fire element is at is most focused in Leo representing willpower, personal magnetism, and these natives often possess a glowing radiance – holding the extraordinarily fixed power of the eternal light. The permanence which comes from a solid sense of one’s individual center, something that deeply resonates from within and shines out with a strong heart and fixed affection.

If we take note of the modes (cardinal, fixed, and mutable) in astrology, then we also find one of the most loyal signs, and when a sign falls into a fixed mode, it always signifies an energy that is sustained, stabilized, and in command. Leo is also touched by everything golden, aiming for excellence and realizing that the art of living is all about illumination, shining, and cultivating the inner-confidence it takes to fulfill one’s purpose in the world. The individual must express themselves and the divinity within and set alight the inner stage, to be a creative flame in life. This is a good expression for the individual as they have a natural self-expressive quality and the ability to stay in touch with the inner child, often involving themselves in amusements, pleasure, play, love affairs and the act of creativity.

Leo & Creativity

    • Studies have generally found that one of the common features of creating is uniqueness, it represents all individual effort. The word create comes from the Latin word creatus, it means “to do, to make.” and in Greek it means “to fulfill’.
    • Aquarius pours its efforts into groups, community, and others, offering itself to the larger collective. However, Leo which is opposite the Waterbearer in the astrological horoscope pours its energy into its own individual essence into acts that define the Self, understanding one’s own significance, and living a more meaningful life.
    • Three words that play out in Leo are a creator, creative and creativity with many considering the creator aspect to be linked with God.
    • The lion is also associated with a strong sense and needs to be recognized for their individual efforts, feeling lovable, and a deeper connection to the source.
    • Leo is all about realizing the splendor of existence, and representing the light that shines in everyone, it is the divinity given to us at birth by the creator and highly symbolic of the individual center and the higher self.


    Dr R Steiner says:

By that which preceded the misunderstanding that occult science asserts that the I is God, but that it is of the same nature and the essence of God. Does anybody assert that a drop of water taken from the sea is the sea, when we say that the drop is of the same substance as the sea? If one likes to use a comparison, one can say that I is related to God, as the drop is to the sea. Man can find something divine in himself, because his inner substance is derived from that which is divine.

Fate & the Individual

Apollo the sun god is related to Leo, ruling over artistic contests, being the golden child in ancient mythology and also related to divination and the oracle. The foretelling ability is more of a vision of the future bestowing an individual with the ability to gain insight into the purpose of experience and immortality extending over the fate of the individual. In the solar sense, everybody is the star of their own story in life and with the right willpower – one can make something out of life. Apollo’s nickname was Phoebus which means ‘the brilliant’.

The strength card in the tarot is also symbolic of Leo, the Golden Lion, king of the beasts, that has always been associated with royalty, possessing their own special hierarchy, and it’s about gaining self-mastery, willpower, and, of course, authority, but also examining where our real strength lies, both spiritual and physical. According to the Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot:

The Lion signifies all the feelings, fears, desires, and confusions suppressed by the ego…on a deeper level the lion symbolizes the whole force of the personality. Strength opens up the personality like Pandora opening her box. It does so, however, with a sense of peace, a love of life itself, and a great confidence in the final result. Unless we truly believe that the process of self-discovery is a joyous one we will never follow it through…but the lion also stood for Christ the radiant power of God. The card indicates the ability to face life…with hope and eagerness. It shows a person strong from within, experiencing life passionately…without being controlled or carried away by those passions.

Above all, Leos must live from the heart, the inner center; they are the born actors and entertainers bringing on stage the art of living dramatically and holding the audience’s attention through song, play, dance, and art. Leo has the usual traits of pride, ego, and vanity. On the negative side, Leo has to watch out for an inflated sense of self-importance as the light can get too bright, demanding everyone revolve around it and the individual can’t bear to be ignored as the Leonian aspect of nature signifies the burning desire for recognition. However, it must also be remembered that this soul also possesses a spirit of generosity. For it is in Leo, where we meet the heart of the zodiac, and no astrologer would argue that the fifth zodiacal figure revels in a glowing radiance and is also filled with passion and ardor.

We find a particular fondness and adoration in Leo when immersing the personality in areas such as love, being especially romantic, warm and making others feel special under their lustrous spotlight, but the inflamed passions and expressions of delighted desire – must be returned. Leo feels immensely the divine spark within, wearing proudly a song in their heart, and displaying the beauty of the illuminated, there is also a sense of being truly alive – especially when in love or creating something. In fact, the act of love is extraordinary in the way in which we glimpse all our the partner’s inner potentials and internal light. The greatest gifts of life are experienced through the act of loving one another like two oversized children at play, and naturally reflecting the playful side of love, seen also in the way we really want to spoil one another.

The zodiacal sign of Leo in the horoscope doesn’t want to be like anyone else; there has to be a feeling of uniqueness, bringing all of its potentials into being. Leo is linked to the trine in astrology and these are often indications of our marked talents and abilities, and with Leo, it is about the actualization of the Self. A common Jungian term, meaning to individuate, but along with this part of the process the individual is expressing their talents and gifts, and also realizing there is a unique destiny to fulfill and one true identity to be realized.


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