Venus-Pluto Aspects: The Dark Side of Cupid

What lies at the heart of a Venus-Pluto aspect? Simply put, it’s PASSION. This is what you crave, but not just any old affection. It has to be all-consuming, intense, and crazy jealous. Even if you say that you are unaware of this passionate force within, it’s likely that, at a young age, you noticed it, and were all too aware of the powerful feelings that were aroused in others, too. It is not to say there is anything wrong with these cravings, hungerings, and desirings, and they are a completely healthy and natural part of loving. Still, when it is an appetite that gets out of control – well, you know the ending of that drama. In other words, it’s dangerous, potentially volatile, and extremely charged.

Now, whether you are a fan of paranormal romance, someone seeking your soul mate, or simply want to know why psychic vampirism occurs in your love affairs, you need to understand. After all, this is the Dark Side of Cupid! Another difficulty involved with this pairing on the chart is when you (or somebody else) try to own a lover – body, heart, and soul. So, underneath, you want extreme feelings of closeness and need to be completely possessed by an insatiable love, and feel like there’s some kind of supernatural connection.

On the darker end, though, while movies like FATAL ATTRACTION are a form of amusement for some, it’s often too close for comfort in your life, especially if you’ve found yourself embroiled in some major psychological game playing in your relationships. I mean, it’s not just the fact that this combination of planets brings extreme attraction, deeper sexual undertones, and a sense of destiny that is never easy to detach from. Mostly it’s because of the attract and repel quality inherent and because sometimes it comes on way too strong, forceful, possessive, and demanding. So, it’s not uncommon, for those with this aspect, to tell stories of intense, obsessive and consuming love. You know, the ex-lover or ex-spouse refusing to believe it’s over. Being on the receiving end of unwanted phone calls, letters, presents, or visits. And this pursuit of you creates so much anxiety it affects your psychological well-being. Indeed, these aspects experience great power-struggles within a close union, emotional extremities, and it makes your relationships hard to forget.

So, here is where things really get into trouble in your relationships, you will try to provoke a partner to give you the intense response you want.  If you are not emotionally or sexually effectively aroused or feel rejected, you’ll turn to another who offers the depth needed in a partnership. Here’s the bottom line to why these attractions end in disaster: Whilst it is incredibly emotionally fulfilling at the time, someone always gets badly hurt. It all boils down to this, anytime you allow somebody close, Pluto enters the door with all of its emotional baggage about being loved enough or past sexual abuse or being manipulated, and sooner or later the happy picture of relationship domesticity is ruined. That’s when it affects you powerfully since it creates that dark and stormy cloud over all of your feelings of lovability and that sense of being loved, a sense of being valued, and your whole sense of security.

Lastly, if a relationship is sailing along on a more superficial level, at some point, someone will force you to face the darker depths of emotion. Let’s face it, naivety in love is always altered when faced with the deepest of betrayals. So you have to be as real and honest as possible because once a relationship becomes deeply rooted on the emotional level it’s extremely hard to dig yourself back out of it. When you have Venus in aspect to Pluto, it will bring something into your reality involving the undercurrents in love. And most of the action is going on at the subterranean level, as it deals with deeper feelings of unlovability, rejection, and the shadowy side of life. Consequently, the burning pain of these relationships brings up earlier scars of charm and manipulation. Ultimately, you are looking for healing and reconciliation and laying to rest of the past.

So you will find that your choice of partners falls on the Plutonian scale. The lovers you choose range from being secretive, smothering, jealous, damaged, or having psychological troubles. You often fall in love with people who are powerful and they seem to have some kind of hypnotic hold on you. In the end, these relationships are laced with dramatic, emotional scenes, blow-ups, and controlling spouses. Venus in connection with Pluto also means the death of a partner, family member, or some other deep loss. Also, a contact between Venus and Pluto may cause resentment against your own sex or jealousy from women. This combination arouses a deep response from the opposite sex who finds you deeply attractive, mysterious, and possessing a kind of dark power of attraction.

After all is said and done, you may be wondering why the need for such dramatic scenes in your relationships. Well, Venus conjunct, square or opposite Pluto, within the intimate realm is where a complete revamping occurs. So while this combination of planets is prone to become entangled in blackened emotional waters, these crises act as catalysts for change within a relationship. This often involves something that accelerates a process of transformation: a trauma, crisis, or wound to the bond that forces psychological probing. Undoubtedly, this is one of the darkest interpretations of Venus in aspect to Pluto. But someone once said that it is often the source of our healing that is also the source of our destruction. While the deepest of emotional connections come about, usually they are emotionally tested over time, and the bond survives, rebuilt stronger. Or, there is the option to start over again and have a brand new relationship with yourself, and this is where the real transformation needs to happen.