The Astrology of Saturn

The presence of Saturn in everyone’s horoscope indicates the individual’s commitment to bettering themselves through the cultivation of qualities such as self-discipline, responsibility, and duty, and thus, the presence of Saturn in a horoscope frequently includes all of those “boring” words that usher us into the world of adulthood. As kids, we fantasised about growing up and having endless time and space to accomplish anything we desired; as adults, however, we find it difficult to adapt to what our parents call the “real world.” Thus, many of us feel as though we are stepping out of a giant protective bubble when we leave our homes, as this is the place where we have been shielded from the harsh realities of life. Hence, it may take some time to learn to fend for oneself, and we have all sat through our fair share of parental lectures on the subject of “growing up,” including the standard fare on such topics as adulthood, responsibility, and independence. When the toilet paper runs out, it’s time to face reality and become an adult. Not only has the toilet roll not suddenly appeared in the dispenser, but neither has any food, and neither has any money appeared out of thin air in our wallet. And thus, regrettably, the arduous lessons of life schooling by Saturn begin; on the bright side, though, it is only by learning to be autonomous that we can experience a genuine sense of belonging to society.

It’s important to keep promises and do what’s expected of us because, according to karma, that will impress the boss up there. Saturn challenges us to show what we’re made of and puts our skills to the test; in turn, it’s up to us to prove ourselves worthy. Saturn also has jurisdiction over the areas of our lives where we feel most undeveloped, inadequate, and unworthy. Saturn represents the area of life where we work to improve upon our shortcomings, but it is from our sense of inadequacy that we develop some of our most remarkable abilities and knowledge. It’s widely held that people will go to great lengths to protect their identities and experience less pain, but this protective instinct often leads them to develop the psychological barriers associated with Saturn in their natal charts.

Saturn is associated with many of the D-words, such as dissatisfaction, dreary, and depressants, and everyone is depressed, defensive, and pessimistic about it. Every spirit is afflicted with feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and inferiority (more I-words!) at some point. As our confidence in our abilities increases, so does our sense of self-assurance, but this is still a psychologically challenging planet, and one in which we must all learn to adapt to its reality.

boerficinobook33634Saturn is the teacher in the zodiac, embodying the lessons that lead to a sense of responsibility and maturity. Self-discipline, determination, staying power, the ability to carry out a task or decision through to its conclusion, and sheer hard work and commitment are the qualities of this planet. Your ability to deal with serious issues and your level of ambition are embodied by Saturn.

This planet’s 28-year cycle around the Sun gives rise to ‘Saturn’s return’, a period when Saturn returns to its original position on your birth chart. This is viewed as a challenging time as any issues that have not been dealt with are likely to rise to the surface so that you can learn the lessons of responsibility. Saturn in the astrological signs reveals your approach to commitment, responsibility and how you go about achieving your goals and ambitions. It can reveal what limitations you struggle to overcome and will show how you utilize the qualities of self-discipline and tenacity.

Saturn in the houses indicates the area of life in which you take on responsibility or have it thrust upon you, and shows how you manifest self-control and erect boundaries that help you to feel secure. Positive aspects to Saturn indicate great determination, resilience and powers of endurance and the ability to take responsibility for your life and often also the lives of others. Ambitions are likely to be achieved through perseverance and hard work. Challenging aspects can indicate emotional blockages, insecurity, tendencies towards depression and a feeling that you are engaged in an uphill struggle to attain your goals. Take Control With Astrology: Teach Yourself