The Astrology of Saturn

beautiful_and_artistic_female_portraits_640_89Saturn in the chart symbolizes working hard on ourselves by developing things like self-discipline, responsibility, and duty. Consequently, it often entails all of those “boring” words that initiate us into the world of being an adult. As a young child, we often thought that being an adult meant having lots of freedom and time to ourselves. In reality, we struggle to live in what our parents commonly call the “real world.” Thus,  leaving home, for many people, feels like vacating a large protective bubble. For it is where we have been cushioned safely away from real living. As a result, it can take some time to learn to stand on our own two feet. We have all endured lectures from a parent about growing up, all the usual talk – relating to how to live as a grown-up and how to be responsible. Adulthood usually beckons when we run out of toilet paper. Up until this point, some magic being refilled it. It’s not just the toilet paper. Food does not spontaneously manifest in the fridge. Money does not magically find its way into our purse. And so, alas, begin the hard lessons of being schooled in life by Saturn. On a positive note, it is only by learning to be autonomous that we truly feel a sense of being a part of society.

Commitment is something we need to honor. The more we respect our duties then, according to the law of karma, we should earn some extra credit from the big boss upstairs. Saturn calls upon us to prove our mettle and tests our competence; therefore, we must rise to the challenge. The planet also rules where we feel underdeveloped, inferior and not good enough. Saturn is the place where we compensate for our weaknesses, but some of our greatest talents and capabilities arise from our feelings of inadequacy. It is thought that humans will do anything to avoid pain and to preserve a sense of self, but this avoidance results in the creation of psychological defenses that are so common with Saturn in the natal chart.

Everybody gets down, defensive and depressive about Saturn. In fact, the planet is related to a lot of the D-words. The feeling of inadequacy, insecurity, and inferiority (I-words, too!) plagues every soul at some point in time. More self-assurance is gained as confidence grows in our abilities, but it’s still a tough planet to contend with psychologically. It’s a much tougher world and one where we all must learn to cope with its reality.

boerficinobook33634Saturn is the teacher in the zodiac, embodying the lessons that lead to a sense of responsibility and maturity. Self-discipline, determination, staying power, the ability to carry out a task or decision through to its conclusion, and sheer hard work and commitment are the qualities of this planet. Your ability to deal with serious issues and your level of ambition are embodied by Saturn.

This planet’s 28-year cycle around the Sun gives rise to ‘Saturn’s return’, a period when Saturn returns to its original position on your birth chart. This is viewed as a challenging time as any issues that have not been dealt with are likely to rise to the surface so that you can learn the lessons of responsibility. Saturn in the astrological signs reveals your approach to commitment, responsibility and how you go about achieving your goals and ambitions. It can reveal what limitations you struggle to overcome and will show how you utilize the qualities of self-discipline and tenacity.

Saturn in the houses indicates the area of life in which you take on responsibility or have it thrust upon you, and shows how you manifest self-control and erect boundaries that help you to feel secure. Positive aspects to Saturn indicate great determination, resilience and powers of endurance and the ability to take responsibility for your life and often also the lives of others. Ambitions are likely to be achieved through perseverance and hard work. Challenging aspects can indicate emotional blockages, insecurity, tendencies towards depression and a feeling that you are engaged in an uphill struggle to attain your goals. Take Control With Astrology: Teach Yourself

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