Pisces: The Eternal Dreamer

Like a vessel holding the essence of the romantic dreamer archetype, a person born under the sign of Pisces is naturally attracted to and inspired by the mystical and has an intrinsic urge to produce something inspiring through the mystical arts, poetry, music, literature, charity, and spirituality. The boundless possibilities of their imagination lure them away from reality time and time again. In the world of Pisces, art and magic come alive, infusing even the most practical aspects of life with beauty, depth, and inspiration. However, this intense creative energy is not without its challenges. It can be both a powerful force of creativity and, at times, a source of self-destructiveness. The Piscean pursuit of an inner calling is driven by a daimon—an inner guiding force thought to be a divine, mediating, spiritual power—that propels them toward a powerful destiny.

Throughout life, Pisces is haunted by a vision of ideal beauty and profound longings that demand expression. Pisceans become dissatisfied with the limitations of earthly realities and constantly seek to connect with something beyond the mundane. Intuition is such a driving force in their lives that they feel compelled to develop their psychic and spiritual abilities. While some may perceive them as weak-willed due to their inclination toward the spiritual and ethereal, Pisceans are deeply driven by their inner yearnings.

Being a dual sign, Pisces experiences a constant pull between the spiritual and material worlds, making it challenging for them to fully express themselves. Like dream-catchers, fishing the depths of the unconscious and exploring the realms of the spirit world. The Piscean journey involves developing their psychic abilities to the fullest, seeking to find wisdom and healing through their experiences. Often, a crisis in the life of a Piscean can mirror the myth of being dismembered like a fish and then emerging cleansed and reborn, possessing newfound gifts of wisdom and healing. The fish swallowing up and spitting out heroes symbolizes a phase of purification and transformation, indicating that Pisces, too, experiences cycles of renewal and growth. Pisces are thought to have a piece of heaven left in them, a connection to a paradisal past, yet they may have trouble accepting the realities of life on Earth. This distaste for the everyday stems from the search for meaning and significance beyond this world.

According to Dane Rudhyar:

The basic characteristic of Pisces manifests in a variety of ways, but mainly as a deep yearning for whatever one may imagine to be beyond the familiar realm of body and sense experience. Thus, all kinds of devotional activities and attempts to obtain mystical revelations are favored, and also what today is called “psychism.” Gross material experiences are left behind as worthless, and the consciousness is all open – often far too open and indiscriminately receptive – to whatever comes to it from unknown realms. Unfortunately the past does not die easily or swiftly. The open consciousness may find itself “invaded” by the karmic residua of ghosts of the unfulfilled past, whether it be personal or even the collective social past. Man must extract from Pisces the courage and strength to overcome and dismiss these ghosts, so that his consciousness may be a death and revirginized soil to receive the true seeds of the future cycle. Pisces can bring a great deal of drama to man because the most sensitive and critical moment of all existence is the moment in which the end of one cycle merges into the beginning of a new one. A person’s own attitude toward what has been conditions how he or she will meet the yet-to-be.

Pisces, being closely associated with the symbolism of the ocean, experiences the vast range of emotions akin to the great lows and highs of tides. As a water sign, they are deeply attuned to their feelings and are keen on sensing the emotional undercurrents in various situations. This heightened emotional sensitivity allows them to infuse compassion, artistry, and a profound sense of understanding into everyday life, making it more bearable and nurturing for those around them. Service and benevolence are intrinsic to Pisces’ nature, and they often find purpose in engaging with activities that benefit others. Learning to feel compassion, tolerance, and love for every living thing is the ultimate goal of existence. The ability to feel empathy for others’ plight is typically developed as a result of one’s own exposure to suffering, sadness, loss, and even tragedy.

Psychologically, Pisces is like the embodiment of the sea itself, with its vastness and depth reflecting their own capacity for intuition and dreams. Whether or not they actively pursue spirituality, their spiritual leanings are evident, and they have a strong bond to the heavenly realm. It’s a shame that in a world obsessed with materialism, their dreams and intuition aren’t seen as valuable commodities. But hey, who needs marketable skills when you can tap into the mystical forces of the universe?

In this lifetime, Pisces is believed to have been entrusted with the key to unraveling enigmas and gaining knowledge that extends as far as the great vastness of the ocean waters. This knowledge, coupled with their creative gifts, makes them seekers of understanding and truth. Motivated to salvage what has been lost or forgotten, delving into the depths of existence to seek a greater understanding of life’s mysteries.

Metaphorically speaking, the ocean symbolizes the depths of Pisces’ inner world—the realm of emotions, intuition, and spiritual connection—which exists within them no matter where they are physically located. Through the ups and downs of life, they are buoyed by their inner ocean, which directs them to their pursuit of meaning, compassion, and spiritual development.