Aquarius: Schrodinger’s Cat


In honour of the current Sun conjunct Mercury aspect in Aquarius, which is futuristic and zig-zagging, I watched the film Coherence. I had a great time viewing this science fiction thriller.

As we get into Aquarius, the themes become generally mind-bending, and the inherent intricacies of the zodiac sign cause one’s mind to spin out of control. According to the narrative, the protagonist is Schrodinger’s Cat, a cute little feline who lives in a box and exists in two alternate universes at the same time and is both alive and dead. In this theory, many universes are proposed as a way to convey a concept for multiple worlds, and it provides a warped image of our modern world — a reality that exists in another dimension of time and space that may be closer than we realise. We have now reached the realm of quantum physics and the wave functions of the Aquarius constellation.

It is when we enter this airy, fixed wave energy that we recognise that we have arrived on the Water Bearer’s world. This fixed wave energy reigns over the intellect and wisdom. Furthermore, it symbolises the mind and science, as well as the awareness of the principles and rules that underpin reality itself. In  Aquarius we see more than just a chair; it is a collection of atoms. Everything is energy to the Aquarian; they have a visionary view on life, and the sign has been endowed with the gift of unlimited knowledge as well as the power of prophecy by the gods.

During his lecture on the Age of Aquarius, Jung suggested that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were an archetype that foretold a major transition in human history, just as it was believed to presage a major shift in human awareness at the time. The energy of the sign is supposed to be shaking up the globe, causing all of its atoms to etherealize and become finer in order to achieve a higher, more refined state. In some traditions, the transition of an Age is characterised by a psychic dominating force of archetypes or ‘gods’ that brings about transformational changes.

According to the zodiac sign of Aquarius, everything is dizzyingly electric, and its dynamism raises man to higher levels of thinking that are larger and more expansive, and those born beneath its electrical rays have the potential to absorb astral notions. Aquarian worlds are full of new inventions, discoveries, and paradoxes, and here is the domain where ideals are refined and completed. We are entering the sign of Aquarius in a world of tomorrow, and Aquarians have a broad perspective that encompasses all of mankind. The ability to see into what’s coming is another aspect of their nature; this zodiacal zone is indeed associated with telepathy and other mind-blowing talents.

We frequently encounter astrologers, scientists, socialists, humanitarians, and quantum theorists right here in this location. Aquarius is illtellegence that has been built up by the research of many people, and it strives for advancement and enlightenment. This is evident from the film, which claims that these alternate universes investigate all conceivable events and implications of human behaviour. For the most part, it’s about how awareness produces alternative realities and that our minds are receivers and transmitters of information, and that our thoughts are our destiny, and that what we think expresses itself in the actual universe. There’s no mistake about it: everything is crazy , a bit freaky, and wonderfully Aquarian right now.

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