Aquarius: Schrodinger’s Cat

tumblr_niuun2ExfX1qztdg6o1_500In honour of the current Sun conjunct Mercury aspect in futuristic and zig-zagging Aquarius, I viewed the film CoherenceI thoroughly enjoyed this sci-fi thriller.

As we move into Aquarius the themes turn universally mind-bending, and its inherent complexities screw with one’s head. The story is based on Schrodinger’s Cat, a sweet little kitty living in a box in two alternative universes and is alive and dead at the same time. It is a theory pushed to represent an idea for multiple universes and offers a twisted look at our modern-day world–a reality that exists in another dimension of time and space that may be closer than we think. We have entered the world of quantum physics and Aquarius wave functions.

We know we are on the Water Bearer’s planet when we enter into this airy, fixed wave energy that dominates over the intellect and knowledge. Furthermore, it represents the mind and science and understanding the principles and laws which lie behind reality. Aquarius doesn’t just see a chair – it is made up of atoms. To the Aquarian everything is energy; they possess a visionary outlook and the sign is bestowed with the gift of infinite knowledge and the power of prophecy.

Jung talked about the Age of Aquarius and argued that UFO’s were an archetype heralding a great shift in human history, in the same way, it was thought to herald a massive shift in human consciousness. The sign’s energy is thought to be stirring up the planet and there is an etherealization of all its atoms into a higher finer state. The changing of an Age has been described as a psychic dominating power of the archetypes, or ‘gods’ bringing about transformative changes.

Indeed, in Aquarius, it all feels dizzyingly electric and its dynamism uplifts man into higher, broader, and more enlarged mentality and those born under its electrical rays possess the ability to grasp astral ideas. In an Aquarian globe of new inventions, discoveries, paradoxes, this is a realm where ideals are perfected. We enter Aquarius in a world of tomorrow and Aquarians have a broad view encompassing the whole of mankind. Another facet of their personality is the possession of a prophetic sense of the future; this zodiacal region also relates to telepathy and other hair-raising abilities.

We often find the astrologer, scientist, socialist, humanitarian or quantum theorist, right here. The Water Bearer is a radical thinker, and as the last of the air signs represents Universal intelligence. It is science built up from the studies of many, and it aims at progress and enlightenment. Apparently, these alternative worlds, as expressed in the film, explore all possible outcomes and consequences of behaviour. Mostly, it’s about how consciousness creates different realities and that our minds are receivers and transmitters and thinking is destiny and what we think manifests itself in the physical world. No doubt about it, it’s all freaky, and deliciously Aquarian.