Aquarius: Schrodinger’s Cat

tumblr_niuun2ExfX1qztdg6o1_500Aquarius illuminates a futuristic spectacle that sends ripples of curiosity and contemplation through the starry-eyed observer. It’s as if the universe itself is whispering secrets of the unknown, painting the canvas of the night sky with intricate patterns of thought-provoking constellations.  Aquarius, the water bearer of the zodiac, is known for its unconventional and innovative nature. It forges pathways that zigzag beyond the mundane, embracing the eccentric and the extraordinary. This aspect’s influence invites you to gaze beyond the horizon, to traverse the corridors of time with a mind eager to embrace the unfamiliar.

“Coherence,” a science fiction thriller directed by James Ward Byrkit, serves as a mesmerizing cinematic embodiment of Aquarius’ themes of unconventional exploration and mind-bending concepts. The film’s narrative mirrors the zig-zagging pathways of Aquarius, taking viewers on a  journey into the unknown. As the characters gather for a seemingly ordinary dinner party, a passing comet heralds a series of inexplicable events that shatter their reality. What starts as a casual evening spirals into a mind-bending ordeal as parallel universes intersect, leaving the characters and the audience questioning the very fabric of their existence.

Just like the Aquarian fascination with unconventional ideas and futuristic concepts, “Coherence” plunges into uncharted territory, weaving a tale that challenges conventional notions of time, identity, and reality. As the characters grapple with the revelation that their alternate selves may be existing in parallel dimensions, the film’s narrative becomes a reflection of Aquarius’ penchant for embracing the extraordinary and the eccentric. The movie’s exploration of the “many-worlds” theory, which proposes the existence of countless parallel universes, resonates with Aquarius’ capacity to push the boundaries of human understanding. This theory aligns with Aquarius’ natural affinity for innovative thinking and intellectual exploration, inviting viewers to consider the possibilities that lie beyond our conventional perceptions.

The characters’ attempts to make sense of the increasingly surreal events mirror the Aquarian tendency to spin the wheels of their minds in pursuit of understanding. As they navigate the complexities of overlapping realities, they find themselves facing the very essence of Aquarius – a realm where conventional logic and perception crumble, allowing room for the unconventional and the inexplicable to take center stage. In the midst of the chaos, “Coherence” encourages viewers to question their own perspectives and assumptions, much like Aquarius’ inclination to challenge the status quo. The film’s twists and turns invite you to delve into the unknown, mirroring the zodiac sign’s adventurous spirit and its eagerness to explore uncharted intellectual terrain.

The film’s narrative embodies the very essence of Aquarius, beckoning you to explore the labyrinthine corridors of possibility. The protagonist’s embodiment of Schrödinger’s Cat lends an intriguing twist – a symbol of simultaneous existence in multiple realms, a harbinger of uncharted dimensions. This feline metaphor resonates with the notion of parallel universes, offering a mesmerizing perspective where realities coalesce and diverge, akin to the facets of the human experience. Quantum physics, with its waves of uncertainty and particles of possibility, seamlessly aligns with the Aquarian theme of boundless exploration. The wave functions that underpin quantum reality echo the ebb and flow of Aquarius’ influence – a dance of probability, where multiple facets coexist until observed, just as the zodiac’s water bearer pours forth the elixir of myriad potentials.

As you immerse yourself in the narrative’s twists and turns, you’re confronted with a reality that exists beyond the confines of the ordinary. The film echoes the subtle whispers of Aquarius, reminding us that the boundaries between dimensions are more porous than we often perceive. Just as the water bearer pours forth the stream of consciousness, “Coherence” becomes a vessel through which you experience the Aquarian notion of expansion.

Stepping into the realm of Aquarius, one is immediately enveloped by an airy, fixed wave energy that seems to pulse with intellectual prowess and boundless wisdom. This distinct energetic frequency is the signature of the Water Bearer’s world, a domain where the mind takes center stage and the currents of thought flow with the precision of an unwavering stream. This fixed wave energy reigns over the realm of intellect and wisdom, casting its influence upon those who are willing to dive into the depths of knowledge and embrace the profound. It’s a force that goes beyond mere understanding; it’s a call to seek the fundamental truths that underlie reality itself. In Aquarius, even the simplest of things takes on a profound significance.

At the heart of Aquarius lies a visionary perspective on life, one that sees beyond the surface and into the very fabric of existence. This perspective is a gift bestowed upon this zodiac sign, an awareness that transcends the limitations of the mundane and peers into the infinite  realm of possibilities. The Aquarian mind is akin to a telescope trained on the cosmos, capturing glimpses of truths that lie just beyond the edge of our current understanding. The realm of Aquarius surpasses present boundaries, with prophecy’s power and the limitless gift of knowledge seamlessly integrated within it. This sign, endowed with the blessings of the gods, gazes ahead with a sense of anticipation, perceiving shifts and changes on the horizon that are imperceptible to others. Just as Carl Jung speculated about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) as archetypes that foretell a transformative era, Aquarius seems to possess an innate sensitivity to the winds of change, foreseeing shifts in human awareness and the world at large.

As the energy of Aquarius sweeps across the globe, it acts as a catalyst, shaking the very foundations of reality. The atoms that compose our world begin to etherealize, shedding their dense nature towards a higher, more refined state of being. This transformative process mirrors the archetype of an Age, where the dominant psychic forces or ‘gods’ bring about monumental shifts in the collective consciousness. It’s a time when the world itself seems to be on the cusp of a new dawn, poised for a profound metamorphosis.

In the vivid landscape of the zodiac sign Aquarius, a dazzling electric current charges the very essence of existence, propelling humanity into higher echelons of thought and understanding. This dynamic surge of energy lifts the human mind to expansive heights, granting those born under its influence the extraordinary potential to grasp astral concepts that transcend the ordinary. Within the world that Aquarius shapes, innovation crackles in the air like electricity, giving rise to a ceaseless stream of new inventions, discoveries, and paradoxes that challenge conventional wisdom. This is a domain where the raw materials of ideals are carefully forged, refined, and polished to brilliance. Aquarius, the harbinger of tomorrow, beckons us into an era where innovation becomes a way of life and creativity springs forth from the wellspring of the unknown.

As we step into the embrace of Aquarius, we find ourselves immersed in a tapestry woven with the threads of foresight and a perspective that spans the collective tapestry of humanity. The Aquarian gaze reaches far beyond the individual, embracing the entirety of mankind as part of a grand cosmic symphony. This expansive view is not limited by the confines of time or space; it dances with the stars and reverberates with the pulse of the universe.

One of the enigmatic facets of the Aquarian nature is the ability to peer into the mists of the future. This zodiacal realm is intrinsically linked to telepathy, clairvoyance, and other extraordinary talents that challenge the boundaries of the ordinary mind. As the electric currents of Aquarius flow through the consciousness, they awaken latent powers that seem to defy the conventional rules of perception. The Aquarian individual, with their mind alight with the fires of innovation and their spirit attuned to the rhythms of the cosmos, becomes a vessel for the unfolding wonders of the universe. Just as electricity bridges the gap between two points, Aquarius bridges the realms of possibility and reality. It’s a realm where the fantastical and the tangible intertwine, where the boundaries of what is deemed possible expand beyond imagination.

.In Aquarius’ realm, a diverse array of individuals emerges, each bearing the distinct imprints of intelligence, innovation, and a fervent dedication to progress. As if guided by the celestial currents themselves, astrologers, scientists, socialists, humanitarians, and quantum theorists gather at this cosmic crossroads. This zodiacal territory embodies the culmination of knowledge and insight that has been meticulously woven through the endeavors of countless minds, each contributing to the overarching quest for enlightenment.

Aquarius is the realm where intelligence takes on a collective hue, where the fusion of diverse perspectives and analytical minds gives rise to the pursuit of advancement and the illumination of the human experience. This spirit of collective wisdom is mirrored in the very essence of the film itself. The exploration of alternate universes serves as a metaphorical mirror to the ceaseless investigations conducted by the multifaceted intellects that grace the Aquarian landscape. Every conceivable event and facet of human behavior is scrutinized under the lens of Aquarian curiosity, embracing the realm’s innate capacity to contemplate the myriad threads that weave the fabric of existence.

The essence of Aquarius, with its tinge of eccentricity and its thirst for the extraordinary, is palpably present in this moment. It’s a time when the threads of reality are interwoven with the fabric of the fantastic, where intellect and inspiration fuses to create a symphony of cosmic thought. As we navigate the Aquarian realm, we find ourselves surrounded by the awe-inspiring wonders of the mind, where everything, indeed, feels a bit crazy, delightfully freaky, and quintessentially Aquarian.