Uranus in Aries: Water on Mars

uranus in aries
The Martian revolution starts right now!

Finally, a new space breakthrough as we have been waiting for something to happen and it has been confirmed there is liquid water on Mars. We astrologers have pretty much danced around different ideas and predictions indicating something breaking through in this Martian area, but never quite phrasing it as accurately as this.

Uranus in Aries has had us skirting around issues of whether we were about to enter into new territory and this could have involved the invention of something never before realized, maybe something in the medical arena, and within technology, science or space exploration. Ultimately, this has occurred during Uranus’ transit through the sign of Aries. As we know, Mars rules this sign in astrology, and it sends shivers down my spine at this literal interpretation. Aries rules anything new, novel, and all pioneers. Uranus governs space, discovery and breakthroughs. Using keyword astrology, it then goes something like this: New discovery, space pioneers, and novel breakthroughs. Of course, it is easy to piece interpretations together when events transpire. However, here are two earlier posts on this outer planetary transit of Uranus moving through the red planet’s sign of Aries a zodiacal region known for conquest and leading the way into unexplored areas.  Uranus in Aries Wake up Call  and The Wait is Over: Uranus in Aries

We were promised some kind of progress and significant space discovery with this combination, so signed, sealed and delivered. Perhaps for some, it is not the most exciting revelation, but according to space scientists:  “Our view of Mars is changing, and we’ll be discussing this for a long time to come.” The red planet Mars has previously been known for once harboring water, but now there are new revelations afoot.

Astrobilogists insist life on Mars, like the once-plentiful water on Mars, could sim[ply have gone underground to avoid these dangers, and may yet be discovered, extant or extinct, through diligent pursuit. Astronomers agree, asserting that even if Mars ultimately proves void of life, its unique environment will continue to lure robotic and human explorers to its frozen shores. Some visionaries see in Mars a potential homestead on a high frontier, awaiting colonization. Scientifically feasible programs or “terraforming” Mars to enhance its Earthly likeness propose the fabrication of suitable habitats by, for example, heating the Martian south pole with huge space-based mirrors that would focus and magnify the sun’s light, forcing the residual polar cap of carbon dioxide to sublime like a geyser of greenhouse gas. In the ensuing warmth, pure drinking water might pour from the ice at the north pole, or be mined from the abundant permafrost or chemically extracted from select areas of the planet’s hardened crust….Proponents of interplanetary manifest destiny expect that whether or not Mars has ever been inhabited by sentient Martians, Earthlings will eventually become Martians. I picture them on the pitless surface, dressed in specially engineered Mars protection suits, living in domed modules, toiling under an artificially generated magnetic field that shields from harmful rays as they harness the energy of the wind and convert local stores of heavy hydrogen into electric power. As they busy themselves in the desert, raising crops in greenhouses…Even if they succeed in preparing the way for compatriots to join them in founding a great Martian civilization, they will continue straining for traces of whatever might have scrabbled in the reddish dust before they arrived. By Dava Sobel