Medium – Sun Trine Pluto

tumblr_nxot6qu1hf1r5gwhfo1_500The program Medium is about a woman with supernatural powers who is employed as a consultant for a district attorney’s office. The show is based on real-life psychic Allison Dubois who claims to have worked with the police on criminal cases. The creator of the show said that he was amazed by this woman’s ability and found that she had this radio in her head that she has no control over. Wherever she looks, well, she sees dead people and can communicate with them.

The real Allison Dubois’ horoscope contains a Sun trine Pluto aspect. This is a contact that often confers the gift of being an excellent psychologist, psychic, detective, scientist or researcher. It doesn’t always mean the individual will be any of these things on a career level. However, there is something that always draws the person towards the depths of the water and the element of mystery. Even a highly esteemed housewife, without any obvious profession in the outside world, may love to probe into the unknown and explore the mysteries of life and death. There is an attraction to realities beyond the five senses. Sun-Pluto can be intuitive, psychic, and healing.

Sun Trine Pluto people are charismatic, intense and magnetic. Many are interested in self-improvement, occult subjects, and psychotherapy. Allison has been ‘dealing with disembodied souls and human energies’ from beyond the grave since childhood. The psychic simply knows her experiences to be true. The example of the butterfly’s metamorphosis is used in her work, a Pluto metaphor, describing how multiple generations build on each others work and energy and create a circle of life, each relying on one another to do their part in the grand scheme. Allison believes the dead communicate to us through signs, dreams, songs, coincidences, and messages delivered in unexpected ways.