venus-uranus aspects

Venus-Uranus Aspects

tumblr_mq1tn49GhC1qa6hruo1_500An individual with Venus-Uranus in aspect usually has a very liberal attitude towards love and may even bypass the whole formal exchanges altogether or view relationships in a very different light than most. The person dislikes bringing in a sense of duty and obligation into romance and won’t always go for conventional people. Relationships also need to have fresh life breathed into them daily, and they must feel alive and stimulating. Quite often an interesting partner needs to be chosen, or they become easily bored, and nothing could be worse than a deadening, stagnating, or predictable lover.

twobizarreworldsA relationship may not have any sense of a “normal” routine; their mate may work unusual hours, or simply follow their own interests. In some cases, this may create a kind of “cut off” feeling and eventually they may separate.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The individual with this contact may highly value freedom and love in all their relationships. [/pullquote]

Venus-Uranus types are the most liberating people to be involved with, especially when it comes to exploring personal values and interests. Both independence and love are sought with an assurance of equality along with all the pleasure. Maybe these people do sometimes strive for a relationship that is impossibly idealistic and has way too many standards for a normal human relationship. On the positive side, it also contains greater freedom and describes a relationship that is less limited and defined by social expectation.

tumblr_mqvalw1jhc1sbsfjzo1_1280Venus-Uranus may pick an unconventional partner – they are incredibly drawn to the eccentric, genius, and new ager. They could be attracted to the highly individualistic, occult-minded, experimental, futuristic, perhaps someone culturally very different from the norm. On the other hand, they may attract partners who are unstable, unpredictable or otherwise unable to commit.

The individual generally does not care what others think about their choice of mate; they are open-minded and non-judgemental and may even enjoy shocking others with their choice of partner. Venus-Uranus contacts need to choose their own partner and express sexual expression in a unique way. Overall, they may enjoy challenging the conventional view of a relationship.

Relationships tend to be independent and often need a certain amount of freedom and space, and they would hate to feel any form of claustrophobia, demands, and rules. Some of their relationships can be very unconventional. It is not unusual for some with this aspect to be bisexual and sexually experiment in their love lives.

7_thumb[1]Relationships for Venus-Uranus types may also begin and end suddenly and they have instant attractions to people. Venus conjunct, square or opposite Uranus all symbolize the “divorce-prone” aspects, but this is more of an indication of their powerful need for freedom. Usually, there is a general sense of emotional restlessness, and there are passionate and intense love affairs, filled with high emotional tension. The Venus- Uranus combination may be extremely touchy in cooperating, and there is often a powerful self-will operating in all relationships.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Venus-Uranus tends to be excited and free-spirited about love, and there is a sense of rebelliousness in relationships.[/pullquote]

A partner may even express an excessive need for independence or it might represent someone incapable of commitment, and avoid it like the plague. Obviously, this can be very painful for Venus-Uranus, but it may express an inner need to develop their own independent values and needs in love. Astrologer Stephen Arroyo believes there needs to be some balance with such an aspect and that one should learn to give freely – without detaching oneself from human feelings.

There is often a need for perfection in relationships and a seeking of the ideal. Violent battles may break out over the need for personal space, and lead to a wild and erratic kind of love. Relationships may have a tendency to begin and end explosively and there may be sudden and unexpected fluctuations in all romantic ties. Sometimes spouses become weird, inconsistent and unreliable. Or they may demand a divorce and openly engage in an extramarital affair. Amongst other things, Venus-Uranus types may be found jumping from one relationship to another, and this aspect often shows a tendency towards on-off relationship patterns.

tumblr_mge89yg95h1qj9a4eo1_1280If they are involved in the area of beauty, art, or music, they tend to be original, unique and experimental. This is a combination which usually suggests unusual taste and there is a very electric quality to their style of relating, or it may show through their choice of dress or appearance. They could receive unexpected money, gifts or favours from the opposite sex, and may have a taste for unique jewellery, clothing, and distinctive accessories, enhancing their attractiveness and sexual desirability. There is often a strong need for social excitement coupled with personal freedom, and they try to get along with all kinds of different people.