Aquarius’ Detachment

In the realm of psychological analysis, it is intriguing to explore the commonly held stereotype surrounding Aquarius individuals, which suggests their inclination towards emotional detachment within their personal lives. However, beneath the surface of this generalisation lies a profound truth. Aquarius individuals conceal vast reservoirs of emotions, much to the surprise of those who assume … Read moreAquarius’ Detachment

Aquarius: The Shadowy Aspects of the Water Bearer

In a world on the cusp of groundbreaking scientific discovery and ethical dilemmas, genetic engineers Clive Nicoli and Elsa Kast emerge as brilliant pioneers in the field of genetic manipulation. Their remarkable achievements in splicing the DNA of diverse animals have garnered them worldwide recognition and admiration. They possess an unmatched ability to unlock the … Read moreAquarius: The Shadowy Aspects of the Water Bearer

More Star Dilemmas

A relationship theme with these star questions. If a certain Sun sign girl was to come home early one afternoon to find her boyfriend home alone with one of her best friends, how might she react? Sagittarius Make fun of them to find out what’s going on Capricorn Worry what everybody would think if it … Read moreMore Star Dilemmas

Star Counters

Here are some fun scenarios for the different star signs, the questions are from the astrology game, Star Encounters. What might send ripples of fear down his/her spine? Aries Falling at the final hurdle in the big race Taurus Not having enough money to pay the mortgage Gemini Being trapped into marriage Cancer The thought … Read moreStar Counters

Aquarius Quotes

“The air signs as we have already observed, have difficulty maintaining a good relationship with the body. The body refers to the physical body and earth life in general. Fiery Sagittarius’ gaze was always directed upwards, to some distant place, while in Capricorn we reached the mountaintop (Capricorn Martin Luther King: “I have been to … Read moreAquarius Quotes