The Moon, Emotions, and Diseases

According to astrology, the Moon represents a person’s subconscious. As the ruler of the soul in spiritual astrology, it is also associated with our deepest drives. In psychology, these alterations to one’s character are known as “the impulses of the soul.” Among the astrological planets, many medical astrologers hold that the Moon has the most … Read moreThe Moon, Emotions, and Diseases

Cancer/Moon Astrology: The She Wolf Within

Before we get all cosmic and lunar, my fellow Cancerians and Moon people, let’s groove to Shakira’s “She Wolf” like it’s our anthem, baby! [wild howls] You know we’ve got that sensuous, instinctual energy coursing through us, and this song just ignites our wild side. But hold on, folks, ’cause we’re diving into some deep … Read moreCancer/Moon Astrology: The She Wolf Within

The Astrological Moon: Time of the Month

At its core, the Moon embodies the passive and feminine aspects of existence. It’s a luminary that beckons us to look inward, inviting us to explore the depths of our subconscious mind. Like a mirror, it reflects not only the external world’s ever-changing light but also our inner emotions, desires, and fears. This reflective quality … Read moreThe Astrological Moon: Time of the Month

The Reactionary Moon: Creatures of Habit

The Moon’s significance in astrology extends beyond its physical presence in the night sky; it serves as a potent symbol that reflects our deepest emotional experiences and responses to life’s events. Just as the Moon exerts a gravitational pull on Earth’s tides, it also exerts a subtle influence on the tides of our inner world … Read moreThe Reactionary Moon: Creatures of Habit