Virgo, as an astrological sign, is associated with a set of unique personality traits and characteristics. Individuals born under this sign are often known for their highly developed sense of correctness and order. They possess an innate need to create structure and organization in their lives. This strong inclination towards orderliness is both a strength … Read moreVirgo

More Star Dilemmas

A relationship theme with these star questions. If a certain Sun sign girl was to come home early one afternoon to find her boyfriend home alone with one of her best friends, how might she react? Sagittarius Make fun of them to find out what’s going on Capricorn Worry what everybody would think if it … Read moreMore Star Dilemmas

Star Counters

Here are some fun scenarios for the different star signs, the questions are from the astrology game, Star Encounters. What might send ripples of fear down his/her spine? Aries Falling at the final hurdle in the big race Taurus Not having enough money to pay the mortgage Gemini Being trapped into marriage Cancer The thought … Read moreStar Counters

Virgo Quotes

“Virgos who are addicted to work will often encounter a crisis which forces them to take a sabbatical, re-enacting the Persephone myth by experiencing a crisis and retreating to the cool, dark depths of their personal underworld where healing is possible. Even the glyphs for Virgo and Scorpio resemble one another, Virgo’s turning inward and … Read moreVirgo Quotes

The Virgo-Pisces Opposition: Selfless-Service

The opposition aspect in astrology, characterized by the 180-degree angle between two planets or points on a birth chart, holds profound symbolic significance representing the interplay of opposing forces. This contrast embodies a dynamic equilibrium, wherein seemingly contradictory energies strive to find harmony and balance. Elements are the building blocks of astrological interpretation, each embodying … Read moreThe Virgo-Pisces Opposition: Selfless-Service

Your Authentic Purpose with a Virgo Sun

In the realm of classic fairy tales, characterized by boundless imagination, we delve into the enchanting world of fairies and magic. In the heartwarming story of Tinkerbell, we are drawn into a realm where every fairy comes into existence through the joyous sound of a baby’s laughter. This cheerful chorus marks the arrival of a … Read moreYour Authentic Purpose with a Virgo Sun

Beyond Nitpicking: The Virgo Approach to Thoughtful Evaluation

The Virgo zodiac sign brings a unique perspective to criticism and evaluation, which is often misunderstood as mere nitpicking or negativity. However, it’s important to recognize and appreciate the depth and significance of Virgo’s analytical approach. Born under this sign, Virgo individuals possess a remarkable ability to dissect and understand the world around them. They … Read moreBeyond Nitpicking: The Virgo Approach to Thoughtful Evaluation