The Astrology of the Wounded Child

In the The Astrology of Family Dynamics and the author stated this: “Her horoscope shows the mark of the wounded child; we never know when the wound will occur, and how, but when it does it creates an opportunity for the child to turn inward and deepen her contact with a more serious side of herself.” Astrologers will say they perceive something in the horoscope intelligibly and see a symbol possibly pertaining to a wounded child, abused or traumatized individual. A child may be wounded for various reasons, ranging from abandonment, neglect, and even mistreatment.
The “wounded child” as an adult often reveals someone with a loss of confidence in themselves and in others, and the person that has closed off their being, and created a protective barrier.

The water houses in the natal chart are unconscious and usually people with planets in these watery domains will at some point in their lives need to dig into the depths of their personality. Other aspects of wounding may be linked to the Moon or extremely challenging Saturn and Pluto positions and aspects, especially to the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars).

Psychologists believe that without freeing this “wounded child” we will remain stuck in the past, and be unable to really live and love freely. Astrologer Liz Greene points squarely at Saturn when talking about our wounds: “There are many kinds of wounding, and many kinds of astrological significators which reflect experiences of hurt, frustration and loneliness. One of life’s chief wounders is Saturn, which describes the sense of being denied some fundamental ingredient to develop confidence and self-worth. The pain of Saturn is personal; it can usually be related to early life experiences-where sometimes through circumstance, and sometimes through parental failure to recognise the needs and values of the child – one learns to protect one’s vulnerability with defences which themselves may cause more wounding in life.”

Saturn in astrology is usually the thing we want the most, but it is often denied us. Saturn and its aspects may bring up awkward feelings about ourselves. Questions leading to some interesting answers may be: Did you feel denied something relating to Saturn? Does this area of your life feel much harder and less forgiving. And what kind of scars or psychological wounds have resulted? Where Saturn sits in our charts is where we meet our flaws, feel defeated and have our limitations pointed out to us. An astrologer once called Saturn: The Angel of Depression, and at the crux of this planet is its ability to see reality. The thing about reality is realizing that we might not have received the affection craved in childhood, and may not have gained what we really wanted; the self-belief so desperately needed. As hard as it is to say, there are times we have to see these things for what they really are. With Saturn, we have to be grown up and take responsibility for our life right now, and make our own happiness.