Moon in Pisces: You Rang

Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy, authors of Spiritual Astrology, write that people with the Moon in Pisces may have spent past incarnations isolated in monasteries or convents, leading sheltered lives. Some of the Lunar Piscean’s excursions from reality are harmless pleasures, but ultimately the being is lured into an endless flight from the harsh facts of existence. It’s a getaway from what they describe the “drab, dull, and mundane world” and helps them keep their sanity. While Self-sufficiency is also good for the body, mind, and spirit, it can be challenging for someone with the Moon in this sign to break their deeply ingrained unconscious patterns (the Moon). Pisceans have a hard time keeping their feet on the ground, keeping their lives organised around time and structure, and figuring out how to carry out the routine tasks of daily life.

The Lunar Piscean sure knows how to take a break from reality, but sometimes they get a little too carried away and end up in a never-ending escape from the real world. It’s a much-needed getaway from the “blah, boring, and banal” life that keeps them from going crazy. It’s a refuge from the humdrum and monotonous existence they call earth, and a lifesaver for their sanity. Being self-sufficient is great, but if you’ve got the Moon in this sign, breaking those deep-rooted unconscious patterns might be harder than you think. While some of their flights from reality may be harmless fun, they often end up swimming further and further away from the cold, hard truths of life.

Moon in Pisces is emotionally delicate to begin with, and their reliance on others and external validation might cause them to lose sight of who they truly are. It’s crucial for them to form strong bonds with others, but this can make them hesitant to fully express who they are. At first, they may feel extremely defenceless and exposed when forced to fend for themselves, but ultimately, this is the best way for them to grow stronger, more self-reliant, and more independent.

The Moon in Pisces so dependent on others that they might forget their own identity, which is already as fragile as a glass slipper. While they value close relationships, they may need a gentle reminder that it’s okay to be a whole person on their own too. It’s time for them to cut the umbilical cord and spread their wings. Sure, it might feel like they’re standing naked in a storm at first, but they’ll toughen up, become a self-reliant powerhouse, and soar to new heights of independence.

According to Spiritual Astrology

Moon in Pisces: These past life monastic experiences have lead to certain material dependencies that you feel are necessary to maintain your healing spiritual consciousness. You are used to having others take care of you, cook for you, and set your daily routine. In the monastery, for example, someone rang the gong, signaling when you should get up when you should go to church or temple, when you should eat, and so forth. Consequently, you have never developed self-discipline, which is a task for this lifetime, you are learning to accept responsibilities and to “ring your own gong”. You are used to living in a timeless reality, but in this lifetime you need to learn the practical value of infusing celestial reality into daily life by sticking to a routine and by paying attention to being on time. These factors can make your life strong and give you confidence in relating your spiritual consciousness effectively to daily living. Spiritual Astrology