Moon in Pisces: You Rang

In the book Spiritual Astrology by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy, the Moon in Pisces is described as possibly having lived previous lives alone in monasteries, convents, or other such settings, and basically had very sheltered former existences. The Lunar Piscean is enticed into an eternal flight from the harsh realities of life, and some of these flights from reality are pleasant and harmless. It takes them away from what is often called the “drab, dull, and mundane world” and gives them the escape they need to stay sane.

The body, mind, and spirit all benefit from living self-sufficiently, but it can be particularly difficult for someone with the Moon in this sign to change deeply rooted unconscious habits (Moon). Pisceans often have difficulty keeping their sense of reality and struggle to keep their heads above water. It is difficult for them to organise their life around time and structure and to figure out how to perform their everyday activities.

Moon in Pisces tends to be overly dependent on other people or things in their lives, to the point where they lose touch with their already fragile sense of who they are. It is important for them to build close relationships, but it is also easy for them to shy away from being a complete person as a result of it. It’s time for them to start relying on themselves, which can make them feel very vulnerable and unprotected at first, but they need to get stronger, become more self-reliant, and be more independent.

Moon in Pisces: These past life monastic experiences have lead to certain material dependencies that you feel are necessary to maintain your healing spiritual consciousness. You are used to having others take care of you, cook for you, and set your daily routine. In the monastery, for example, someone rang the gong, signaling when you should get up when you should go to church or temple, when you should eat, and so forth. Consequently, you have never developed self-discipline, which is a task for this lifetime, you are learning to accept responsibilities and to “ring your own gong”. You are used to living in a timeless reality, but in this lifetime you need to learn the practical value of infusing celestial reality into daily life by sticking to a routine and by paying attention to being on time. These factors can make your life strong and give you confidence in relating your spiritual consciousness effectively to daily living. Spiritual Astrology