Mutable Signs: The Astrology of Unusual Accidents:

I thought it would be interesting to look at the charts of people who died in strange ways and see if there are any astrological patterns that can be seen. Accidental deaths specifically can be caused by a wide range of things, such as self-inflicted gunshot wounds, unintended fires, and electrocution. What stood out the most in these studies is that people with the mutable zodiac signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are more almost certain to get into an accident. Astrologers have looked at this topic and done research on it, which showed that mutable signs are more likely to make careless mistakes.

If you like astrology, you might know that each of the 12 zodiac signs is connected to one of the four elements: fire, water, earth, or air. Well, that’s not the only way to group the signs of the zodiac! In fact, all zodiac signs signs are also put into groups based on what are called qualities or modalities. This is another way to describe the personality of each sign. People with mutable signs have energy that shifts, makes them restless, and makes them very nervous. People have said that this is one of the most interesting modes because these people show such a wide range of reactions to life.

Planets and the Mutable Signs

Mars, the god of war, is known for acting on impulse without thinking through the consequences. This could be a sign that there is physical danger and that a red caution flag should be raised. When the planet Neptune is involved, accidents involving gas or drowning are very common. Mercury rules over the ways we get around in our area. This includes cars, bikes, scooters, and anything else that moves. Mercury, Gemini, or the 3rd house could be looked at if an accident happens on one of these types of trips needs to be looked into. Sagittarius, Jupiter, and the 9th house all come into play in the chart when it comes to taking long trips and having something go wrong.

The Mind-Body Connection

It is clear that a person’s personality and mental health have a lot to do with the type of accident, especially in light of what we will talk about next. Astrologers also use the natal chart to explain things that happen in the outside world by looking at how the person works on the inside. Is what it means to have an accident the same as what it sounds like, which is an unplanned event that nobody can be blamed for? Yet we are a ball of “psychic energy,” and the things that make us up affect every part of our lives. For example, the accidents that happen in our lives often show us who we are as people.

Self-Inflicted Gunshot

Clement Vallandigham was an Ohio Unionist of the Copperhead faction of anti-war, congressional representative opposed to Lincoln. Vallingdom dies at the age of 50, after accidentally shooting himself with a pistol. He was representing a defendant in a murder case for killing a man in a barroom brawl. Vallandigham wished to prove the victim had in fact killed himself while trying to draw his pistol from a pocket while rising from a kneeling position. As Vallandigham conferred with fellow defence attorneys in his hotel room, he decided to show them how he would demonstrate this to the jury. Grabbing a pistol he believed to be unloaded, he put it in his pocket and enacted the events as he imagined them to have happened, shooting himself in the process. Vallandigham proved his point, since the defendant, Thomas McGehan, was subsequently acquitted and released from custody. Vallandigham, however, died of his wound.

Clement had a Mutable T-square in his birth chart, with Mars in Virgo opposite Jupiter in Pisces. I have seen the Mars-Jupiter combination in many charts of people who like to take risks, and it describes actions that aren’t well thought out. The aspect of Mars-Jupiter is in many charts involving the dare devil type. Chiron and Pluto are also in Pisces, and are in a square to Uranus in Sagittarius. This pattern points to Chiron (planet of wounding) getting wounded by accident due to Uranus’ sudden and accidental nature. Mars is also square to Uranus in his natal chart. Mars is the planet of violence and acting on impulse. The red planet also has authority over all kinds of guns and weapons, while Uranus rules over things that happen by accident, shock, or surprise. The Mars-Pluto aspect in his birth chart can show that he will be very violent or even die violently.

Martha Mansfield – Severely Burned when a Cast Member Tossed a Match that Ignited her Civil War Costume

While working on the film The Warrens of Virginia, Mansfield is severely burned when a match, tossed by a cast member, ignited her Civil War costume of hoop skirts and flimsy ruffles. Mansfield was playing the role of Agatha Warren, and had just finished her scenes and retired to a car, when her clothing burst into flames. Her neck and face were saved when leading man, Wilfred Lytell, threw his heavy overcoat over her. The chauffeur of Mansfield’s car was burned badly on his hands while trying to remove the burning clothing from the actress.

The fire was put out but she sustained substantial burns to her body she was rushed to a hospital where she died in less than twenty-four hours. Natally, Martha has a stressful and violent Mutable T-Square involving Mars in Virgo at the apex of a tense t-square to Saturn in Sagittarius, and Pluto in Gemini (Mars-Saturn-Pluto). Mars rules fire and Pluto is an explosive energy, and this combination is highly flammable. Both Mars-Pluto and Mars-Saturn are classed as violent aspects in much of astrology. The whole combination describes anger that has a tendency to be bottled up and restrained, and it can build up to potentially violent consequences. When Mars and Pluto align, they may represent fierce and uncontrollable fire, deep-seated fury, and possibly Martha’s own psychic energy was powerful and brimming with hatred.

J.G Parry-Thomas – Head Partially Decapitated

He was killed at Pendine Sands in March 1927 while trying to regain his own world land speed record that had been broken just weeks earlier by Malcolm Campbell on the same beach. He was suffering from influenza and turned down a lucky black cat charm from a little girl, announcing, “I will put my faith in my maker!” His car, Babs, used exposed chains to connect the engine to the drive wheels while the high engine cover required him to drive with his head tilted to one side – the right. On his final run the right-hand drive chain broke at a speed of 170 mph (270 km/h), partially decapitating him.

Astrologically, Venus, Saturn (chains), Chiron (wounding) and Pluto (death) all conjunct in Gemini (the sign of transport). Pluto is in Taurus at the critical 29th degree (Taurean neck area). Mercury in Aries squares Jupiter in Cancer. He does not always think the consequences through, and Aries is impulsive and fast.

Claude Francois – Electrocuted: 

While standing in a filled bath, Claude noticed a light bulb that was not straight, tried to straighten it and was accidentally electrocuted. That was the official version. There are those, who believe other accounts including foul play. Whichever is true, with Claude François having died at only 39 years of age, his death brought a wave of public sympathy for a French “national treasure’.

The Sun is in Aquarius in the 11th degree and is square to Uranus. Astrologically we would describe his personality as progressive, interested in technology and someone who needs to be different from society, we might also (guiltily now) describe such a strong combination of Aquarian energy as electric with a need to shock others or with a futuristic focused personality. He also has a Mars-Jupiter connection, an under the signs of the Mutables, which indicates great irresponsibility.

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