My First Steps in Astrology

Astrology is often described as an occult field of study, with its own unique language of symbols. Once you invest the time and effort to learn the symbolism associated with planets, signs, houses, and aspects, astrology can become easier to grasp. However, the true depth of astrology lies in the precise analysis of individual birth charts, particularly when it comes to calculating rising degrees, which can be quite challenging and require a keen eye for detail. The rising degree, also known as the Ascendant, plays a significant role in an individual’s birth chart as it sets the tone for the entire chart, influencing the way a person presents themselves to the world and how they interact with their environment. Achieving precision in determining the rising degree is important for a more accurate astrological interpretation, but it can be a meticulous process that requires patience and practice.

Russell Grant’s Astrology Kit was a gift given to me by my parents during my high school days. At that time, I had a limited understanding of astrology, thinking it was solely about sun signs. I was intrigued by the zodiac, but I had no idea what astrology really had to offer. My initial perception of astrology was quite shallow. I believed I was simply a Pisces, and that all the planets in my birth chart must also be in Pisces. However, when I received the Astrology Kit, it was like a revelation. The moment I delved into its pages, I discovered that astrology was not just about Sun Signs; it was a complex system that allowed for a deeper and more personalized understanding of myself and others. The book, and the kit that came with it, became a gateway drug into the world of the starry heavens.

Fast-forward to transiting Uranus forming a conjunction with my natal Sun in my twenties and things changed. In astrology, Uranus is associated with new paths, sudden changes, and technological advancements. During this significant astrological event, I found myself getting my first laptop. This development allowed access to information more easily (astro-charts instantly manifest) and connect with a broader community, sparking an interest in astrology once again. I decided to join an astrology forum, which provided a platform for discussion, learning, and sharing experiences with like-minded individuals. The synergy of this online community rekindled a passion for astrology, and I began buying astrology books to deepen my understanding.

This resurgence of interest in astrology was reminiscent of my teenage years when I first delved into the subject. However, this time around, the combination of newfound technology and an enthusiastic online community allowed a deeper dive into the subject than ever before. I found myself delving into charts, exploring planetary movements, and honing my skills in chart interpretation. As transiting Uranus triggered this transformative period in my life, it opened the door to a rediscovered passion and a new perspective on astrology. 

Hold on, the plot thickens. I’m diving deep into this astrology group. Exploring the universe alongside other starry-eyed folks. But wait for it… my first Saturn Return arrives, a cosmic rite of passage. That’s when I decided, “Hey, let’s take this astrology blog thing seriously.” I used to call it “The Twelve Gates,” (I mean, come on, how mystical does that sound?). Trouble was, hardly anyone fancied to read those astrological musings. I can’t blame them, really. However as soon as I started the natal interpretations they got popular really fast. Aspects, placements, the whole lot. Suddenly, the website’s traffic picked up, and I had myself a proper following.

People from all walks of life, from Aries to Pisces, came to visit.

It is also common to see strong transits or progressions to the client’s Uranus or transiting Uranus making some aspects to natal planets, at the time of the astrological consultation. A person’s first encounter with astrology – and that applies to us as well as clients – is often heralded by the shadowy figure of the great Titan carrying his stolen fire…When we begin something under a particular planetary configuration, it carries the qualities of that configuration. In other words, the chart for the moment you discovered astrology is not only a picture of the transits occurring in your chart – but it is also the birth chart for your involvement with astrology. And that birth chart interacts with your birth chart, reflecting how your pursuit of astrology affects you…For example, if one encounters astrology in a great revelatory burst when Uranus transits over the natal Sun, the whole course of one’s study will be subjected to a sense of excitement and revelation. Twenty years later, the Uranian vision which first awakened a sense of individual purpose will still be operative, and therefore the archetypal background of one’s particular worldview as an astrologer will be colored by the Promethean quality of that configuration. Liz Greene, The Astrologer, the Counsellor and the Priest: Two Seminars on Astrological Counselling