Taurus: Psychology

The symbol of the Bull represents Taurus and it symbolizes strength and fertility. The animal has slow movement and is not easily provoked, but when pushed too far she will display a blind rage that is terrifying and unrelenting. The mythical Minotaur lived in a Labyrinth and fed on human flesh, portraying Taurean‘s rampant desires. Taurus seeks to preserve life and does not let go easily, change is often frightening and they need habitual routines and possessions to help them feel physically secure. There is a powerful determination and will, but they can be inflexible.

Taste is important on a sensory level and they need good food, objects, and other comforts. They are highly sensitized to beauty, music and colour. The bull is often linked with a female figure in myth, and the Moon is exalted in the negative, feminine sign of Taurus. The 2nd sign is strongly connected to sustaining energy, and planets in Taurus operate in an earthy manner. Taurus can tend towards inertia, laziness, and self-indulgence. Sometimes all it wants is a simple life with pleasures.

Let’s consider the famous sensuality of Taurus. The true Taurean is an undeniably sensuous creature. This means not only in the sexual realm, but in anything that pleases the senses. Colour: Taurus often has a real flair for design, for colour, perhaps for painting or photography. Sound: Taurus is well-known for its love of music, and many Taureans have become famous singers (like Barbara Streisand) or composers (like Tchaikovsky).

 Touch: this means not only responsiveness to physical touch, but a love of texture. Silk, velvet, satin, fur. Yes, of course, it costs money, but Taurus isn’t interested in anything cheap. Taste: well, that can be a problem. Love of good food leads many a Taurean into weight problems. Lots of Taureans have a sleek well-fed look – not floppy fat, but solid flesh, the sign of the person who eats not only what tastes good but is also good quality. Perhaps a little too much good quality. Astrology for Lovers

Taurus’ Strengths: Building, sustaining, a rock of strength, tenacity, loyal, patience, realist, down to earth, committed, creates beautiful surroundings, creative power, faithful.

Taurus’ Dark Side: Possessive, can treat people like property and needs ownership, Stubborn, inflexible, violent when provoked, pleasure-seeking, greedy, uncontrollable lust, bestial nature, powerful desires, lethargic, lazy, materialistic, intolerance, uses people, likes being kept by others, unforgiving, chauvinistic attitude.

Taurus’ Fears/Dislikes: Forced change, poverty, poor quality, complexity, emotional dark undercurrents, talking about the deeper depths of the unconsciousness, insecurity, shady behaviour, and change of plans.