Pisces, Neptune, and 12th house: The Psychologically Unborn

tumblr_ngfxvja4So1r5j4x9o1_1280Anything in life, symbolizing a womb-like container is very Neptunian. The phrase: “psychologically unborn” comes from Liz Greene’s Neptune, and the Quest for Redemption. The author pointed towards hospitals, places of asylum, and other institutions used as a kind of psychological escapism and retreat away from reality. Drugs and alcohol and other uses/abuses possessing the power to help an individual to forget, and to totally lose the mind.

It’s frustrating to get such an individual to face reality instead of living in their own bubble. Many seek financial support, some kind of umbilical cord attached to its source of sustenance; sometimes using deceptive methods.  Many Neptune people find it hard to leave the womb or their place of safety and protection from the outside world. This is seen in an inability to take responsibility, avoidance of life, and “going within,” an escapism that has been termed for those who take excessive time away from real life.

For the psychologically unborn…individuals remain in their womb-like walls long after the water has turned cold…As usual we cannot know or judge…Everything depends on the individual…the oceanic peak experience may ultimately provide the sense of unconditional love...The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption

Neptune rules extreme sensitivity, and possesses a deep, introspective nature, and gives anyone with the planet emphasized, a receptive energy. It also aids with mediumistic powers, and the individual retreats into art, music, drama, and mysticism; immersed in the inner world of dreams. Also, all of these things act like the umbilical cord and are a source of nourishment. Being given a wealth of images and imagination, they are very in-tune with the unseen world, possessing a rich inner life, one that many an introspective soul would rather keep to themselves.

Fishes are purely marine creatures, connected to a realm that has no measurable depths, but this also means they are least at home in everyday life. The textbooks tell us that self-deception, delusional thinking, and denial cause the Neptunian much of their suffering. With Neptune’s withdrawal, there are those times when the individual, with the planet powerful in the nativity, can go terrifyingly quiet. No-one can guess what is happening with the individual at these moments, and one might wonder where our Neptunian friend has disappeared.