Nebulous Neptune

The planet Neptune has always emanated a nebulous energy and is therefore connected to matters which are unclear, vague, hazy, and indefinable. These are only some of astrology’s favorite keywords, other common ones are “deception” and “illusion.” These illusions tend to distort reality and there may be a tendency to see life through rose-colored glasses. Neptune is the ruler of dreams, visions, and imaginings.

Neptune signifies our ability to lose ourselves in a story, an imaginary world, and make-believe. Neptune rules all forms of film, photography, glamor, and illusion. On the downside, it’s Neptune’s need to escape that can take the form of denial, and we refuse to see what is really wrong in our lives. We ignore problems and pretend they don’t exist – or it may take the form of over-fantasizing, drug-taking, and drinking, which debases and destroys an individual’s life.

The house in which Neptune falls represents an area of life that we do not see clearly. We may see situations as better or worse than they really are. This is the nebulous energy of Neptune functioning in our chart. The fog becomes thicker, and the way out harder to find. Different people react to Neptune in various ways, and while some feel the nebulous side of Neptune, others feel uplifted, open to the belief that there is more to this life than what we see with our eyes. Either way, we may feel that something is not right, and illusions are sold as truth. Neptune seems to symbolize extremes of psychic and physical disintegration, and it is also light-revealing, opening us up to some inner truth that we have always known, but could never articulate.

Neptune is one of the channels through which we tune into the collective unconscious, picking up all sorts of feelings out of the air, such as feelings of psychic pain, angst and fear – emotional states that we can’t quite label or which come from God knows where. Through the Looking Glass


Neptune holds a great mystery, and this is because of the tendency to make the real seem unreal. As an outer planet, it unlocks a super realm which may be a positive or negative experience. When we experience Neptune, we are heightened to the experiences of misunderstandings, delusion, or illusion for a few years. We can’t function properly in the real world. Neptune casts a large net over our lives and we may feel a tidal wave of emotions heading our way, and there is nothing much we can do to stop the deluge of the flood.

Neptune also has a deep resistance to anything less than ideal. A Neptune transit often begins with a creeping dissatisfaction with reality. The first sign may be a sense of loss, despair, hopelessness, or confusion. It weakens our sense of boundaries, and it may feel as if our whole world is dissolving; we feel completely lost at sea. The planet seeks perfection and yearns for the unobtainable. Neptune also lacks discrimination and is too accepting of others and will naively overlook faults and flaws. Neptune distorts our reality by our own imaginings, we remember things strangely and talk about conversations that never took place. With Neptune, we can easily be misled and mislead others. Sadly, Neptune rules the slippery slide into addiction, drugs, and alcohol. Once the drink takes control, the raw feeling of pain is drowned in the alcohol as it floods the system, slowly taking us into a quiet numbness, submerged, muted, unconscious, and oblivion starts to have an effect.

Neptune is a wonderful fountain and those that drink from its waters will never feel pain for long. Being near water physically is thought to increase insight and healing, to mend what is broken in the soul. Though one must be careful not to fall too deep in its embrace, for the dark world of delusion and self-deception found in this magical realm gets us super high, but also take us deep down into the abyss, leaving us feeling exploited. The sea casts its spell of enchantment pulling us down into the depths. In astrology, Neptune connects us to art, poetry, myth, and magic. Behind it is a mystical force that needs to reunite the soul with what has been lost. Art itself is related to symbols, inspiration, transcending the ordinary, and all of these pursuits unlock the doors of our imagination, provoking mysteries, and challenging our sense of reality.

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