Pisces: A Fish Out of Water

In the ocean, Pisces finds mystery, mysticism, imaginative stirrings, transcendent beauty, massive emotions, glamour, enchantment, and an unconscious world that defies logic. This is not surprising given Pisces’ dislike of earthly reality. Because of the seemingly infinite supply of oceanic psychic renewal and creativity, a Piscean is easily seduced into this world. Pisces’ attraction to water has long been a source of conflict, with some claiming that it has even resulted in self-destruction in some circumstances, albeit in a passive fashion. If you immerse yourself completely in this world, you may develop harmful addictions, mental illnesses, or other sorts of avoidance behaviour.

Liz Greene, a professional astrologer, believes that “The Pisces sign does not have a darker or lighter soul than the other zodiacal signs; rather, they are more attuned than the other zodiacal signs to the deep currents of the collective psyche, because the sense of individual identity in Pisces is often blurred, and they are more open to a more universal perception of life. The oceanic realm of Pisces belongs to all of us, and it is responsible for not only the most awful destructivness, but also the noblest and most exquisite creations on the planet. Those in whom the sign is emphasized are the portrait artists of the denizon of the depths.” The astrologer says that Pisces must come to terms with the fact that they are both flesh and spirit. As a result, there must be a delicate balance struck, and in order to achieve greater harmony, the sign must recognise the necessity of establishing a daily routine and some type of anchor in life; they require a day job as well as opportunities to mingle and interact with others.

For if this overwhelming sense of being out of touch with everyday reality persists, there is often a predisposition to suffer from allergies, oversensitive skin, asthma, or heightened sensitivity to the environment, as has been observed in many Neptune individuals… A true proverbial “fish out of water.”