Dissociative States

Dissociative states occur when a person is under great stress from external influences, other people’s cruelty, or deeply felt previous internal conflicts with a disturbing immediate situation. The Moon (emotion) in Pisces (sensitivity) on the Dragon’s Tail (karma) is supposed to be a major contribution to the dilemma. This affliction brings dissociation with others, especially … Read moreDissociative States

Sun: The Secrets of Light, Spirit, and Personal Fulfillment

The Sun governs our path in life, indicating the direction we’re headed and the qualities we need to develop to reach our destination. It also symbolizes the life we are destined to create. To begin this transformative journey of self-discovery, guided by the vibrant energy of the Sun, we must fully engage with life’s experiences … Read moreSun: The Secrets of Light, Spirit, and Personal Fulfillment

Emotional Understanding: Moon Trine Synastry Aspects Interpreted

In synastry, when the Moon in your chart forms a trine aspect with a planet in your partner’s horoscope, it symbolizes a harmonious and supportive connection, enriching emotional understanding and compassion between you both. The Moon is a symbol of your inner emotional landscape, so we’re talking about a real soulful connection. Feeling genuinely cared … Read moreEmotional Understanding: Moon Trine Synastry Aspects Interpreted

The Matrix: The Astrological Red Pill

In the iconic scene from “The Matrix,” Neo faces a life-altering choice: the blue pill or the red pill. The blue pill promises a peaceful, untroubled existence within the Matrix’s comfortable illusion. The red pill, however, beckons him towards a harsh truth – the world beyond the simulation. This choice mirrors the path of delving … Read moreThe Matrix: The Astrological Red Pill

Book: The Mysterious Forces of Destiny

The “Forces of Destiny: Reincarnation, Astrology, and Karma“ is a mind-bending read that’s all about unraveling the threads of fate and destiny. We’re diving into the deep end of the metaphysical pool here. Reincarnation? Yes, this is the age-old notion that we’re all just passengers on this merry-go-round of existence, hopping from one life to … Read moreBook: The Mysterious Forces of Destiny

Jupiter Astrology: How To Read The Big Planet In Your Chart

Jupiter’s position in your birth chart, along with the aspects it forms with other planets, can reveal insightful revelations about your personal growth, sense of progress, and the feeling of protection you might experience in various aspects of life. Jupiter, commonly known as the planet of expansion and abundance, holds profound symbolic significance, providing you … Read moreJupiter Astrology: How To Read The Big Planet In Your Chart

Palmistry and Astrology

Here is a look at Palmistry and Astrology. In palmistry, the practice of using planets and astrological elements to represent different parts of the hand, a divination and character analysis method that has been practiced for centuries. This interpretation of palmistry combines astrology with the study of the human hand to provide insights into an … Read morePalmistry and Astrology

Jupiter-Saturn: The Social Planets

In astrology, Jupiter and Saturn are believed to influence how we connect socially with the world. Jupiter, the “benific” planet, is seen as promoting expansion, growth, and opportunity. It represents prosperity, not just material, but also in personal and intellectual realms. When Jupiter transits personal planets in an astrological chart, it signifies a surge of … Read moreJupiter-Saturn: The Social Planets

Venus-Neptune: Someday my Prince Will Come

Prince Charles’ marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005 marked a significant chapter in both their lives and the British monarchy. Prior to their marriage, their relationship had been the subject of intense public and media scrutiny due to its unconventional beginnings. Camilla, who had been a close friend to Charles since the early 1970s, … Read moreVenus-Neptune: Someday my Prince Will Come