Venus Trine Jupiter

Those who were born with the Venus trine Jupiter are generous and giving with their possessions and affections, and they are also open with their affections. In general, they have a positive outlook on people and situations, and pettiness and stinginess are completely foreign to their character. The majority of the time, they are joyful and have a cheery demeanour, which they use to make others feel good. These folks may take enjoyment in organising social events and raising funds for artistic endeavours, as well as the satisfaction that comes from helping others. They may find themselves falling in love with someone who is successful, affluent, or idealistic in their outlook. Venus-Jupiter may create connections with individuals from a variety of cultural, religious, and philosophical backgrounds, but they are most content when they are with people who share their values and ideals as they are with themselves. Sometimes a true affection for God or philosophy can be found. In addition to their capacity to develop solid contacts, Venus and Jupiter are frequently spoiled by luck, perks, and good fortune.

These individuals have a good relationship with money and other luxuries, and they are frequently in high demand. They experience happiness and lightheartedness, particularly in social and romantic situations. Receiving gifts, presents, and favours is a valuable part of the character. Venus-Jupiter can be regarded fortunate in love, business, and social situations. The ‘good’ life, pleasant surroundings, delicious food, and parties are all sought, although traditional writings caution people against overindulging in food or alcohol to excess.

Social events, music, art, and theatre are just a few of the things that bring them joy, and they flourish when they have a thriving social calendar. Venus trine with Jupiter naturally understands how to be popular; they can be highly appreciated by women, and they enjoy travel, attractive dress, jewellery, and works of art.  Despite the fact that there is an inclination towards lethargy or comfort, this contact has the impression that they have no boundaries and as a result, they require an ever-expanding and increasing love experience. Generally speaking, wherever Venus resides, we are at peace, and even if the -Jupiter side makes a mistake, things tend to work out well for them, however this is contingent on other aspects of the chart.

In trine, harmonious Venus and expansive Jupiter work to create beauty and harmony. Often those with such a combination have an abundance of charm and wit and for this reason tend to attract ‘good fortune’: to be popular, sought after, etc. This can be an enriching contact, an expression of pleasure, joy, and bounty which is underlined internally by a strong sense of the intrinsic value and meaning of life. Character and Fate: The Psychology of the Birthchart (Arkana’s Contemporary Astrology Series)