The Blindfolded Heart of Libra: Seeking Justice

0324431363434a88ae6fa28d7788c4afLibra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, holds a special place as the second Air sign and is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, aesthetics, and beauty. This celestial alignment influences your personality, drawing you powerfully towards partnership and harmonious relationships. You thrive when you have someone to share your journey with and are often seen as the peacemakers and diplomats of the zodiac. Your ambition goes beyond personal success and material gains. Instead, you are driven to work towards your ideals, seeking fairness, equality, and justice in all aspects of life. You are a natural advocate for balance and strive to create a world where everyone is treated with respect and understanding.

For you, making fair deals and negotiating with a civilized approach are essential skills. You possess a knack for finding common ground and resolving conflicts amicably. This diplomatic nature stems from your belief that righteousness should be based on intellectually constructive and balanced views rather than being swayed by emotions and sentiments. You understand that emotions can cloud judgment, and you endeavor to maintain objectivity when evaluating situations and making decisions.

The blindfold is a powerful symbol associated with Libra, the lady of justice. In astrology, the blindfold represents objectivity, impartiality, and the ability to judge situations and people based solely on their merits, without being influenced by external factors like appearances, emotions, or biases. This allows you to assess situations with clarity and make well-balanced decisions, which is vital in your pursuit of creating a harmonious and equitable world. By blocking out external distractions, you focus on the essential aspects of a situation or a person’s character, helping you make unbiased judgments. You believe that true justice can only be achieved when one can view things objectively, without being swayed by personal feelings or prejudices. By donning the blindfold, you emphasize your commitment to remaining neutral and promoting a sense of harmony in your interactions.

The phrase “iron hand in the velvet glove” aptly describes your personality. Though you may appear gentle and amiable on the surface, beneath lies a strong and determined individual. You possess a steely resolve when it comes to achieving your goals and upholding your principles.

 Your intellectual and balanced approach to justice, represented by your blindfold, reinforces your commitment to impartiality. Despite your gentle demeanor, you possess remarkable strength and determination, making you a force to be reckoned with in pursuit of your ideals.

Libra, often symbolized as the scales of liberty, embodies the pursuit of balance and justice in all aspects of life. To achieve true equilibrium, Libra recognizes the importance of having laws, contracts, agreements, and a systems in place. These structures provide the framework for a harmonious society, where fairness and equality prevail.

At the core of Libra’s quest for fairness is the ideal of doing what is right and appropriate for others. You strive to reach a loftier level of integrity, beauty, and peace, seeking to create a world where everyone is treated with respect and kindness. In the Libran world, perfection is envisioned through pure white buildings reaching up into the sky, a metaphor for the pursuit of higher ideals and an elevation of the human spirit. As inhabitants of this realm, those influenced by Libra adopt qualities such as goodness, equality, and the restoration of equilibrium. You are a natural peacemaker and are driven to resolve conflicts and find common ground among individuals or groups with differing perspectives.

Being an air sign, Libra is oriented towards the realm of thoughts and ideas, with a strong focus on abstract theory rather than concrete practical thinking. This intellectual orientation allows you to analyze situations and problems from a detached and objective standpoint, contributing to your capacity for fair judgment and reasoned decision-making. In your world, the pursuit of perfect symmetry, agreement, and balance is paramount. Personal biases are set aside, and you welcome a reasoned outlook that seeks to find the best course of action for all parties involved. Your commitment to impartiality and objectivity enables you to navigate complex situations with a clear mind and an open heart.

The pursuit of justice and equilibrium in the Libran world extends beyond personal interests, and you work diligently to create a society where everyone’s rights are respected, and everyone’s voice is heard. You advocate for cooperation, collaboration, and compromise as essential elements in fostering a peaceful and harmonious existence.

“Libra’s must rectify what I call the mirror-on-the-wall complex. Snow White is a Libra. How do I know? Well, how many dwarfs did she live with? Seven. Her stepmother was also a Libra. How do I know? Well, who else would stand in front of the looking glass all day asking, “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” The stepmother committed myriad atrocities because she yearned to be the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. She was overly obsessed with superficial beauty. ..Libra constantly compares themselves to others, and this propensity causes them great pain. They obsess over what other people might think of them. Cosmic Navigator: Design Your Destiny With Astrology and Kabbalah

In relationships, Libra individuals may indeed encounter challenges when their partners fall short of their ideals. At the beginning of a relationship, like any marriage, there is often an idealized vision of how a husband and wife “should” live together. Libra, being a sign that values harmony and balance, may have high expectations for the partnership, seeking a harmonious and cooperative union.

However, as the relationship progresses, facets of each partner’s personality that were once concealed during the courtship phase may begin to emerge. This revelation of the true self can sometimes lead to conflicts and difficulties, as both partners navigate the complexities of sharing their lives intimately. In the context of marriage, Libra seeks to foster an atmosphere of harmony and togetherness. You desire a partnership in which both individuals share their lives openly and willingly, working together to create a balanced and peaceful home environment. You value communication and compromise, and you often strive to find solutions that satisfy the needs of both partners.

It is essential to understand that no relationship is entirely free of challenges, and all couples must face moments of disagreement and adaptation. The key to navigating these challenges lies in your ability to maintain open communication and a willingness to find common ground. In some cases, you may struggle to confront conflicts directly, as you may fear disrupting the harmony you strive to maintain. However, it is crucial for you to learn that addressing issues constructively and honestly can ultimately strengthen the bond and lead to a deeper connection with your partner. Furthermore, you should be aware that maintaining harmony in a relationship does not mean suppressing your needs or desires. It is equally important for you to assert your individuality and communicate your needs effectively to ensure that your own well-being is also nurtured within the partnership.

Sun in Libra: The native is rather popular and generally liked; is sociable, affectionate and romantic; fond of company, and easily makes friends, especially with the opposite sex. He has some taste and ability for science and the fine arts, poetry, music or painting, and may excel in one of these directions. This position tends to bring about an early engagement or marriage, unless some other part of the horoscope forbids it; but there is likely to be some trouble connected with either or both events, such as disappointment in love or disharmony in marriage (chiefly in a female horoscope). The native can be independent if necessary, but is seldom or ever overbearing or proud. Is kind and sympathetic, and likes to awaken brotherly and friendly feelings in others, and often gives way to others for the sake of peace. Is just, sincere, and impartial, sometimes very intuitive, and may manifest genius in some direction. There is a dash of the democratic and brotherly spirit in him, no matter what his opinions or position in life. It is favourable for joining societies, associations, companies, partnership. It strengthens the link of affection between the native and his brothers and sisters. It inclines slightly to travel, especially short journeys by land. It favours sociability, good humour, and a buoyant, hopeful spirit. By Alan Leo