Virgo: The Right Job

Louis McNeice says, “when we step over the border between this sign (Leo) and the next – we perhaps hear a typewriter, or a vacuum cleaner, a secretarial voice drily reading the minutes, a whispered aside of criticism. We have entered the territory where everything must be “just so” – floors must be swept, files must be kept, I’s must be dotted and t’s crossed, beds (in all senses) must be properly made.” We all know the stereotypical image of a Virgoan, and in the chapter that begins Virgo in Astrology For Lovers it states:He may live with a mess on the living room carpet, but you can bet he is cleaning up his psyche.”

Virgo is of an earthy disposition and possesses a superb brain once the type has learned how to utilize it to its full potential. A Virgoan soul will look around the immediate environment and is quick to see what can be improved and made to run more efficiently. The individual will employ their deep analytic mind for ordering the mundane world. The maiden energy in the chart has been described by some astrologers as the feminine discovering the mind, suggesting this is a female intelligence. A part of Virgo’s charm is this constant cataloging, arranging, and methodizing of the personal sphere, and those born under this sign are always developing techniques, picking weak spots, and fussing endlessly over details.

The servant is associated with Virgo and the need to serve others, humanity without thought of the self. The Virgoan personality can sometimes be more shy and reserved, but what tends to fill up the spirit is the development of some expertise, technical knowledge, and competency in a specialized area. Also, the type craves to be good at something that will serve others in some way, and this is how their greatest self-fulfillment is found. A Virgo must find the right work and seek out their area of inventiveness, ingenuity, and skill-set. Sometimes, the negative, shadowy side of Virgo and their nit-picking, carping and criticizing nature is only due to their energy feeling underutilized.

Virgo – Area of Knowledge

The concentration of the mind is often put to work on a particular area of knowledge and this is how the intellect is sharpened, and the apprentice masters a craft. In the Virgo house is where an individual is individualized and it is symbolic of the last phase in the sequence of personal development. Virgo represents the process all human beings must pass through, and its sign is referred to as a critical stage. In fact, this urgency of Virgo to ‘clean up’ the environment, and to order the intellect – probably arises through what Rudhyar terms as the pressure of an impending crisis. The personality reaches a “critical state, “and this knotty feeling inside is what drives the individual towards a life-work. Interior changes are happening deep within and there is a constant feeling of a sense of dissatisfaction and nothing being good enough. A great tension in the psyche exists and the type is often found intellectually pruning, clipping, cutting away, with such inner conviction and intense need to make something of use.

Virgo is always in a state of transition and sometimes it makes the type come across as neurotic with the nervous system taking a battering, followed by anxious feelings, and hung-up on everything disorder. In Virgo, there is always more work to do, but this can mean obsessing over the smallest detail. Nothing is ever finished, and the soul is productive, fruitful, and hard working. A deep desire for purity, refinement, and practical common sense is also present. A lot of Virgo’s energy can be channeled through finding their true service to mankind by honing those skills. It is the highly evolved Virgo who can then be thought of as the noble helper and will find the right job where he or she can feel useful. Simply put, Virgo has abilities that can improve life, not only for themselves but for everybody.