Pluto: Sex and Death

pluto sex and death

Question: Sex, death and Pluto, explain further what this means?

Once you delve into keywords to do with sex and death, one inevitably meets with Pluto. In the sexual department, it is, at its core, intense and potent. The sexual union can be a deeply spiritual activity with the deepest feeling of human love and intimacy experienced. Sex is penetration, intense pleasure, and release. All Plutonian. The French call the orgasm, la petite mort, or “the little death.” Although this phrase has been overused in astrology, it’s always worth noting. Some believe the awareness of our mortality is associated with sex. Freudian psychology certainly felt there was a connection between sex and death. Fear, guilt, and shame are also Plutonian keywords, commonly connected to sex and the body. It is also an area which is taboo (Pluto) and everybody politely avoids this subject in social situations.

Sometimes sex is placed in two categories:

1. Elevating it to a spiritual sharing of energies.

2. Viewing it as nasty and degrading.

According to Dane Rudhyar:

The compelling potency, the vivid realization, and the depth experience of this common humanity are Plutonina factors. Sex has become so glorified in this century of the common man because sexual interaction is one of of the most basic ways of obtaining such a depth experience of the power embodied in all organisms. This experience underlines all personal distinction and scorns racial-cultural classification and prejudices. It is the experience of “life” in its impersonal, or rather subpersonal, manifestation as sex and orgastic energy. The person has to descend, and it is a Plutonian descent. If at times it turns out to be a descent into hell, it is because, in our present humanity and for immense periods of time, the sexual function has been perverted by the ego-will seeking to use the life force of the biosphere for self-enforcement and power. In this sense, Pluto forces individualized and “civilized” men and women to descend not only to the level at which the animal power of the life dominates, but below it.

Pluto in astrology, contains a higher transformational energy and profound spirit, along with animalistic behavior. George Carlin on those 7 words you can’t say on television, explained the connection between sex and excrement and its forbidden nature. While, all this talk is taking us straight into the gutter of human nature, Pluto is where we descend into primal darkness, stripped of our safe notions, and we are called upon to submit to the unknown.

Pluto symbolizes a process of death and renewal, and this is the movement from one form to another. Death is finality, the beginning of a new phase. It is believed that after death the human spirit, consciousness, and other energies are released. The belief is that we survive after death, and even nearly dying changes everything, one gains a whole perspective, especially what is valued the most. Long gone are superficial concerns, and those are replaced with what really matters in life. With death, one is forced to let go of life to move into the unknown and to a new level. This balance of life and death is shown in a state of transition and transformation, exploring themes of rebirth and the afterlife. Pluto has to do with magnitude and depth, and the energy seems to incorporate the lowest form and highest spiritual essence. Pluto energy in the birth chart is a tremendous force, it slowly accumulates like a thunder-cloud in the sky. When the psychic plane has reached a point of overloading it discharges in a storm, and the tension is released, just like in sex and maybe death.