The Mystical Zodiac: Taurus

taurus zodiac
Taurus: The true magic of Nature

With Taurean magic, we are thrown deep to the ground, back to basics, and into a place containing all the earthly wisdom man possesses.

A Taurus instinctively knows the closest way to the truly magical power of nature. This aspect of life is occupied with the fabric of the material realm and is concerned with the stuff needed to build, grow, materialise, manifest and build up the identity which started during the Aries phase. In accordance with its ruler Venus, the sign also seeks to please the five senses, both for its own satisfaction and in order to bring enjoyment to others. This is the sign ultimately seeking a way to develop and enhance the effectiveness of nature’s gifts, and look upon the landscape as containing a feast to savour and enjoy to its full. Thus, those in whom the sign is emphasised seek to protect, maintain, preserve things as they are and does not wish to alter anything.

A solar Taurean is one of the most beautiful, physical and sensual signs of the zodiac, and those earthy mystical charms keep this sensuous soul happy in a state of simplicity, in attunement to the physical world. Taurus represents possessions, valuables and pleasure and is symbolic of all of those things which strengthen identity. At the very least, they are considerably referred to as materialists, because their focus is mainly on material well-being and not spiritual well-being. It is well to add that Taurus being closely associated with Mother Nature is motherly, homely and protective. The Moon finds its exaltation in this fixed-earth sign, signifying that many people find a sense of emotional well-being in the simple things of life.

The bull is their animal and one of the most ancient symbols of the strength and fertilising power of nature. It represents sexuality and virility and is symbolic of passions out of control; it is also associated with the creative power of spring. The bull’s crescent-shaped horns linked him to the lunar rhythm and the Taurean individual follows their own natural cycle. Gardening and planting was often done under the influence of the Moon avoiding barren signs and doing important plant work during the fruitful signs.

A deep sense of tradition exists in Taurus and there is often a powerful focus on rearing a family, providing a home and all of the practical essentials. Each sign reacts against the previous one, attempting to compensate for any extremes. Where Aries was fast, reckless and active, Taurus becomes slow, solid and concerned with natural resources. A Taurean is endowed with an earthy intelligence and is too smart to waste energy needlessly. Much of their wants are easy and take us down to the bare-bones of survival – sex, shelter and food.

Taurus stays the course and is close to nature, tasting the essence of life

The true essence of Taurus is seen through the beauty of the naked body used as an instrument of delight and self-indulgence; the creation of real art; the cooking of real food. If they possessed any kind of witchcraft it is a sustainable passion that stays the course and the chanting of love spells all night long with those seductive gazes, lingering kisses, laying and loving in the garden of Eden with every fruit to savour, taste and experience.

To get right into the Taurean zone and centred all we have to do is imagine the fresh aroma of baked bread; the taste of a slow cooked meal; the smell of a newly mown lawn; the sight of beautiful flowers on green pastures; the hanging of an expensive framed piece of artwork over the fireplace, and the sound of a sweet melody playing in the background. As this sign belongs to the element of earth, they describe all the wondrous tastes, sights, sounds and smells of the sensual stimuli found on our planet. But when Taurus is overplayed, the need for sensual gratification can turn to greed or unbridled desire.

Most Taureans adore listening to music as it soothes their soul and some like a rural life away from the noisy city. The desire to be safe is paramount and the values lie in everything deeply desired and what is longed to be physically manifested. It is this need to be secure in the environment, in familiar surroundings, to feel settled, warm and well-fed that is always at the heart of everything they do. The logic of their sign is to purely establish peace, contentment, and stability. None of this psychodrama and chaotic living, but simply a soul garden of earthly delights, attuning quietly to their inner values.

A Taurean thrives on naturalness and a deepening sense of that serenity is a big part of their evolutionary intention. It’s going back to what feels comfortable – working with hands, cooking, attending to the human body, an uncomplicated life, living in tune with the rhythm of the natural world, free of veiled complexities. It is the simplicities and the ability to use the heightened senses and a love to touch and be touched.

As might be expected, this is a down-to-earth temperament, unlikely to be moved by unexplainable highs and lows. The barest necessities of existence are all that is needed, but this can sometimes lead them to ignore conflicts for the need for non-conflict is so great that they smother themselves with all kinds of predictableness and won’t risk change. Above all, they seek the fixed constancy of lasting comfort.