Category: Moon Aspects

Moon-Mars: The Erupting Volcano

Question: I have it… and uh… well, if something BOTHERS me (emotional part) there’s an instant urge, which I absolutely

Moon-Saturn: In Therapy

The Moon in aspect to Saturn represents the part of your nature where you need to build self-esteem and confidence.

Moon Trine Neptune: Angel in the Waters

One of the traits of Moon-Neptune is that of being highly compassionate, and those with this kind of spiritual quality

Moon-Uranus: Different Rhythms – Updated

Question: Is Uranus incompatible with the Moon? When the Moon becomes a holder for Uranian foresight, vision, and perceptions, the

Moon-Neptune: The Fragile Nature

This is an extraordinarily soft aspect, but people don’t always get how fragile the nature is when these bodies form a contact on

Moon-Saturn: Allow Yourself to be Nurtured

The Moon rules those innately “female” qualities that have to do with being emotional, nurturing, full of feeling, soft and

Moon-Pluto: Cursed Within

Are Moon-Pluto women in the family cursed by some horrible fate? Pluto content commonly gets projected onto the overwhelming bitch-woman

Moon-Saturn: Emotional Prisoner

Question: I read this interpretation of Moon-Saturn and it’s depressing as hell. “You’re an emotional prisoner of past experience and

Moon-Neptune: Feelings Can be Deceiving

Question: I have Moon square Neptune. While it’s true that I prefer to believe in the good side of people,

Moon-Jupiter: Top Ten List

1 Moon-Jupiter, you are the little girl or boy who came into the world bursting with good feelings and intentions.