The Eiffel Tower Jump

Reichelt (alias the flying tailor) designed an overcoat to fly or float its wearer gently to the ground like the modern parachute. To demonstrate his invention he made a jump of 60 meters from the first deck of the Eiffel Tower, at that time the tallest man-made structure in the world. The parachute failed and Reichelt fell to his death.

Why the crazy Jump?

In his natal chart, Mars is in Gemini is opposed to Jupiter in Sagittarius. With Mars in aspect to Jupiter, we see a man with great enthusiasm but also with a risk-taking propensity, and someone who is mentally restless and urgent – acting on his ideas. Jupiter in Sagittarius is placed in its own sign, and he had way too much confidence for the jump, and perhaps it is what lacked the clear judgment, and he got too carried away. Mars-Jupiter is a very adventurous combination and can be a careless aspect. Too much impulsiveness obviously caused his death. Saturn in the natal chart represents lessons we are learning to master, and with Saturn in the sign of Taurus – there are lessons about patience, stability, and steadiness! The inventive side to his personality comes through Mercury conjunct Uranus, and those crazy ideas and the contact adds mental originality, discovery, and the ability to break through barriers. The Sun was also placed in Aquarius and this is a future-orientated sign focused on taking humanity forward and is also described as the inventor, scientist, and mind orientated.