More Star Dilemmas

A relationship theme with these star questions. If a certain Sun sign girl was to come home early one afternoon to find her boyfriend home alone with one of her best friends, how might she react?

Sagittarius Make fun of them to find out what’s going on
Capricorn Worry what everybody would think if it became public
Aquarius Ask her friend whether she would like to try a little swapping

Pisces Have a drink and convince herself it’s not happening
Aries Get a bucket of water and throw it over them
Taurus Make herself a coffee whilst she waits for an explanation

Gemini Join in the conversation as if nothing were unusual
Cancer Go into a deep sulk and run out the room
Leo Make a scene and shout ‘What’s she got that I don’t have!’

Virgo Appear calm and reasonable as she fears the worst
Libra Give them the benefit of the doubt until she hears some answers
Scorpio Spy on them to be sure before she castrates him

A male has hurt his partner’s feelings. How would you advise his partner to get her own back according to his star sign?

Aries Tell him that he’ll never be the best
Taurus Tell him to cook his own meals
Gemini Give him one word answers to everything

Cancer Tell him he’s as bad as his mother
Leo Make fun of him in public
Virgo Squeeze the toothpaste in the middle and leave the cap off

Libra Tell him he’s showing his age
Scorpio Pass unflattering remarks about his prowess in bed
Sagittarius Tell him he has no idea of fashion

Capricorn Ask him if being ‘boring’ runs in the family
Aquarius Tell him she prefers men who appreciate tradition
Pisces Send his latest gift to Oxfam

Your newly married friend has been complaining to you that his wife is not quite the Princess he had been dreaming of. What is it about her that exasperates him?

Sagittarius Her constant moralising, thinking she knows all the answers
Capricorn Being such a ‘wet blanket’ all the time
Aquarius Her ‘mule like’ stubbornness

Pisces Not being able to take any criticism without bursting into tears
Aries The way she precedes all her sentences with the word “I”
Taurus Having to fit in with her routine without question

Gemini Her endless chattering about nothing
Cancer Her love of feeling sorry for herself
Leo Having to flatter her & shower her with presents all the time

Virgo Her constant worrying about trivial things
Libra Her need to give in to everybody just to keep the peace
Scorpio The way she manipulates favours