Cancer’s First Instincts

Scorpio’s fixed emotional state was discussed in a previous article. Now, let’s talk about how Cancer’s emotions are expressed through a different mode.

In astrology, Cancer belongs to the 4th house in the horoscope, and is a feminine, cardinal, water sign. They are compassionate, deep feeling and responsive. Those in whom the sign is emphasized initiate feelings in others and readily show their own emotions.

Cancer is quick to protect, and to form bonds with others, and their emotions quickly rush to the surface, engaging with others offering a sympathetic response. The sign responds more swiftly than the rest of the watery trigon to signs of distress and unhappiness and are quick to comfort others. Cancer also likes to keep the emotional energy moving in their environment, and they are usually the first to go up and give someone a hug and ask how they are feeling.

Cardinal signs act first and get things moving and when placed in the element of feeling, they act on their feelings, gut instincts and intuition. Cardinal signs are also the first born natives of the element of water. It is in Cancer that we first learn how to feel within our family of origin and establish a home and a place that we can return to when the world gets tough.

It’s our first urge to belong. It’s why all of our root emotional responses always point back to the 4th house and our Moon aspects. At this stage our emotions seem child-like, needy and at our most emotionally dependent. The stomach area is usually extremely sensitive for Cancer people and if they are not being fed emotionally, they often turn to food. Everything in the environment stirs up their feelings, and they have a need to be needed.

All water signs can be suffocating, clinging and possessive at times. Cancer, like Scorpio and Pisces, loves to get a reaction out of people and some kind of feeling response. Charles C.E.O Carter (Essays on the foundations of Astrology) calls the three water signs, the gloomier types because the corresponding houses rule our grave, death and imprisonment. Watery indviduals are well known for their moodiness, sulking, and negativity.

Cancer is often referred to as the sign of ‘tea and sympathy ‘and they really do have a deep concern for others emotional comfort and security. In some Cancers, they can be gossips and tea is served with a heavy dose of criticism, and they exclude others who are not part of their inner circle or personal clan.

“But listen sometimes to a Cancer having a good gossip. Some of the nastiest, bitchiest things you’ll ever hear come streaming out. Little snippy things – not disagreements of opinion, or honest debates, or recognized dislikes – for this side of Cancer is epitomized by the bridge club ladies who get together and slash a friend to pieces behind her back and then smile sweetly when next they see her.” By Liz Greene Astrology for Lovers

The sign of Cancer is ruled over by the Moon, the luminous goddess in the sky, and she is more concerned with family relationships. However, they also make household members feel responsible for their happiness, and generate a lot of guilt in others. The moods quickly change, symbolized by the ever-changing lunar cycle. Cardinal signs are all motivated, but in Cancer they are driven, stirred and moved by their emotions (water element).

They usually find ways of getting others to offer up an emotional response and they are not above using emotional blackmail now and then. The sign sometimes feign sickness to get what they need from an individual and can be a little self-pitying, with a list ready detailing the sacrifices they have made. Moreover, it could be said that, Cancer is the source for the term ‘crabby’ a type of mood that engulfs the personality and often moods are an indication that something is bothering us.

Water signs often find it hard to verbalize their feelings and so they find more indirect ways to express how they are really feeling about something. Sometimes it just calls for some tea and sympathy to get the person to open up about how they feel.

On the upside, Cancer has plenty of imagination and creativity, tenderness, and the individual is the model of a woman, with her sensitivity, and love. The sign reflects feelings back and illuminates the darkest night sky. They sense unhappiness, and possess unusually powerful psychic gifts when they open up the inner eye. Plus, they really care about those nearest and dearest, being everlastingly, loving, loyal, devoted and sentimental.