Predicticing Lucky Times

tumblr_mvrzstSrSw1sqwh2mo1_500Lucky times in life often involve the planet Jupiter, but it could be another AFOG (another f****ing opportunity for growth). I read that amusing little phrase in one of my astrology books. I was making a habit of jotting down my transit experiences, and my Venus and Jupiter days were significant. Venus usually referred to as the lesser benefic was often also present on fun and indulgent days as well as receiving gifts.

Transiting Venus in Taurus trine my natal Venus in Capricorn in the 5th: Partner’s sister helped out financially and also gave us lots of presents for the children, toy car, netball, and football table along with a brand new bike – a few benefits.

Transiting Venus conjunct my Jupiter in Leo 11th House:
An enjoyable day at funfair, amusements with kids.

Transiting Venus square my Jupiter: Over indulged in chocolate pud on Saturday and then ice cream Sunday and lazy weekend watching Pretty Little Liars box-set on Netflix in bed.

The minor transits involving the benefics (Venus-Jupiter) can result in nice and enjoyable times, but on the larger scale of things, it’s the bigger transits that give the larger payouts. A woman who won millions of pounds had her progressed Asc in Taurus reach the critical degree (29) and her life changed forever. Natally she possessed a Venus-Jupiter-Pluto t-square in her chart, and the natal promise was written in the horoscope.

Another man reported success for his family and experienced increased fortune in his publishing house. Transiting Jupiter (Fortune) was  conjunct NN in Cancer (Family). Transiting Uranus was also on Jupiter an extremely fortunate pairing is many cases. Sue Tompkins refers to Jupiter-Uranus as sudden strokes of luck. Saturn was also trine Venus and can many times equal, stable finances. The individual considered this to be a fortunate time in his life for his family and business which was up 25%.

Jupiter-Pluto meeting in the chart often shows wealth increasing, loans given, and the wealth pouring into the individual’s life. The wheel of fortune often turns the individual’s way. However, it has also been present in challenging times and, as a result, making a crisis and its magnitude vastly worse.

According to Carol Rushman in her book The Art of Predictive Astrology: Forecasting Your Life Events, your chart has to promise this kind of luck or it’s not going to happen. Here are some indicators for luck and success with my silly comment in brackets.

  • Income is shown by the second and eighth houses.
  • Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in positive aspect to Venus/and or Jupiter bring wealth. Uranus to Jupiter or Venus can be sudden, unexpected windfall.
  • A client with good Neptune/Jupiter aspects seems to be able to manifest money. Faith and beliefs manifest money. (I believe, I believe – ha ha).
  • Pluto can bring inherited wealth. It can indicate great wealth. Multimillionaire charts have Pluto/Jupiter or Pluto/Venus connections.
  • Venus trine Saturn can bring wealth, through property or real estate.
  • Sun in the second house making several aspects. Sun unaspected in second house is more limited.
  • Sun in one of the angular houses.
  • 8th house placements can accumulate wealth.
  • Planets at 27, 28, 29, can achieve something special. Most often in Earth and Water, although all the signs have been seen. 29 degrees Taurus-Scorpio can be bankrupt.
  • Venus/Jupiter can marry money.