The Geometric Secrets of Uranus

Topics with a scientific or geometric orientation find a natural resonance when connected to the enigmatic planet Uranus. Within the expansive realm of knowledge, fields as diverse as sociology, computing, and astronomy converge when studied in relation to this outer planet. While Uranus’s influence on these disciplines might seem disparate, they are united by a … Read moreThe Geometric Secrets of Uranus

Unconventional Wisdom: Uranus’ Mad Genius and the Zig-a-Zig-Ah Moments of Life

In the realm of astrology, Uranus is a planet that represents the unconventional, the innovative, and the transformative aspects of human nature. Its placement in a natal chart indicates where an individual expresses their inventiveness, originality, and potential for making accidental discoveries. It exudes an electric and magnetic energy, sometimes jarring or jolting us into … Read moreUnconventional Wisdom: Uranus’ Mad Genius and the Zig-a-Zig-Ah Moments of Life

Saturn’s Boundaries — The Outer Planets

We establish boundaries by defining what separates and differentiates us from each other. In Svend Erik Larsen’s opinion, even the most basic objective border, such as a street curb, has a Janus’s face; it serves as both a barrier between and a boundary to something else. It can be perceived as either a barrier or … Read moreSaturn’s Boundaries — The Outer Planets

Uranus: Shock to the System

Uranus is known as the “planet of shocks,” “planet of sudden surprises,” and “planet of the unexpected.” It is typically around at the time when events take place that are totally unforeseen, resulting in the instantaneous release of energy that causes shock waves to radiate in all directions. Additionally, the planet is there during times when … Read moreUranus: Shock to the System


Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius along with Saturn, and this electrifying planet takes us into the higher mind and gives us a clear perspective and capacity for seeing the future in a blinding flash of clarity. This planet is a great Awakener and it brings visions and revelations. Uranus has come to be associated … Read moreUranus

The Outer Planets & Compulsion

The Outer-Planets exert an all-consuming force on the horoscope, and the duration of their transits provides insight into the potency and influence of these cosmic forces throughout history. Dane Rudhyar says we should look at these three planets as part of a bigger three-part process. What we know to be true at this point begins … Read moreThe Outer Planets & Compulsion

The Astrology of Social Rejection

Exploring the intricate dynamics of social rejection delves into a complex interplay of psychological, emotional, and societal factors. Astrology, with its symbolic language and archetypal representations, offers a unique lens through which we can understand and interpret these profound experiences. In this context, the planet Uranus and the astrological house associated with it, the 11th … Read moreThe Astrology of Social Rejection

Rebel Without a Cause: The Uranian Man!

The Uranus type of man embodies the spirit of rebellion, progressiveness, and an unwavering commitment to personal freedom within society. This archetype is vividly exemplified in the classic film “Rebel Without a Cause,” which tells the story of a group of young delinquents grappling the complexities of youth, family, and societal norms. At the heart … Read moreRebel Without a Cause: The Uranian Man!

Uranus Transits Scorpio: First Test-Tube Baby Born

On July 25, 1978, Louise Brown, the world’s first test-tube baby, was born in the U.K. Her mother, Lesley Brown, had been unable to conceive because of blocked Fallopian tubes and had undergone experimental fertility treatment to become pregnant. The method involved removing eggs from a woman’s ovary, fertilizing them with sperm in a glass … Read moreUranus Transits Scorpio: First Test-Tube Baby Born