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Libra: Temple of Justice

Libra, the hostess with the mostess, for one thing, the sign is achingly beautiful, in addition to being fair and tolerant of a whole lot in this world. The convictions are set to impossibly high and, with this intention, they never let this world drag the pure spirit through the mud. As with all air signs, the principles soar unreachable heights and a Libran, especially, intrigues us with an ethereal beauty. The phrase for this sign is ‘I balance’ and presents us with the eternal search for truth, beauty, and justice – so leave the egos and drama all behind. Even though, we don’t find any rhyme or reason for selfishness, cruelty and violence, at this Libran table, be as it may, there is a talent for bringing about a peaceful resolution. Libra is known to be likable. In truth, most Librans are well-loved, their people skills are impressive, they are on everyone’s party list and often turn out to be a great matchmakers. There is something pleasant and ‘nice’ about the personality and it is incredibly hard for them to rub us the wrong way. Kindness and thoughtfulness go a long way on this dog eat dog planet. By example, Libra always sets a nicer surface to dine upon with their grace, etiquette, manners and so forth. As the fist sign to take us above the horizon, personal concerns turn to others, assessing relationships on a one-to-one basis. With a Libran man or woman in our life, it is like we have always got justice on our side. Someone to always remind us that there are two sides to every story – let’s not act in haste, let’s not rush into an attack, let’s wait and see what happens. The sign can be thought of as “weak” but as C.E.O Carter once remarked, we would all benefit from more niceness and less pushiness and greater consideration for others, actually acknowledging other people exist. The law is the law. Libra’s sometimes has a cold perception but they take a long time to reflect. Full of light subtly, Libra breezes through life using logic, reasoning and holds views painted in idealism. The individual is created at the dawn of Aries and is complete at  Libra’ sunset, they are linked in a way; there cannot be one without the other yet they cannot exist at the same time. But different colours blending harmoniously at the end of a day make for such a gorgeous display of light, just before the darkness takes hold. A life of relating may mean that to a certain extent the expression of individual will is weakened. But for Libra the balancing must go on and on, everything must be compared, until the desired result is reached. It can seem at times as if they are a pendulum swinging back and forth as the mind oscillates between right and wrong – until the correct choice weighs more. Maybe peace is elusive, in essence, when Libra swings from opposite to opposite, even they never know when the mind will come to rest. However, while waiting for Libra’s decision their soothing presence and charming voice can help to influence the emotional social climate until they find where the truth lies. Until such a time, we will often witness them perpetually shifting their gaze from side to side….

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