Category: Sun Aspects

Sun-Saturn: Separation and Loneliness

Question: I have Sun-Saturn natally and none of the people in my area want to talk to me. Have been

Sun-Uranus: A Middle Finger to the Sky

Sun-Uranus people want to step up to a new level, think in a new way, and create life. Some have

Sun-Pluto: Types of Men Attracted

Question: Do women with the Sun in aspect to Pluto attract Scorpio men? Females may attract fellas with lots of

Sun-Uranus: Respect for the Rebels

Those with Sun-Uranus in aspect may go overboard in their need to show just how different their ideas or opinions

Interview Style: Sun-Pluto With Doris Hebel

Doris Hebel: Sun/Pluto people are often subtly aware of this power or strong influence that is upsetting and it usually

Interview Style: Karen Hamaker-Zondag: Sun-Saturn

Karen Hamaker-Zondag: With this aspect, even as a child the native is painfully self-aware and vulnerable. Just as the keynote

Sun Trine Neptune: The Compassionate Father Figure

I thought Wayne Dyer’s chart was an interesting case study of the father profile. The Spiritual Guru has Sun conjunct

Sun-Uranus: How Uranian Are You?

With the Sun-Uranus in strong aspect it is a symbol of a willingness, perhaps need, to abandon a conventional lifestyle. We

Sun Trine Jupiter: Queen Bee

Question: Is the Sun trine Jupiter type over self confident like the other aspects or is there more of a

Sun-Neptune Man: The Good Liar

Question: My male partner has the Sun square Neptune aspect and he misleads, deceives and lies through his teeth. Any